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Emotions: Humanities’ path to Extinction?

Human beings seem to be naturally fascist creatures. It is only by those few enlightened individuals that have surpassed the perceptive crutch of emotion that can see above the water, out to the surface, and point us to the nearest island for safety and continuity, that have come together to create a logical system that will launch humanity into prosperity and potential world peace.
The rest of us however, the majority of us, are burdened with unconsciously utilizing emotion where rationality is asked of the situation. We will go against our own doctrine, our own belief systems, if our emotional state is threatened, interrupted or insulted. The emotional state of a human being ranges in a full spectrum, however there are only a number of things that make up our emotional state, or should I say, what influences our emotional state: Perception, Ego, and Emotion itself, caused by the enhancement or interference of any of these 3 “pre-set” categories is what influences what we experience on a day to day, moment to moment basis.
If we were to live in a society that places Emotional mastery as a top priority in our schools, we would have seen Scientific and medical advancements we can’t even fathom to date, possible religious peace through absolute tolerance, a nonexistent homicide rate, and a stable World economy (Monetary/ resourceful), all in an estimated 3-4 generations after we had begun to teach these courses to our teenage children.
Humans are creatures of Emotion, therefore if our Emotions are unstable; by default we are unstable, seeing as we are what we feel, because how we feel influences what we do, and what we do, determines who we are. It’s a domino effect that starts from within.
Take a look at our World today. Look around. It has a range of fluctuations in terms of stability or instability and ranges from completely stable, to completely unstable. For the areas of the world that are considered to be unstable, let’s look at what’s’ really going on; These areas usually have an unstable economy, no jobs to circulate the little money the economy has, therefore there is a shortage of resources, which in turn cause desperation and greed, which therefore causes violence, hatred, and apathy. The emotions are unstable. We can argue that the emotional state of the people have been artificially altered into instability, that no matter what your beliefs are or how you perceive the world, scarcity makes one desperate and therefore frantic and ,well, unstable, one could argue this and it would be a valid argument. However, if we look deeper, we can see that the culprit truly is the emotional dependency we have on our own emotions. If the people of that country were to have the mental strength to put their emotions aside, there would be no panic, no riots, no violence, there would be rational beings, setting aside their differences for the continuity of the people in the affected area, working towards a solution. We would band together and not fall victim to our personally programmed perception of the situation. Since we all act out on our own perception of the situation, in any given situation, we act differently and never in unity, because no 2 perceptions are ever the same. This is the opposite of unity, and as a species, the opposite of advancement, therefore, paving the way to our self-inflicted demise.
There is also the other side of the spectrum that’s’ just as bad, if not worse. Emotional mastery does not mean to ignore your emotions and view the world through left-brained lenses, because this is what causes people to be okay with profiting off of the unstable economies of other countries which in turn create the first group burdened with emotional upheaval. This is the portion of the species that are considered to be emotionless. People that are fully analytical and see nothing but calculations, with no regard for the well being and continuity of their species as a whole. This goes without saying, could be the worst side of the spectrum. Emotional instability has 2 ranges as we have discussed; 1) Too much emotion/ Emotional overload that fogs the situation for what it is and inhibits our ability to rationalize on a solution. However, the emotional franticness is usually caused by the underlying fear that the ones we Love will be without, or in danger, as well as ourselves, that makes the emotion go on overload. Desperation is the tipping point. Nonetheless, this side of the spectrum is caused by the fear for others in mind. 2) Emotional detachment/ Lack of empathy or valid human connection is the second side of the spectrum. These are the people that think only for the self, without anyone else in mind. These people seem to always hold positions of power, but it is not the position that has detached them from the whole, but the fact that they have (by their perception or programming) no emotion, that has led them to those positions because they will do what it takes to get what they want, even if it means hurting many people in the process. In the United States we live in a nation that favors these people, appoints these people as major CEO’s and Executives because they will do what it takes to meet the quarterly/ annual profit quotas. Just because someone’s rich, doesn’t mean that they are “doing it right”, one must take consideration the type of Society we live in before they say that just because someone is in a favorable position, it automatically means that their way is the way. This is why people say we live in a sick Society, Emotionally Sick. The key is moderation. Everything in moderation. Emotional Mastery means to use Rationality and Emotion with a 50/50 ratio. To control the left brain when it makes the heart numb, and to rationalize the situation when emotions fog the reality.
I hope I live to see the day that the common people urge Emotional Mastery to be placed in our schools curriculum. Jealousy, Greed, and selfishness are by-products of Emotional neglect or overload. The reason it won’t be added to schools, unless there is a revolution, is because the individuals void of emotion, calculate how to overload the emotion of those with emotion, for profit. Sports, Pop culture, News and Media, food, vehicles, sex and drugs are all here to give you an emotional overload, for what you ask? Besides profit, possibly ignorant enslavement through emotion. As long as you are distracted you do not interfere with their ‘calculations’, and since they have no emotion, they will never be satisfied, so they want more and more, never filling the void, because fulfillment is an emotion, an emotion they’ll never feel, so it seems like they take and take without giving anything back. Does this not sound like our current World system? As long as the common folk have their World cups, and over stimulating food and drink on a daily basis that temporarily fill our emotional voids for the time being they will be okay. The “overly-emotionized” majority potion of our species is satisfied quickly but for a short time, so they need small constant overloads, therefore they indulge in small but frequent vices and stimulants on a daily basis, running Life’s’ trail on a treadmill, always moving, always out of breathe, but never making any real progress. Whereas the emotionally cold are never satisfied, the powerful emotionless will do as they please because so long as they give us our petty indulgences we stay out of their way. The emotionally cold are running lifes path, surpassing those on the treadmills, they are on lifes’ trail, but they are never satisfied, so when they hit lifes finish line (not death, but fulfillment) it wont be good enough, therefore they run the race over and over, laughing at the individuals on treadmills, the treadmill people wishing they were the runners, unknowing that neither are getting anywhere. We’re all looking for something, but how we look for it determines the person we are, the life we live.
The day I see Humanity include Emotional Mastery classes in our High schools, is the day that I will finally say I have true hope for the future of the Human race. Until then, we will be slaves to our own emotions, therefore slaves to instability, and in turn, residents of an unstable World.


Money Vs Humanity

Technology and Society.

 Observing the Nature and attitudes of 1st World countries I asked myself an important question that to this day goes unanswered: Why in the World are there still Countries existing as “3RD World”?

 We have huge advances in Medicine and Technology that we take for granted at this day and age. Advances that would have been considered godly in Ancient times, yet, despite our efforts, despite the breakthroughs, the majority of Humanity lives in the shadow of ignorance and poverty.

 This of course brings light to an important observation. Our Advances in Technology and Medicine do not reflect the Structure of Society. We are literally trying to make 2 repelling opposites work.

The Future-and-The Past

The Monetary system, this system where a Universal form of Trade is supreme and rules above all is an ancient structure. A structure I believe has run its course in the current developed consciousness of Man. This may be where the insanity of Mankind is coming from, we want to thrust forward into our Golden age but we cant seem to let go of such primitive form of civilization. Money, the concept of Money, holds no real value in Nature, it is not a Natural system that grows, whithers and dies, it is nothing more than a Mental perception that gives it value, and when you throw in Human characteristics such as Greed and a lust for power you give birth to Corruption, and corruption has the tendency to spread like wildfire and consume everything and everyone in its path.

 Which is exactly what is happening.

The only reason Humanity has held on and still believes in a Monetary system isn’t because it still functions, or because it is of some kind of actual benefit in this day and age, but because the Greed lives in every single one of us. So long as the Rich keep giving the Poor the false hope that if they work hard, or roll a 7, they too, will be rich one day. It is this little mind trick that gives us Hope, not for Humanity, but just for the SELF, and it is this selfish false hope that we hold on to. We don’t want to give up that “one little chance” to be Rich one day so we put up with living below our means at the moment, we put up with living in unsatisfactory conditions, with a below average living style, living without luxury and the abundance of food and shelter, for the hope, that “one day” we’ll be able to enjoy from the best this World has to offer, unknowing that we will only achieve this for everyone, on a global scale, once we rid ourselves of the Monetary System.

It is not the Monetary system that will eventually lead Mankind to Glory, if so it would have done so already. It is the abolishment of such system that will bring Humanity to true Prosperity. 

I will admit that the concept of Currency had its use when it was first created. Think of it as children, Humanity was a Child, we were still trying to figure out what systems of Government worked, how to regulate agriculture and of course, how to trade efficiently. Now that we are “becoming adults”, this system no longer works. Its like having a young adult still trying to wear his pre-teen clothes.

 However, I believe the Monetary system became obsolete the moment it became more than a “Form of Trade” and a “Necessity to Live”. At that Moment, the purpose of Money became more than trade, and it became a Power Source. The more Money you had, the More you could “trade” for other things, therefore the “More you had”. Makes sense, and it sounds fair, but check out how seriously people took this. Those with the most  “Universal form of Trade” became leaders and were looked upon as superior to those that didn’t have more of that Form of Trade. Sounds primitive doesn’t it? It’s like watching a Group of Monkeys carrying out the commands of the one Monkey that has the most yellow flowers because they put a mental value on Yellow flowers, and now this Monkey owns most of them and without the yellow flowers you cant eat bananas (because bananas would cost 2 flowers, live in a tree, or provide for a family. All because you don’t have enough Yellow Flowers. This is exactly what we’re doing with ourselves, we’re slaves to the pretty yellow flowers. We don’t need them, we can simply do without that entire concept altogether. It is holding our Scientific and Medical research back, it is starving billions of our own, it is the main cause of Crime, the #1 cause of Corruption, it has turned brother against brother time and again, it is the only reason War still exists.

Yet we refuse to let go. All because we have that little false hope that one day, it’ll be our turn to enjoy from the best. Our turn to be on top and look down and laugh at the “have nots” of society like most of us get laughed at right now.

If we want to expand as a Species, on to the next level of our Evolution, We need to get rid of a system that was designed to work 2,000 years ago. It is no longer in accordance with the Collective Human consciousness of this Day and Age.

We leave Money behind. Or History will leave us behind.


Creationism Vs Evolution

As I was debating the hypothesis of Creationism and Evolution, I stumbled upon a certain line that got my mind going. It is said that God, as the creator of all things created all that is in “7 Days”(although the 7 Days have been subject to a measurement greater than a 24 hour span). Naturally my philosophical mind kicked into 5th gear: How is it that he created anything in any kind of “days”? .. in order to create something in a certain amount of days he needs to experience “days”. The only way anyone, or anything can experience “days” is by living on a planet, a planetary body that rotates on its axis, with a day and a night. With this being said are you telling me he lived on the planet while he was creating the planet? And if he didn’t live on this planet or any planet for that matter, then he lived in space, therefore he wouldn’t experience “days”. And if he does live within this curse, within the concept of “time”, then he isn’t immortal, therefore isnt a God. If the argument is that the purpose for “days” or any concept of time mentioned in “The Book” during the ‘creation of all things’, it would be because humans wrote it, in which case there you have the truth of where the book comes from. Because a God would have no concept of Time, it wouldn’t experience Time. Time is something that occurs only to objects and energy forms that perish. The hourglass of expiration. “Time”, would have been a by-product God created when he took away immortal life from the first 2, therefore bared the curse of expiration upon us, which then, according to the book, directed us to follow orders that come from a book we wrote so we could then be removed from the “curse” of time.. (Heaven=Eternity.. Hell=Time Awareness of Eternity?) at death.. to be removed from time.. which itself is Death.. the point outside of the Time continuum. Therefore following orders makes no sense, it makes more sense to follow our own path to happiness as we see fit, since we are all going to be freed from the curse at some point in our lives anyway. There go the shackles. And if this is so, if God experiences Time, then maybe what is being worshipped is not a spiritual consciousness but a being, as it is always being represented in the book itself, a Man. Could he be a Man, or Lifeform? God could be a Man, a leader of a very advanced species, an advanced leader in command of an intergalactic fleet (king of the Heavens) that directs a race that has mastered the science of interstellar travel and Biogenetics. This is the only way humans could “appear out of nowhere”, which is the basis of Creationism. The only explanation would be that an advanced species spliced the genetics of the primitive natives of this Planet with their own DNA. Probably at first creating an Asexual being with the ability to Live a very long lifespan. But then realizing the limitations this could have on creating an “advanced version” of our species, understanding that Evolution is Advancement. So they shortened our lifespan, In turn shortening the amount of time it would take for the DNA and Genetic evolution to take place, to begin seeing results without waiting millions of years. As a result the Woman was made and the ability of reproduction began. And with every Generation, with the expanding ability of thought and observation came the evolution of Modern Man. The desire for technological advancement yet our primitive Love for our planet and Nature (which is obviously dwindling with our advancement) could be a direct result of this relationship. If so, this could mean that the book was written as our first test as a species ,to, ‘segregate’ those of the species with the advanced Thought processes and Genetics from the “failed experiments”, those where the primitive gene is most dominant. It could be that they will take the “believers” as slaves, Hardworkers that ask less questions. While the Advanced portion of the species will be taken up as partners. Taken as sidekicks for the great Biogenetic Scientists of their species. (which could explain why no traces of “The Book “appeared until after the 1500’s A.D.)Lets think: Why would an advanced species, or even a God, accept the ignorant and mentally limited over the intellectually superior portion of any species, which turns out, falls under the category of “the few”, seeing as only a portion of mankind is Intellectually superior while the greater portion is still in refusal to expand the mind, to expand their level of intelligence. The only true gift any creator whether a God, an Advanced Species or Evolution has given us is: Intelligence. Why would any of those 3 potential creators throw away the portion of the Species that exercises the only gift that was given? What if that is the true purpose of The Bible/Koran/Torah? What if it is simply a tool to outline the successful experiments and the failures of the “Homo-Sapien” Species? If the book holds no truth ,no God exists, nor Advanced Beings, and is nothing more than ancient, primitive dogma, then we have nothing but ourselves, therefore we are holding ourselves back from our own potential, because of our own ignorance. In either case, what good can come from the concept of Religion? What good can come from Science you ask? Look around you, the answer makes your Life easier, convenient and comfortable every single day.

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How to achieve World Peace.

There is going to be alot of controversy concerning this topic however, after thinking philosophicaly, in an un-biased manner I came to a conclusion. I’ll begin to explain:
  Our World seems to run off of Evil. Politicians, World Leaders, Cartels, businessmen, right down to some of our neighbors and even Family seem to be involved in what we could consider ‘Evil acts’. Now, ‘Evil acts’ is a very vague and general term. Lets break that down a little for us to understand what exactly we are talking about:
    Evil- (in this blog, in my def.) is the actions of an individual that causes harm to another human being, or takes the happiness and/or Emotional well being of another human being to attain a personal financial, or social status.
Meaning that evil acts usually involve taking advantage of someone unwilling or someone that depends on you, and forcing those individuals to do or act in however you choose that does not promote any type of well being or reinforces anything positive.
Evil acts are almost always carried out with selfish intentions.
Now that we have that cleared up: Evil is everywhere. It seems that Evil has triumphed over Good doesn’t it? And that’s because it has. Evil is bold, daring, and willing to make sacrifices. If you’ve ever been to a motivational seminar or have seen one on youtube, what are the underlying fundamentals these speakers try to teach? How should one be in the process of obtaining their life goals? .. for the most part.. Bold, Daring, and willing to make Sacrifices, along with getting up and dusting off after ever failure (Persistence), am I correct?
Knowing this it should be no surprise that Evil has indeed taken over our planet from the Elite and Powerful out of the Publics eyes, to the corner crack dealer down the street, it is there. However, don’t believe for a second that Humanity is naturally Evil, that is far from true, what we are is ‘Adaptable’. Adaptable and Naturally Evil are 2 different things (not counting mental instabilities). The only difference between Good and Evil, the difference between why Evil has prevailed over the World and Good hasn’t, is because, when looked at in an un-biased manner, Evil carries out all actions, contains all attributes that Success needs in order to become, well, Succesful. Evil has boldness. Evil is Daring. Evil does take risks. But most importantly, Evil makes the Sacrifices necessary in order to obtain its goals. Success, like the Brain, does not decipher what is good or bad, (speaking in terms of mechanics). When the Mind wants something that bad it will obtain it. Success comes to those who take the proper actions. Whether Good or Evil. Success is merely a byproduct of unmatched effort, wits, and hardwork.
That is the difference between Good and Evil.
You see, we have been Programmed to believe that Good people do not hold Guns, Good people do not kill. Good people spread Good by picking Flowers and giving Hugs, feeding people and following the Rules as Law abiding citizens. When broken down in that manner it begins to sound like a setup doesn’t it?
That is exactly what it is.
The Laws of Physics tell us that an object in motion stays in motion. In order to stop this object from moving, another object must ‘collide’ with this object with the same amount of force. This is how we must see the Triumph over Evil.
The reason why we fail is because Evil is the object moving at 100mph, lets say, Good, travels at half that, 50mph… do the Math yourself. There are those of you that will say “but if Good repeatedly hits Evil it will eventually slow it to a stop”. That would be true except for one factor. We must not forget that Evil is Persistent.  Evil is a Success story, you knock it down, slow it down, it will dust itself off and charge like a raging Bull. THAT is the difference between Good and Evil!
Once Good is crushed, eveyone stops for a while, instead of building momentum and charging back, they continue to try and fight at the same rate of speed with all these Limitations stated above, that Good people ‘pick flowers and give hugs’. Einstein says the defenition of Insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Good has become insane, and because of it, it is losing momentum, losing Hope in itself.
Evil is a blockage, it blocks energy, it constricts the ability for Good energy to flow. We (The Good) are constantly fighting the Effect of Evil, never the cause. We don’t make the same Sacrifices. If we want a Good World Standard then we need to be willing to die and kill in the name of Good.
Good doesn’t last long because they kill off people who make an impact, that inspire people to do Good. John Lennon, MLK, John F. Kennedy, Ghandi etc etc, did not die from old age or at Peace. They were killed.
This is what Evil people fear most: That one day, People will realize that it is not wrong to take the Life of Evil Men, that it is not wrong to take a stand and fight fire with fire, that it is not wrong to take out the pillars that hold up the monument of Evil. For once the cause of Evil is eliminated from the face of the Earth, the only option would be to spread Good, and only then will we be able to “pick Flowers and give hugs” in Peace. They Fear that people will realize that it is not the Actions that define a Man but his intentions. That in history, Wars have always been fought the same exact way but the intention of that battle is what created the outcome. They Fear that the People will realize that Everyone, at the Individual level, can be a Force for Good.


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“Socrates once told of why he isn’t afraid of death. He says that death is merely the seperation of the soul from the body. It is ones own judgement of any particular situation that creates Love or Fear for a situation. I agree with this completely. Perspective: plays such a huge role in our Lives. Look around you, to your left, to the sky, everything we see has a lable, and that lable a definition, a defenition is the ‘act of defining something’, of making that thing, more Human. Yet, if you were to, say, ask someone what Love means, I’m certain you will receive a different answer everytime. Perspective literally creates your entire reality. This is one of Humanities greatest Powers aside from Love and Evil. Its the ability to Perceive and mold the World into your liking without having to mold and shape the physical World around you. It is an internal process. It can’t be seen with the naked eye, we can’t tell what eachother sees yet our actions and decisions are based around that perspective, therefore the entire course of our Lives are directly affected by our Perspective. For what else dictates the path of our lives other than our decisions and Actions? Which are controlled by Perspective. World perspective is what created Hitler and Mother Teresa, General Lee and Abraham Lincoln. The entire story of our History is nothing more but the recollections of the perspectives of one Man at a time. Change your Perception to where, death is nothing more but the seperation of Soul and Body. The death of a Loved one was something out of your control, give thanks for the priviledge of creating the few memories but respect Nature and the Nature of things. You are above no one, so get rid of the Ego and of Vanity and see everyone as an equal despite their Social or Financial status, we breathe the same Air, we walk the same Earth, we come from a Womb and die in a Tomb. We bleed and hurt the same. The sky is the Sky, the air is the Air. Let it be, let yourself Be. Want things to happen as they do happen not as you wish for them to happen and you will finally know what it is like to be in a constant state of inner Peace.”

-Firmitas A.F.

On Perspective

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“Your Life doesn’t consist of them and there.. we are all connected yes, connected to one another through everything. We push for individualism but to be individual is to be unique, to be unique is to be different, to be different is to be segregated from the whole. Every organism that has triumphed the tests of Evolution has done so with the entire Organism operating as One. Yet Humanity, strives to be Unique, to be different from one another, even though we understand that to be different is to be Alone. What do we call a species that has only one of its kind left? Endangered to be Extinct. Why does Humanity, through Personality, strive to single himself out as somehow better or different from the rest? Why does Man strive to become Extinct? There is nothing wrong with Self-Expression, as a matter of fact it is encouraged. However, when that Self-Expression evolves into Ego and shuns those that are different from us, that express themselves differently from us, that is when the Self-Extinction begins.. yes ‘Self Extinction’, because we are all One.Whether you like it or believe it or not makes no difference to what is an Absolute Truth. Absolute Truth does not change with majority or lack of belief. . Together we Stand, Divided we Fall.. or Divided we Stand… Together we Fall… its really up to you.. however, this takes me back to finish what I’ve started… Your Reality. Is what is directly in front of You. In your Face. Dont worry about what is going on in the Media or around the World. Your Reality consists of what’s directly in front of you, your neighborhood, Friends, Family.. that is a reflection of Your Psyche.. let the World be.. focus on making YOUR surroundings a better, happier place… if we all did this individually, focus on making our immediate surroundings a better place, we’d all be working as a Single Oganism. This is the Key to World Peace. Focus on YOU, for the betterment of ALL.”
-Firmitas A.F.

Your Life doesn’t..