Physicists To Test If Universe Is A Computer Simulation


There are more recent articles on the matter of course but the testing started here… you can google “Simulation Theory 2013” for updated info.


( Excuse the Type-o’s)

I have previously posted about how the World is an illusion, how everything is Holographic in Nature.

 I’ve been gone for a while trying to figure out how and why this is.

The research i have been conducting for the past few months has led me to the following conclusion:

 We live in a Virtual Simulation of Reality.

The way i went about figuring out what i was trying to find was by, of course, asking the right questions.

In my journey for the answer i ran into a few things that i thought could not be related but that i simply wanted to learn for my own amusement. When you really want to learn something the sub-conscious mind tends to steer you in the right direction without your conscious knowledge.

I don’t know how to transition into these findings so im just going to go ahead and start from the beginning.

  I have learned, i believe ive posted about it before but im not too sure, we never truly touch anything. Whenever you go for a cup, you touch your table you feel your feet touch the floor, you are actually experiencing the effect of electromagnetic “explosions” that send a signal to your brain that dictates what certain color, surface, taste smell, sound you hear. In theory, before taking in consideration that we live in a holographic reality, you dont actually touch anything. Your 5 senses are a result of electromagnetic communications your brain perceives for itself to help you distinguish what is what.

 This is where “error correction codes” kick in. Back in 1940 scientist Claude Shannon created the error correcting codes for binary transmissions. Whenever static or any other external noise was created it took the risk of interfering with the binary codes,therefore ‘tripping’ the binary code. Error correcting codes were put in place above a binary code and perpendicular to fill any potentiol void that might occur due to interference. If a Binary code was to be disrupted during transmission the “ECC” would kick in to “replace” the disrupted symbol (0,1) and replace it with what was there, otherwise the transmitter would trip out and come back with a negative reading (not knowing what it is).

 Scientist S. James Gates Jr, when trying to come up with a universal equation for the Universe/Nature (Via String Theory), found Binary Codes embedded within the fundamental fabric of the Universe. Why in the World do we find Binary codes at the foundation of Nature? These are the same Binary codes that fuel our Computers. Not just any Binary codes, but Binary codes with the same Error Correcting codes that were founded by Claude Shannon in 1940, the same ones we use “today”.

 It is said that some day a “Super Computer”, would be so vast and advanced that it would be able to record every action, every event, every action of Matter since the Big Bang. It would be able to be so accurate, that once the program starts running it wont be able to destinguish itself from the original, in other words, it wont be able to know which consciousness is the real one and which one is just a Simulation. 

 Now ,how can we be sure that we live in a virtual reality?

Scientist speculate that because of the fact we dont “touch” anything, and that we find Binary codes at the foundation of the Universe that there could be “no doubt” that we Live in a Simulated program that cant distinguish itself from the real thing. It could be that we are actually “living” Billions of Years in the Future, in this Virtual reality, because technology would be so advanced at that time that a virtual reality would be completely possible. Billions of years from now but “programmed into this Time and Place for whatever reason. Now we are living it, and we think it is actually happening.Thats a little hard to tell. But there are indeed some pointers we cant ignore, like i mentioned above, such as the fact that our 5 senses arent stimulated by our actual interaction with things, but with our ‘Possible’, or ‘mere’ interaction with things that then set off an electromagnetic (Virtual) signal to then ‘tick off’ the ‘correct code’ which our minds interperet that we indeed touched something when we in fact, didn’t.

We are literally walking on Air at all times, so pucker up butter cup.

  We also understand that at the core of everything, at the core of “reality”, nothing can exist without a resonance output. Everything emitts a frequency.  Cymatics shows us that when an object, especially when a liquid is placed under a higher frequency, the ‘pattern’ becomes more complex than a liquid exposed to a lower frequency, which then displays a simpler design.

 That stays true for everything in the Universe. Diseases can only exists in lower frequencies. Our bodies resonate at a certain frequency, when our frequency gets too low (due to Negative thought patterns, Emotions, Actions) we eventually lower our own frequency enough to invite diseases into our bodies. and you may think we’d have to hit a very low point for this to happen but in fact, you only have to resonate lower than what Carbon resonates at. We are Carbon based Life forms, our frequency must be maintained at carbon based or Higher (preferably higher since it is the nature of things to want to evolve into more complex organisms) for us to function properly. When we hit a few frequencies lower, our Carbon selves start to “break down”, we cannot maintain our Carbon forms because we are forcing them to become something Simpler. This Breakdown, which we have dubbed “Disease”, takes place, and well, breaks us down. Make sense?

 Then we have the Frequency of Love. When we are in a constant state of Love our resonance picks up. Why? well, because as ive stated in my previous blogs, Humans only experience 2 Emotions, Fear and Love, Fear being the Lower frequency and Love being the higher. Every other Emotion is simply where in the Spectrum of Fear and Love we are operating at at the moment. Now im not saying we must ALWAYS be happy, that creates imbalance. I hope you understand the difference between Negative and Positive expression. Im not saying that the end goal is to be Happy. You must experience every emotion that comes to you, the difference whether an Emotion EMITS a Negative or Positive frequency is depeding on 2 things…

 For Positive: Are you feeling Joy for screwing someone over? That Positive Emotion is Emitting a Negative frequency

For Negative: Are you Ignoring the fact that you have an abusive spouse and FORCING yourself to stay optimistic and ‘Happy’ instead of confronting the situation and removing the negativity from your Life? That “Happiness” is emitting a Negative frequency.

 Get it? It’s cool to be pissed the fuck off when someone seriously does you wrong, that is you experiencing something Positive for the sake of your own Evolution. Deal with it, fix it somehow, and move on. Energy blockage removed. Positive. Keep lying to yourself “it’ll get better with time, Karma will handle him”. Negative. karma isnt your Dog, it doesnt go around fixing YOUR mistakes. Deal with it, move forth.

  How does this correlate with the Holographic reality? It cant distinguish itself from the real thing. Some things like Karma, and Higher resonance remain true even in this reality because its true in the original. What does that mean? You can alter your reality here like you wouldnt be able to in the Original, simply emitt the right “Codes” and the program will fixate itself to the codes you want.


 And there is only one way to do that. Live in a constant state of Love. Again, dont always be “Happy”, but deal with the Negative in a Positive way and always Emit Postive Vibes. This will send a Code to alter your reality in positive way.

 I have another Hypothesis that our reality simulator is as big as your MER_KA_BA (google it). Your Merkaba is about 55 feet in diameter when your tetrahedron is at it’s peak. I believe that your “reality” is actually  a 55ft diameter. Of course things like your terrain and weather, is a “collective consciousness Thing”, although i could be wrong, meaning it doesnt change, if there is a bump in the road its there for everyone lol. But the timeline, the people and events you attract, its all within your reality.

 Keep up: Your Aura is where Consciousness is absorbed and emitted into positive or negative Emotions, Thoughts, Actions, according to your free will. Once these are expressed, they are sent to the “Simulator” which then attract events that are occuring or to people experiencing the same kind of frequency (like attracts Like). The 55ft diameter is what builds up your “visual patterns”, the 3d depth perception, colors, lights and time of day that your eyes are decoding that you think you “see”, which is why and how many people can see the same image and perceive different things. But a view, can also be perceived from the point of a manifested ‘collected consciousness’ i described above. But its only about 55ft where your reality, or “hologram” is actually operating at.

 What is it that you need to do to Hack the Matrix? Realize that Nothing is real, and that this hologram is literally your playing field. Use the Power of Love and Visualizations to perceive the Life YOU want. You are only as real in other peoples Dream as you are in theirs. So technically none of us are actually real to eachother, we just attracted eachother due to the “like attracts Like” law of Energy. Don’t get too stuck or emotioanlly attached to people, things, events or places, they are only your illusion. Although, in a sense they are still Alive, so have Love for all things that are “Alive” in your Life becasue they are Alive to YOU. And rememebr, we are not here to change the World only ourselves. 

 Try this. Force yourself to be Positive, no, to be Real with yourself when you get mad off petty things, just tell yourself “i created this for me, why did i do this to myself? what is it that im trying to teach myself?” And Chill out..  Nothing is worth getting mad over because nothing is actually happening. When something Negative persists, ask yourself, “why does this keep happening? Why does this problem not go away? What have i not learned that i need to learn in order to move fourth with the next phase of my Simulation?”

 Technology like Time Travel and Anti Grav is there for us to have fun and play with this simulation. But thats for another day.

I wrote this as fun, as simple and as short as possible.

 Anyways, In the meantime the only force that can CREATE is the frequency of “love”, or Higher Frequency, so that, along with your Visualization, true belief that its going to happen down to your core and patience (respect the 3d lag time), you can hack the Matrix, dont get out, just become a Progammer. Get me?

Our Universe is a Simulation of Binary and Error Correction Codes that our Mind deciphers into everything else we perceive, we might just live Billions of years from our time in a Super Advanced stage. The biggest evidence i’d say? ha, come on, even our freakin DNA, is what? Receiver and Transmitter of Frequency/code.



We Live in The Matrix

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Return of The Phoenix

Much has happened, and not much has happened since the 25th of November 2012 to today March 25th 2013. Nonetheless…

I’m glad to be back and in your service.

I’ve learned alot the past 5 months, a whole lot. i’ve strayed away from myself. i got caught in the web of “everything”, the everything that feels like nothing at the end of the day.

Everyday is starting to feel the same and i dont know if that is a good thing. Thoughts are becoming Negative for me, i’m not so in-tuned with my surrounding.

I no longer AM.

It’s funny how one sets out to do some kind of good for Humanity in his/ her small way, then all of a sudden it seems like you automatically become attractive to negativity.

The funny thing is, nothing Negative has actually happened to me, but my Mind, my Thoughts, my Perception, i find myself being much more Negative than i have been in a long time. This World will suck you in if you let it.

Don’t deviate from your Spiritual Path, whatever Faith or Belief you choose to follow, it is important to Love, and important to be compassionate.

The moment your Mind, Feelings and thoughts, go from ‘how to make My Environment and the strangers in it a better happier place’, to ‘i know the World has issues but i have my own to solve first’… is when it all comes crashing down on you…

 and you become what you constantly push yourself NOT to be, you become the very thing that has motivated you and inspired you to be a Person of Love and of Higher Resonance, you become… Everyone else … and therefore, Just somebody else.

 You fall into the Trap again, the Trap of “Service to Self”. Next thing you know your Days are wizzing by, you feel there is not enough time in the day to get things done, nothing ever gets done, you curse more than usual, you see everyone as an obstacle to your next destination instead of Human beings, you stress easily, you toss and turn at night unable to get a good nights rest, enough is never enough, you give less, and you happen to need more, your body aches, you slouch more, you breathe heavier, and you’re always fatigued, and it seems as if all this restlessness came from the Blue, as if it came from one day to the next…

 I’m nervous about what my near future is to bring, when the “lag time” of the manifestation of my thoughts are created in a physical form, its going to happen, i have about a good 3 Months of being in a very lowered state of Frequency, very negative thought patterns. yes, you pay the price for your thoughts, well, the Consistent ones, the “Automatic” ones, keep an eye out for them and force yourself to respond with 2 positive thoughts about the situation you just internally negatively reacted to, its a good start.

I’m going to change this here and now. So that when these Loving, Compassionate, Understanding thoughts manifest themselves my Life will be restored to the beautiful thing it once was just a few Months ago.

Despite what you hear, Despite what you read about, look around, your life isn’t that bad, Smile. Be Grateful. The World is actually a Beautiful place. People are generally willing to help, even though we may not speak to eachother on the street, when we are in trouble, strangers are the first to help, remember this. Change your thought patterns and watch your Life slowly evolve to reflect these patterns.

If you need advice, i’m here to help.

(Excuse the Type-o’s)

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Fool on the Hill

“Unpleasant is the sound of joy to the ears of the wicked
I remember when my day’s were full of joy and love..
.. until I joined this world of the wicked.
Obliged to a society that runs off a fuel no man can absorb
  I feel the tension rise but even my emotions have to conform
to the law of the land,
which states that every Man has the right to speak but silenced when the Man utters the wrong word
A right to vote no power to choose
A  right to bare arms yet our Holsters are empty
    and empty they will remain
the day we bare them,
                 the day they lose
Lost in the Wilderness of the Moment hoping for the Trail of Tomorrow
I sit and watch the wicked Bask in the light of Perpetual sorrow and see the Good Hearted in the Darkness of the Just
Many years awaits the Man that gives in to Greed and Lust
and a simple life of stress awaits the Man that can do no wrong
As I smile and watch the world go round and round
I see the pupils of the masses but the world has its eyes wide shut
if the world’s a stage I’m waiting for God to call out a ‘cut’
if the World is my oyster I’m searching for a Pearl
but since the People are Lost I simply search for the World”
   – Firmitas Atis Phoenix

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Overcoming your “TimeQuake”

It is being said that we will, or are experiencing a “TimeQuake”.
A TQ from what I understand, is when moments of your Life keep repeating themselves.
A very bad experience, as well as a beautiful one, will repeat itself over and over. 
Of course, because of linear Time in this density, you wont “repeat 2006” over and over, but it will be the same situations happening again, at different points in your Life.
I dont know the details of what a TQ is, or how it works, it is as new to me as it is to you. Nonetheless, your pal is a problem solver, and I am here to help solve this.
A Time Quake, if it does exist, has always been around and always will be around, because it IS. The moment it comes to fruition in your life, is up to you, at a spiritual level.
Some of you could have been experiencing this TQ since you were children, some of you, when you were older. If there has been a moment in your Life, a Circumstance, the same individual with a different face, the same issues, or even the same success, you have, or are most likely, experiencing this TimeQuake.
Now, this term TimeQuake can be nothing more than a Vibrational Frequency, or should I say, your vibrational frequency, or level of energy, attracting more of itself ..
This could result in the same events happening over and over again, our Lives seeming like a wheel that every so often hit the same crack in the rim.
A source of mine states that we must be aware we are in a “Time Loop”, and try and pull out of it before we are caught in a vortex of Time fluxes and insanity, which would stem from living the same situations over and over again, and if we pulled ourselves out, we could change events, alter them the way we wish and so on …
He spoke in riddles, and never made himself clear … Nonetheless, here it is, an article I found that does not mention a “TimeQuake” whatsoever, but holds the answers to breaking out of the same events, this Rubber Band Effect…
   And creating your Life to be as you wish it.
   Consistency and Patience are your keys to success.

Read. Memorize. Apply.

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Be still, for my heart speaks in tongues of Gold and Soul through me.
We touch the night sky with the pain and embrace that which is wrong and destroy all the love loved in vain
And through our veins pumps the Blood of War..
… and our Tears drip with the Fountain of Youth..
.. Blinded by the illusions of forever and before
we give life to soothing lies and run from rigid Truth
The philosopher is a wicked man, and the banker is in favor
Water is Life and Food is Fuel but somehow money became the Savior
  In this world you can always be too Smart, but never too Submissive
In this world you can be too honest but never too impressive
I’ve seen Lies desguised as Truth and Truth disguised as Bullets
I see millions dying by disease, but only a handful pursuing to cure it
I hear laughter all around me because the pain is cried inside
I see Criminals walking free..
I see the Innocent trying to hide
I see the Governments lying to the people’s faces..
.. and I see people still believing,
despite the deceit, the masses embrace it
I feel the shift in the Atoms when a Time has run its course
I hear the sound of desperation seeping through your pores
I try to tell the people that Love is the missing link
I try to tell the world: “At this rate were going to go extinct”

  – F.A. Phoenix

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Connecting with the Arcturians.

In this post, I will teach you how to connect yourself with the Arcturian Heart Council. Its a semi- advanced meditation, but anyone can do it if you follow these instructions well, afterwards you can change up the meditation and make it “your way”, but here are the guidelines:
   Things you will need:
Drink lots of water and fruits/veggies the day you intend to do the meditation
-You will need an area of comfort, darkness, with no distractions for a good hour (i usually do this meditation when everyone is asleep and the day has come to an end)
Last but certainly not least, your imagination. visuals will create the reality.
The Meditation:
Lay down.
Start off by relaxing your entire body by flexing and releasing every seperate muscle from bottom to top (flex the feet, hold your breathe while you flex, let it go, exhale, flex your calves, your thighs, then abs etc.)
When your whole body is relaxed enjoy it for a second while focusing on your breathe.
Imagine ( with eyes closed the entire time) that you are surrounded by white light, the walls are made of this white light, the bed, the furniture, glowing a foggy vibrant white, and with every breathe, you breathe in more of this good energy, and your body, synchronized with every breathe, gets filled with this light until your body is entirely made up of white energy.
   Enjoy this.
Next. Open your root chakra by thinking “I am grateful for the opening of my First chakra” and imagine a golf ball sized RED orb gettinv bigger and brighter with every breathe.
Think : “Mother Earth, please ground me for this Spiritual experience”
Visualize and “feel” that your legs become roots, and they grow and dig deep into the Earths crust.
“Thank you for connecting with me, I Love you”
  Enjoy this for a sec.
Next, imagine an Orange orb above the Root chakra, a yellow one above that one near the Navel. A GREEN one in the chest area, this is your HEART Chakra.
For this Green one. Instead of just imagining an orb, that “glows on”…
  Imagine that there IS a closed green rose in the center of your chest.
With every inhale, this Rose opens little by little (but does not close with exhales)
And when this beatiful green rose reaches full blossom and is as wide as your entire chest, it starts to glow green, brighter, brighter, until the image of the Rose goes away and all that is left us a powerful green orb of light.
Enjoy this
Tilt your eyeballs towards your eyebrows, as if “looking up”, leave them there, you will feel your third eye opening.
Enjoy this.
The reason why this meditation is advanced is because you cant forget that your legs are roots, that everything around and within is still bright white light, you must visualize this as if it is actually happening because it is happening, just on an ethereal plane the more powerful your visuals, the more you “tap” into this World of impossibilty. Dont just visualize it. Feel it, all over your body and surroundings.
Focus on your Heart chakra, eyes still rolled back comfortably, still rooted, surrounded by white light, a percentage of your awareness ALWAYS on your breathe, be conscious of your inhales and exhales.
Here we go.
This next part requires great visualization and concentration.
Are you ready for the ride?
Focusing on the Heart chakra, eyes rolled back.
Think: ” I know connect myself with Beings of Love and Light”
In that very instant a powerful green beam shoots out of your Heart chakra, past your roof, past the atmosphere, past the planet, past the Solar system, with such velocity and force you feel your body vibrating internaly as if you just took off on a rollercoaster. With such Velocity it cannot be detained by any Negative being or force, anything negative disintegrates in this beams radius of existence.
And as you are traveling with your entire being (because this beam is you) at the speed of light ..
Think: ” I now connect myself with the Arcturian Heart council, in the 5th and 7th dimensions, I come to you in a state of pure Love ..  “
Imagine your Beam going on “auto pilot”, and when you find a Blue planet in the Bootes system (google image ‘Arcturius’ for a better visual) .. Imagine yourself entering, then you “flash” into this blue room, you are laying down in the center, bring your attention back to your room, but this time, with about 5 Arcturians sitting around your body, waiting for you to speak…
Enjoy their presence, feel their Love radiating and vibrating your entire being
You are at 2 places at once, your room, and Arcturius.
Have fun.
Play with them, ask for a hug, and imagine a little 5 foot being stand and hug you laying down
Feel it.
Ask whatever it is you need, they dont answet then and there, but through dreams, images, events, abd even a thought AFTER the meditation.
By now your body should be tensed, your back slightly arching, your eyes still rolled back, dont force these, they will happen, DO NOT focus on your physical self or you will lose concentration!
When you are finished, thank them and express your gratitude telepathicaly. Then, imagine that you “see” the green beam from your chest fade back inside, your roots shrivel up and become legs again, your eyes can go back to normal position.
Now focus on your breathe … In … Out … In … Out … Remanis on the experience, focus on your inhales and exhales.
Open your eyes slowly when you are ready….