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“Socrates once told of why he isn’t afraid of death. He says that death is merely the seperation of the soul from the body. It is ones own judgement of any particular situation that creates Love or Fear for a situation. I agree with this completely. Perspective: plays such a huge role in our Lives. Look around you, to your left, to the sky, everything we see has a lable, and that lable a definition, a defenition is the ‘act of defining something’, of making that thing, more Human. Yet, if you were to, say, ask someone what Love means, I’m certain you will receive a different answer everytime. Perspective literally creates your entire reality. This is one of Humanities greatest Powers aside from Love and Evil. Its the ability to Perceive and mold the World into your liking without having to mold and shape the physical World around you. It is an internal process. It can’t be seen with the naked eye, we can’t tell what eachother sees yet our actions and decisions are based around that perspective, therefore the entire course of our Lives are directly affected by our Perspective. For what else dictates the path of our lives other than our decisions and Actions? Which are controlled by Perspective. World perspective is what created Hitler and Mother Teresa, General Lee and Abraham Lincoln. The entire story of our History is nothing more but the recollections of the perspectives of one Man at a time. Change your Perception to where, death is nothing more but the seperation of Soul and Body. The death of a Loved one was something out of your control, give thanks for the priviledge of creating the few memories but respect Nature and the Nature of things. You are above no one, so get rid of the Ego and of Vanity and see everyone as an equal despite their Social or Financial status, we breathe the same Air, we walk the same Earth, we come from a Womb and die in a Tomb. We bleed and hurt the same. The sky is the Sky, the air is the Air. Let it be, let yourself Be. Want things to happen as they do happen not as you wish for them to happen and you will finally know what it is like to be in a constant state of inner Peace.”

-Firmitas A.F.


On Perspective