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Modern Slave

The greatest hindrance of modern man is complacency, cowardice and selfishness. This cocktail of weakness will be the downfall of the common man, if it isnt already.
When will we say enough is enough?
When will we refuse this system?
We wander around in our day, without any intent to rise against because we have been programmed to think that the system is out of our control, as if “the system” is its own entity that is away from public view, treating it as if it were some esoteric being with its own Will that does as it pleases.
We are the system.
Every single one of us, at an individual level.
Every drop of blood that is spilled on our earth is our fault one way or another, every person that ceases to exist because their resources were locked behind an idea is our own fault simply because we did nothing, have done nothing, to make this world a fair playing field for everyone.
Yes.. Keep playing within their rules.
Keep picketing and shouting at nothing, keep leaving when the police show up, if you’re going to protest make sure you get a permit…
Because this obviously works.
You want to change the system?
Then ROCK the system. Disturb it, disregard its rules, go against anyone that stands with the tyrants that have put those rules in place.
If you dont like their system then tear it down.
Its time we created a system in which we all agree on.
A system where no one is without.
A system where no one has to die over anyone elses ideals.
A system where education and good health is the highest priority.
A constitution with these 3 principles will drive the Human Race into its second Golden age.
However, as long as this system goes unchallenged we will only continue to see our downfall.
It is time for a Revolution.
Time to find out who the real targets in our species are, and i will tell you this, it isnt anyone on the front lines, whether brainwashed Policeman or manipulated soldiers, they are not the enemy..
The enemy has never seen combat, the enemy has never known hunger, the enemy has never known sadness. Only hatred and manipulation.
Do something.
Or, in my brothers words:
“Quit being a pussy”

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Return of The Phoenix

Much has happened, and not much has happened since the 25th of November 2012 to today March 25th 2013. Nonetheless…

I’m glad to be back and in your service.

I’ve learned alot the past 5 months, a whole lot. i’ve strayed away from myself. i got caught in the web of “everything”, the everything that feels like nothing at the end of the day.

Everyday is starting to feel the same and i dont know if that is a good thing. Thoughts are becoming Negative for me, i’m not so in-tuned with my surrounding.

I no longer AM.

It’s funny how one sets out to do some kind of good for Humanity in his/ her small way, then all of a sudden it seems like you automatically become attractive to negativity.

The funny thing is, nothing Negative has actually happened to me, but my Mind, my Thoughts, my Perception, i find myself being much more Negative than i have been in a long time. This World will suck you in if you let it.

Don’t deviate from your Spiritual Path, whatever Faith or Belief you choose to follow, it is important to Love, and important to be compassionate.

The moment your Mind, Feelings and thoughts, go from ‘how to make My Environment and the strangers in it a better happier place’, to ‘i know the World has issues but i have my own to solve first’… is when it all comes crashing down on you…

 and you become what you constantly push yourself NOT to be, you become the very thing that has motivated you and inspired you to be a Person of Love and of Higher Resonance, you become… Everyone else … and therefore, Just somebody else.

 You fall into the Trap again, the Trap of “Service to Self”. Next thing you know your Days are wizzing by, you feel there is not enough time in the day to get things done, nothing ever gets done, you curse more than usual, you see everyone as an obstacle to your next destination instead of Human beings, you stress easily, you toss and turn at night unable to get a good nights rest, enough is never enough, you give less, and you happen to need more, your body aches, you slouch more, you breathe heavier, and you’re always fatigued, and it seems as if all this restlessness came from the Blue, as if it came from one day to the next…

 I’m nervous about what my near future is to bring, when the “lag time” of the manifestation of my thoughts are created in a physical form, its going to happen, i have about a good 3 Months of being in a very lowered state of Frequency, very negative thought patterns. yes, you pay the price for your thoughts, well, the Consistent ones, the “Automatic” ones, keep an eye out for them and force yourself to respond with 2 positive thoughts about the situation you just internally negatively reacted to, its a good start.

I’m going to change this here and now. So that when these Loving, Compassionate, Understanding thoughts manifest themselves my Life will be restored to the beautiful thing it once was just a few Months ago.

Despite what you hear, Despite what you read about, look around, your life isn’t that bad, Smile. Be Grateful. The World is actually a Beautiful place. People are generally willing to help, even though we may not speak to eachother on the street, when we are in trouble, strangers are the first to help, remember this. Change your thought patterns and watch your Life slowly evolve to reflect these patterns.

If you need advice, i’m here to help.

(Excuse the Type-o’s)

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Fool on the Hill

“Unpleasant is the sound of joy to the ears of the wicked
I remember when my day’s were full of joy and love..
.. until I joined this world of the wicked.
Obliged to a society that runs off a fuel no man can absorb
  I feel the tension rise but even my emotions have to conform
to the law of the land,
which states that every Man has the right to speak but silenced when the Man utters the wrong word
A right to vote no power to choose
A  right to bare arms yet our Holsters are empty
    and empty they will remain
the day we bare them,
                 the day they lose
Lost in the Wilderness of the Moment hoping for the Trail of Tomorrow
I sit and watch the wicked Bask in the light of Perpetual sorrow and see the Good Hearted in the Darkness of the Just
Many years awaits the Man that gives in to Greed and Lust
and a simple life of stress awaits the Man that can do no wrong
As I smile and watch the world go round and round
I see the pupils of the masses but the world has its eyes wide shut
if the world’s a stage I’m waiting for God to call out a ‘cut’
if the World is my oyster I’m searching for a Pearl
but since the People are Lost I simply search for the World”
   – Firmitas Atis Phoenix

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Overcoming your “TimeQuake”

It is being said that we will, or are experiencing a “TimeQuake”.
A TQ from what I understand, is when moments of your Life keep repeating themselves.
A very bad experience, as well as a beautiful one, will repeat itself over and over. 
Of course, because of linear Time in this density, you wont “repeat 2006” over and over, but it will be the same situations happening again, at different points in your Life.
I dont know the details of what a TQ is, or how it works, it is as new to me as it is to you. Nonetheless, your pal is a problem solver, and I am here to help solve this.
A Time Quake, if it does exist, has always been around and always will be around, because it IS. The moment it comes to fruition in your life, is up to you, at a spiritual level.
Some of you could have been experiencing this TQ since you were children, some of you, when you were older. If there has been a moment in your Life, a Circumstance, the same individual with a different face, the same issues, or even the same success, you have, or are most likely, experiencing this TimeQuake.
Now, this term TimeQuake can be nothing more than a Vibrational Frequency, or should I say, your vibrational frequency, or level of energy, attracting more of itself ..
This could result in the same events happening over and over again, our Lives seeming like a wheel that every so often hit the same crack in the rim.
A source of mine states that we must be aware we are in a “Time Loop”, and try and pull out of it before we are caught in a vortex of Time fluxes and insanity, which would stem from living the same situations over and over again, and if we pulled ourselves out, we could change events, alter them the way we wish and so on …
He spoke in riddles, and never made himself clear … Nonetheless, here it is, an article I found that does not mention a “TimeQuake” whatsoever, but holds the answers to breaking out of the same events, this Rubber Band Effect…
   And creating your Life to be as you wish it.
   Consistency and Patience are your keys to success.

Read. Memorize. Apply.

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… Is extremely vital these last 90 Days.
  Push yourself, Force Yourself to be optimistic. Negative frequencies and chemtrails have been amplified.
Dont let the stress of this society alter your mood, dont let the lack of resources, bad drivers, or work/ family disputes make you start thinking negatively, limit your use curse words. If someone pisses you off just take a deep breathe and FORCE yourself to say “you piece of! … (inhale, exhale, relax) .. It already happend, getting all worked is my choice, I can stay happy, and the situation will be the same, no changing it now, might as well stay positive so that my mind stays open of surrounding opportunities” …
Of course I dont expect you to commit this speech to memory and recite it to yourself, but its an example of the altered mindset to have from now on, for the rest of your life.
You dont think your thoughts manifest physicaly?
  Expect aches and pains the first 3 days you think optimistic, loving thoughts .. Physical aches and pains.
Think loving and positive even when you come across situations where it is “Socially acceptable” to be very pissed off. Yes, if you stub your toe in the morning, lash out in pain of course, but when you feel the anger build up, and the angry thoughts surging, laugh at yourself, make a joke out of it..
” jeez that hurt! Hahaha, thats ONE way to wake up in the morning, one less cup if coffee to drink now (lol)”
It is vital that you do this.
I invite you to the challenge.
Do this for 2 main reasons:
1) To adjust your mindset into a more positive one, therefore slowly manifesting more convenient events, rather than inconvenient events, although sometimes, an inconvenient event comes about to bring in a convenient one ,such as your car breaking down so that someone you need in your life pulls over and helps you. With a negative mindset though, these “beautiful inconveniences” are fogged as just a completely stressful experience through anger, and that anger, could result at you snapping at that person who pulled over to help you, them driving away, and your entire timeline altered (think back on how many moments couldve went great if you were to just switch your mindset and attitude).
  2) Self-awareness .
With this challenge, you will realize how Negative or Positive you truly are. If you find yourself saying “No! Ahh! Dont think like that! C’mon something positive, c’mon brain!” .. You are, more Negative than positive, but it is a beautiful thing because now you are aware of it. After a week or so it will be alot easier, after 2 weeks it will feel normal, after about a Month it will just be you.
After about 2 months you will see good things “popping up” all over the place, “bad” things that happen will now only happen to teach you something helpful for future reference, or to bring in a better thing, not just to manifest the negativity from your mind “for the hell of it”, to serve no purpose, but for your over all well being.
Expect turmoil and tests these first 2 weeks. Once the Soul catches on to what you’re doing it will put tests in front of you to make sure the transition is genuine and long lasting.
So stay positive.
Help the Earth and Humanity vibrate at a higher level.
A Smile to a stranger can do alot of good.
Positivity is contagious.
Compassion is Powerful.
Ascension is around the corner.

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The Mind of a Phoenix

We operate with Points of Views.
Now, why do Points of Views exist?
Because there are many of them.
If there was only one point of view, then it would no longer be a point of view , or, an “angled perspective”, there would only exist a Fundemental Truth.
Which is what we all seek.
One Truth. One Love. One God.
Has anybody ever stopped to consider that maybe the very thing that deteriorates a Fundemental Truth, is a fundemental truth in itself?
If a Point of View, is a point or stand in perspective, and a perspective, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, then no point of view is in its own sake valid, so then what is real?
And if perspectives are not real outside of a biased, self- affirming adopted belief and thought. Then what is valid?
What is real?
We go through life associating ourselves with those who think and act like ourselves, to reassure ourselves that we are not insane, because deep down inside you know that your identity is also based on points of perspective that are not valid and as real as your points of views.
Find another like yourself and the insanity goes away.
Or could it be that we fully believe that what we know of ourselves is completely real, very true and grounded?
I once stumbled upon a description of what is Real, and it made much sense to me.
There are 2 things that govern ‘reality’, the Universal, and the Capital. Lets take a book case for example: the book case is the Universal, the books are Capital, the Universal is true because it cannot be changed, the Capital however, can be changed, so is it real? Is it true? You walk to the book case, and take out a book, you see that there are many topics horror, love, fiction, non-fiction, adventure etc. the Capital, is what changes, but no matter how many books you take out or replace, whether you switch up the genres etc. the book case remains a book case, it does not change because of its contents or lack of, it sole purpose is a book case, This Universal reality, versus Capital reality”
Is that just it? Can reality really be distinguished and categorized as real by mere consistency?
Is Consistency what makes or breaks reality?
So if a Point of View is Consistent throught your Life, is it Real in the Universal scheme of things?
In our arguement here, “Points of Views” would be the Universal, and what those views are about would be the Capital.
But if Points of Views are considered “Points of views” because of their “Capital”, then can they be considered a Universal Truth if they are Universal because of their Capital?
Can a Book shelf be a Book shelf if Books never existed?
It would no longer serve a purpose.
So can reality be the Purpose? If an object or thought, serves a Universal Purpose, is it True? Real?
No, because a Purpose can vary.
Intention can really distort a purpose. So is it Real?
Then why fuss about Religion? Why fuss about Politics? Why take in world beliefs and systems that have proven to us have failed time and time again, all because the majority, or the few in Power, decided to believe in something that can never be Real, as a Universal Truth that must be made into the supreme Law of the Land.
This unreality, adopted by others as tolerable, was accepted, or forced as Real, and the conditioning of Man began.
Ever notice that any form of Evil can thrive so long as it does not interfere with your “Reality”?
So whats real must be whats in front of you?
Yes. That is real, because it is happening.
What I consider to be real is what lets Life florish.
Life happens when there is no blockage of energy. Energy flows where need be, whereas destruction, is the blockage or transitioning of Energy. (Capital), nonetheless it remains energy. (Universal)
Are your points of view real then?
I would say yes, because they come from a Universal starting point.
No matter what you think, what you feel, or how you operate, you are still Human.
So is this the Truth? I would say so.
With this mind set it wouldnt make sense to wage War, to Hate, or to exterminate on account of something that is not real, because in the end we are all Human.
Humanity is Real.
Points of Views, not so much.
as we mentioned, some Universals are only in existence because the Capital exists.
Are you Human without your Points if Views?
Yes you are.
Being Human is Universal.
Points of Views are Capital, as I explained with Capital Energy, it blocks or Transforms.
This blockage is the biggest evidence that we operate with Capitals, via Hatred, murders, and well, our current World system, it is because we are taking something unreal as “real”, and this is the result. Blockage.
What is the opposite of Hatred?
Love in the Universal fact that no matter what goes on in our Minds we are still Human.
The Truth us Humanity.
The Truth is Life.
The Truth is Love.

Need I say more?