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The Codes of Life

It is a known fact that we are beings if Energy in physical form. Everything we do, every action we take, every thought we have, every emotion felt, either absorbs or emits energy.
Our nervous system operates similar to a computers operating system. Binary codes are inputted into the system via an external command and the desired outcome is conveniently shown on a monitor screen.
We dont see the binary codes, why, we dont even see the html code that programs what we see on the screen, however, without it, the screen would display nothing, or atleast nothing discernable, in which case, the purpose for its existence would be obsolete.
This goes the same for our lives as human beings. Our nervous system computes and deciphers frequencies for the same purpose that a processing unit deciphers binary code, to display something on the screen, our screen, in this case, are our 5 senses.
Everything is energy and energy fields. You dont come in contact with anything, nothing is what it seems. In a way, we are walking on nothing, breathing nothing, touching and seeing nothing. All we are doing is deciphering codes on one of the most advanced biological processing systems: our nervous system.
Life is literally like a videogame. You have your character, and your character seems to follow the law of physics as you do, it seems to run up hills and fall to the ground and get hurt etc. But all the character is doing is following the coded programs of the game, its not running up that hill, it feels like it is, but whats happening is that the character is still on a “flat neutral” plane, it always will be, but the codes tell it ” this is a hill, hills are vertical and sloped, they are hard to run on, you must output these codes to respond to the Hills code to get to your destination”, so the code you must input, the coding required to proceed up the hill would be: ” put your feet up, take long steps, slant your body, go against gravity, and keep firm contact on the ground” .. this blend will create the illusion of climbing a hill and getting to the top, and once at the top, a new set of codes are brought up, and with it, a new “code requirement”
I know this is alot of information but i hope you understand where im going!
This is life. Life as all about frequencies and codes. This is why its vital to be fully aware, because looking at your immediate presence, and your surroundings gives you a glimpse of the energy and level of resonance you vibrate at. If you dont like where you are, change the decisions you make and the habits you give in to. If you love your life, then continue doing what you are doing.
Your surroundings are a manifestation of what you created for yourself. Most of the time its an unconscious phenomenon, nonetheless, its your subconscious telling you what you need to work on, or what must be changed.
For example, if you are constantly landing yourself in abusive relationships, an unaware person might see it as plain bad luck and blame their circumstance, the individual that is aware, will look into him/herself and ask what it is about themselves, that keeps attracting these people. Am i too passive and my subconscious is teaching me that i need to learn to be more assertive? Am i filling a void that i avoid by unconsciously giving myself to these people? Am i in denial that i have been in a negative state for so long that i like being in misery, even though i wont admit it?.
Its always about you.
I know people will come out the woodworks and ask ” well what about rape victims, molested children, good hearted people that become paralyzed or terminally ill?” . I understand this is a sensitive subject, but the world isnt black and white. There are millions of factors that come into play, such as, we dont know what the future has in store, maybe this persons story is what it will take to raise awareness and save the lives of others, there just isnt any way of knowing why things happen to people until the end result presents itself.
A good example would be when African Americans fought for their rights in the USA. The majority of the population thought ” why even try”, all that was shown on television was hatred, wars and intolerance, but here we are a few decades later, and look at what these movements have accomplished for the african american community in America. Many events arent what they seem at the moment, but their purpose is seen at the end result.
Okay, Im losing myself here.
The point is that everything is energy, everything is a code, sometimes you have to fight for what you Love, and sometimes you have to Love what you fight.
The point is never stop programming your reality until you live in a reality that you Love.
Emit the right emotions, the right thought patterns and the right habits and what you want you will create. This is all just one big simulation.
… And you are the programmer.

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Fool on the Hill

“Unpleasant is the sound of joy to the ears of the wicked
I remember when my day’s were full of joy and love..
.. until I joined this world of the wicked.
Obliged to a society that runs off a fuel no man can absorb
  I feel the tension rise but even my emotions have to conform
to the law of the land,
which states that every Man has the right to speak but silenced when the Man utters the wrong word
A right to vote no power to choose
A  right to bare arms yet our Holsters are empty
    and empty they will remain
the day we bare them,
                 the day they lose
Lost in the Wilderness of the Moment hoping for the Trail of Tomorrow
I sit and watch the wicked Bask in the light of Perpetual sorrow and see the Good Hearted in the Darkness of the Just
Many years awaits the Man that gives in to Greed and Lust
and a simple life of stress awaits the Man that can do no wrong
As I smile and watch the world go round and round
I see the pupils of the masses but the world has its eyes wide shut
if the world’s a stage I’m waiting for God to call out a ‘cut’
if the World is my oyster I’m searching for a Pearl
but since the People are Lost I simply search for the World”
   – Firmitas Atis Phoenix

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Overcoming your “TimeQuake”

It is being said that we will, or are experiencing a “TimeQuake”.
A TQ from what I understand, is when moments of your Life keep repeating themselves.
A very bad experience, as well as a beautiful one, will repeat itself over and over. 
Of course, because of linear Time in this density, you wont “repeat 2006” over and over, but it will be the same situations happening again, at different points in your Life.
I dont know the details of what a TQ is, or how it works, it is as new to me as it is to you. Nonetheless, your pal is a problem solver, and I am here to help solve this.
A Time Quake, if it does exist, has always been around and always will be around, because it IS. The moment it comes to fruition in your life, is up to you, at a spiritual level.
Some of you could have been experiencing this TQ since you were children, some of you, when you were older. If there has been a moment in your Life, a Circumstance, the same individual with a different face, the same issues, or even the same success, you have, or are most likely, experiencing this TimeQuake.
Now, this term TimeQuake can be nothing more than a Vibrational Frequency, or should I say, your vibrational frequency, or level of energy, attracting more of itself ..
This could result in the same events happening over and over again, our Lives seeming like a wheel that every so often hit the same crack in the rim.
A source of mine states that we must be aware we are in a “Time Loop”, and try and pull out of it before we are caught in a vortex of Time fluxes and insanity, which would stem from living the same situations over and over again, and if we pulled ourselves out, we could change events, alter them the way we wish and so on …
He spoke in riddles, and never made himself clear … Nonetheless, here it is, an article I found that does not mention a “TimeQuake” whatsoever, but holds the answers to breaking out of the same events, this Rubber Band Effect…
   And creating your Life to be as you wish it.
   Consistency and Patience are your keys to success.

Read. Memorize. Apply.

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… Is extremely vital these last 90 Days.
  Push yourself, Force Yourself to be optimistic. Negative frequencies and chemtrails have been amplified.
Dont let the stress of this society alter your mood, dont let the lack of resources, bad drivers, or work/ family disputes make you start thinking negatively, limit your use curse words. If someone pisses you off just take a deep breathe and FORCE yourself to say “you piece of! … (inhale, exhale, relax) .. It already happend, getting all worked is my choice, I can stay happy, and the situation will be the same, no changing it now, might as well stay positive so that my mind stays open of surrounding opportunities” …
Of course I dont expect you to commit this speech to memory and recite it to yourself, but its an example of the altered mindset to have from now on, for the rest of your life.
You dont think your thoughts manifest physicaly?
  Expect aches and pains the first 3 days you think optimistic, loving thoughts .. Physical aches and pains.
Think loving and positive even when you come across situations where it is “Socially acceptable” to be very pissed off. Yes, if you stub your toe in the morning, lash out in pain of course, but when you feel the anger build up, and the angry thoughts surging, laugh at yourself, make a joke out of it..
” jeez that hurt! Hahaha, thats ONE way to wake up in the morning, one less cup if coffee to drink now (lol)”
It is vital that you do this.
I invite you to the challenge.
Do this for 2 main reasons:
1) To adjust your mindset into a more positive one, therefore slowly manifesting more convenient events, rather than inconvenient events, although sometimes, an inconvenient event comes about to bring in a convenient one ,such as your car breaking down so that someone you need in your life pulls over and helps you. With a negative mindset though, these “beautiful inconveniences” are fogged as just a completely stressful experience through anger, and that anger, could result at you snapping at that person who pulled over to help you, them driving away, and your entire timeline altered (think back on how many moments couldve went great if you were to just switch your mindset and attitude).
  2) Self-awareness .
With this challenge, you will realize how Negative or Positive you truly are. If you find yourself saying “No! Ahh! Dont think like that! C’mon something positive, c’mon brain!” .. You are, more Negative than positive, but it is a beautiful thing because now you are aware of it. After a week or so it will be alot easier, after 2 weeks it will feel normal, after about a Month it will just be you.
After about 2 months you will see good things “popping up” all over the place, “bad” things that happen will now only happen to teach you something helpful for future reference, or to bring in a better thing, not just to manifest the negativity from your mind “for the hell of it”, to serve no purpose, but for your over all well being.
Expect turmoil and tests these first 2 weeks. Once the Soul catches on to what you’re doing it will put tests in front of you to make sure the transition is genuine and long lasting.
So stay positive.
Help the Earth and Humanity vibrate at a higher level.
A Smile to a stranger can do alot of good.
Positivity is contagious.
Compassion is Powerful.
Ascension is around the corner.

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The Mind of a Phoenix

We operate with Points of Views.
Now, why do Points of Views exist?
Because there are many of them.
If there was only one point of view, then it would no longer be a point of view , or, an “angled perspective”, there would only exist a Fundemental Truth.
Which is what we all seek.
One Truth. One Love. One God.
Has anybody ever stopped to consider that maybe the very thing that deteriorates a Fundemental Truth, is a fundemental truth in itself?
If a Point of View, is a point or stand in perspective, and a perspective, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, then no point of view is in its own sake valid, so then what is real?
And if perspectives are not real outside of a biased, self- affirming adopted belief and thought. Then what is valid?
What is real?
We go through life associating ourselves with those who think and act like ourselves, to reassure ourselves that we are not insane, because deep down inside you know that your identity is also based on points of perspective that are not valid and as real as your points of views.
Find another like yourself and the insanity goes away.
Or could it be that we fully believe that what we know of ourselves is completely real, very true and grounded?
I once stumbled upon a description of what is Real, and it made much sense to me.
There are 2 things that govern ‘reality’, the Universal, and the Capital. Lets take a book case for example: the book case is the Universal, the books are Capital, the Universal is true because it cannot be changed, the Capital however, can be changed, so is it real? Is it true? You walk to the book case, and take out a book, you see that there are many topics horror, love, fiction, non-fiction, adventure etc. the Capital, is what changes, but no matter how many books you take out or replace, whether you switch up the genres etc. the book case remains a book case, it does not change because of its contents or lack of, it sole purpose is a book case, This Universal reality, versus Capital reality”
Is that just it? Can reality really be distinguished and categorized as real by mere consistency?
Is Consistency what makes or breaks reality?
So if a Point of View is Consistent throught your Life, is it Real in the Universal scheme of things?
In our arguement here, “Points of Views” would be the Universal, and what those views are about would be the Capital.
But if Points of Views are considered “Points of views” because of their “Capital”, then can they be considered a Universal Truth if they are Universal because of their Capital?
Can a Book shelf be a Book shelf if Books never existed?
It would no longer serve a purpose.
So can reality be the Purpose? If an object or thought, serves a Universal Purpose, is it True? Real?
No, because a Purpose can vary.
Intention can really distort a purpose. So is it Real?
Then why fuss about Religion? Why fuss about Politics? Why take in world beliefs and systems that have proven to us have failed time and time again, all because the majority, or the few in Power, decided to believe in something that can never be Real, as a Universal Truth that must be made into the supreme Law of the Land.
This unreality, adopted by others as tolerable, was accepted, or forced as Real, and the conditioning of Man began.
Ever notice that any form of Evil can thrive so long as it does not interfere with your “Reality”?
So whats real must be whats in front of you?
Yes. That is real, because it is happening.
What I consider to be real is what lets Life florish.
Life happens when there is no blockage of energy. Energy flows where need be, whereas destruction, is the blockage or transitioning of Energy. (Capital), nonetheless it remains energy. (Universal)
Are your points of view real then?
I would say yes, because they come from a Universal starting point.
No matter what you think, what you feel, or how you operate, you are still Human.
So is this the Truth? I would say so.
With this mind set it wouldnt make sense to wage War, to Hate, or to exterminate on account of something that is not real, because in the end we are all Human.
Humanity is Real.
Points of Views, not so much.
as we mentioned, some Universals are only in existence because the Capital exists.
Are you Human without your Points if Views?
Yes you are.
Being Human is Universal.
Points of Views are Capital, as I explained with Capital Energy, it blocks or Transforms.
This blockage is the biggest evidence that we operate with Capitals, via Hatred, murders, and well, our current World system, it is because we are taking something unreal as “real”, and this is the result. Blockage.
What is the opposite of Hatred?
Love in the Universal fact that no matter what goes on in our Minds we are still Human.
The Truth us Humanity.
The Truth is Life.
The Truth is Love.

Need I say more?

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The United States of Regression

As of give or take 1939, not much has changed. it seems like things have changed, but in a larger worldview everything is still the same.
we have the illusion of change because our cars look nicer, our houses look bigger, all music has changed. but this is not a real change. we still have war,  poverty, greed, and crime.
We still have the need to fit in, trends, phases, materialism, religions.
We still have forms of Government, social classes, developing countries, and national borders.
And we say, that we are more advanced than we were 40, 50 70 years ago.
  If we take 2 steps back and look at the big picture, we are not “more advanced” than we were.
We have simply improved what we have.
This is not change, nor advancement. The phones get cooler, the cars get sleeker, the clothes get fancier, and in our consumer minds this is change, this is progression.
It would make sense that with the evolution of consciousness, with the evolutionary advancement of our thought capacity, capabilities, and processes compared to, say, 50 years ago, our society, not to mention our entire lifestyle and global living conditions would reflect this evolution in consciousness.
  Our creativity is soaring, again, our cars are sleeker and clothes are fancier (in our perception atleast). Nonetheless, our society, our world, operates the same way it operated a thousand years ago.
Nations have risen and fallen in a thousand years but the structure concept stays the same.
1) We still have a form of Government.
Say what you will, but a “Government” is just that, an institution to Govern the law of the land. These forms of Government are started by the people, for the people, but as the land grows in number, and that particular land grows in value, the same people who swore to rule for the people, somehow twist their authority and simply just rule the people. Which takes me to the second one:

2) The people learn to believe that “The Government” and all those in Authority with it, are the “Rulers”, and submit.
This is, of course, an illusion. The people are the ultimate authority, yet they see the fancy, clothes and crowns, the wealth of these “power corrupt rulers”, and they submit. Through this submission the few can govern the millions through this illusion, that those with Government, are Government. The people, that make up the nation, are the Government, those we elect to do our bidding are just filling a job position and nothing more, yet the illusion is what we see and what we submit to, what we yield to, and what we are controlled by. In Empires Thousands of years ago  as well as modern nations, this stays true. People think Government is separate from them, and have all the Power. Vise-versa, Governments are institutions, like Schools.

3) We still have a monetary system.
   Thousands of years ago a form of universal trade was created, to handle transactions with neighbor and Nation with ease and accuracy.
  What operated hundreds of years ago, in the older stages of Human Consciousness, may no longer work, or resonate, with our altered state of consciousness of today.
As I mentioned, 90% of all crimes are money related.
  Money is something that stopped working hundreds of years ago, and we can see this by applying a little common sense.
If you have a form of trade that gets so out of hand that it is marked on every resource, including food and water, and then you establish economies and societies based on this universal form of trade, and with this Monetary based foundation you cannot do anything in this society without this universal form of trade, not even eat, it begins to govern your whole life. To make matters worse, this universal form of trade is not a even natural resource. You cannot plant it into the soil and grow fruit when you are hungry, it does not quench your thirst. Yet your life, and your society runs off of it. To make matters worse, it gets to the point that the MAJORITY of the people on the planet dont have or make enough of this U.F.O.T. to eat, to clothe themselves, to shelter themselves.
An advanced society, an advanced species would have seen this, and knew that this U.F.O.T. has run its course, it helped us to get to where we needed to go, it was a stepping stone, but our growing society needs a new method (Resourceful Economy?), to feed eachother, to clothe eachother, to shelter eachother. Not to mention all the limitations in our Medical and Scientific fields thanks to this U.F.O.T.. An advanced species, would have seen these limitation and discarded this system long ago. Who knows, maybe we would have had Flying cars by now.
A civilization is one that constantly progresses.
We have not progressed in hundreds of years.
Dont let the fancy gadgets fool you. We have indeed evolved mentally, we just haven’t expressed our advanced natures, why?
Fear of change, Fear of Authority.
And if a civilization is no longer progressing, discarding old beliefs and applying new ones, then we are in a state of immobilization, and a species that is immobile, is regressing.
We have been Regressing, because we haven’t been moving forward.
And regression is destruction when it comes to the laws of evolution, which is exactly where it seems we’re heading.
Progression is Advancement and these bring with it Creation… Life.
  And even though this applies to the World… We are all “living in America”, so…

Welcome to the United States of Regression.