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Modern Slave

The greatest hindrance of modern man is complacency, cowardice and selfishness. This cocktail of weakness will be the downfall of the common man, if it isnt already.
When will we say enough is enough?
When will we refuse this system?
We wander around in our day, without any intent to rise against because we have been programmed to think that the system is out of our control, as if “the system” is its own entity that is away from public view, treating it as if it were some esoteric being with its own Will that does as it pleases.
We are the system.
Every single one of us, at an individual level.
Every drop of blood that is spilled on our earth is our fault one way or another, every person that ceases to exist because their resources were locked behind an idea is our own fault simply because we did nothing, have done nothing, to make this world a fair playing field for everyone.
Yes.. Keep playing within their rules.
Keep picketing and shouting at nothing, keep leaving when the police show up, if you’re going to protest make sure you get a permit…
Because this obviously works.
You want to change the system?
Then ROCK the system. Disturb it, disregard its rules, go against anyone that stands with the tyrants that have put those rules in place.
If you dont like their system then tear it down.
Its time we created a system in which we all agree on.
A system where no one is without.
A system where no one has to die over anyone elses ideals.
A system where education and good health is the highest priority.
A constitution with these 3 principles will drive the Human Race into its second Golden age.
However, as long as this system goes unchallenged we will only continue to see our downfall.
It is time for a Revolution.
Time to find out who the real targets in our species are, and i will tell you this, it isnt anyone on the front lines, whether brainwashed Policeman or manipulated soldiers, they are not the enemy..
The enemy has never seen combat, the enemy has never known hunger, the enemy has never known sadness. Only hatred and manipulation.
Do something.
Or, in my brothers words:
“Quit being a pussy”