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How to Reach the 4Th Dimension

Reaching The Lower 4Th Dimension:

This World you see, the one you touch, hear, smell, taste, is only a fraction of what is there. All around you there are atoms, as well as waves, consistently passing through you every microsecond of every day, keeping your molecular structure intact, all while transmitting your thoughts and feelings into the world around you, subtly affecting and altering your reality in ways you couldn’t begin to imagine.

There are supposedly 11 dimensions to ‘reality’, when I say Reality, I am referring to all that exists (In form of Energy as well as Material). Each Dimension more complex than the last. We live in the 3rd dimension. Our reality consists of 3 axis points, X,Y, and Z, it is the most physical of all Dimensions, the most dense if you will, the heaviest. Many New Agers actually argue that the 3rd Dimension is ‘technically’ the 1st, as it is where Matter and energy begin to interact and follow basic Universal laws that spawn the Universe you see today.

The 4th Dimension is the Dimension between the Physical, and the Dimension of Light, the 5th Dimension; Where Light is said to be housed. Lets not get ahead of ourselves however. Let me explain the 4th Dimension as best I can, with the limited knowledge I have. The 4th Dimension is possibly the closest we can get to the Dimension of Light, before Death; The Dimension of Time, Where Matter and Energy are One. It is like nothing you will ever experience once you’ve been there, and something you will want to experience as much as you can. This is why im here, to teach you to see, and feel, the Light that acts as a portal to connect us to Consciousness.

The first step to getting there, is to acknowledge the existence of 2 major factors: Our 7 Harmonic Points, and the existence of Love and Fear as a frequency more than simply Emotions. You also need to understand basic Quantum Mechanics. I hope by now you know that an atom is 99% empty space, on that note, a physical world should be impossible, but it isn’t, how come? Electrical signals (Energy) interact with our 3rd Dimensional vessels (body) and these electrical pulses get deciphered by our neurological system and distinguish what is what. Therefore, Solids are Solids, and Liquids are liquids, as they should be, since that is how they are existing. Needless to say, our neurological system is decoding everything properly.

To make this matter simpler (no pun intended), imagine the scene in the Matrix when the main character sees the World as it is, simple binary codes. That is exactly what our Reality is, except not actual binary numbers, but something along those lines. We never come in contact with anything, there is always a minimum of 2-3 atoms of space to everything we come in ‘contact’ with. With this said, it is safe to assume, that regardless of the fact that we live in a seemingly Physical World, it is Energy that truly influences everything around us.

What does this have to do with the 2 important factors mentioned above? Everything. Our Harmonic points are what help us ‘communicate’ with the 4th Dimension, day in and day out, right now, it is in tune, and it always will be, because as im sure you’ve heard, We are not Human beings that will have a spiritual experience at Death, we are Spiritual (Energy) beings having a Human experience. The only thing that differs from individual to individual is how stable and ‘in-tune’ these harmonic points are, or aren’t. The difference is simple: The 3rd Dimension, as all Dimensions, vibrate at a certain Resonance, if the object within the Dimension begins to resonate at a lower frequency than the world around it, it begins to decay, and eventually ceases to exist.

Through living in Fear, we lower our resonance, therefore making us more prone to eliminators such as ill health, depression etc. not to mention, attracting more negative events. The Mind has an insatiable need to be right, and does so through manifesting your consistent negative or positive thought processes. The mind does not decipher what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for you, it is your genie in a lamp, if you consistently think it, it will come true, not always exactly as we imagined it, but along the lines. If you look back in your life and have an honest retrospection, you will see that the synchronicity of your circumstances and occurrences are usually in tune with how you thought and felt, at the moment. Thoughts create potential outcomes, Emotion manifests them. How so? In a Universe of equivalent exchange, there is always a balance, whether the balance is in or against your favor is up to you. In this world, Like attracts like. Energy waves are attracted to energy in its own frequency, such as you are attracted to people that have similar beliefs and lifestyle as you do. Its no different when it comes to Energy.

The Human being only has 2 Emotions; Fear and Love. Any other emotion felt after that is only a different embodiment of either of these 2 Prime emotions. Fear in Humans, as shown through studies in Cymatics, has a long and slow frequency output. Whereas, Love has a very short and rapid signal.

Fear:  I            I            I            I            I            I


Love: I     I     I     I     I     I     I     I     I     I     I     I

What does this mean for us? Well, Love, has been linked with Positivity (of course), therefore, any Positive thoughts you have, are derived and powered by the frequency of Love. They are powerful, and cannot be stopped by the frequency of Fear, as a matter of fact, Fear is repelled by love, even though in this World we are programmed that the opposite is true. Physics shows us that it isn’t.

Now, in a World where Like attracts Like, it seems there is no conspiracy on why and how the Richer get Richer and Poor get Poorer. However I speak in terms of spirituality, not financially, although I admit, it does play a role. Lets not get into that. When an individual is consumed by Fear (recurring thought processes), their Harmonic points adapt to the Emotions and thoughts of the individual. Before you know it, they are influencing and molding the World around them, all the while being unconscious of this fact.

Tell me, when you are in a state of Fear, whether it is Depression, Anger, Sadness, Jealousy etc, How do you feel after the emotion seems to have passed? Drained, tired, and perhaps with relapses of the emotion. It seems that it becomes easier and easier to fall into that emotional state doesn’t it? Well, because it is. You have molded your harmonic points to accept such low frequencies with ease. The only reason our harmonic points are able to reach such low level of frequency is to allow ourselves to learn and rise above negativity, fix the issue, and bounce back to an even higher frequency than before.

We are not meant to stay at low level for extended periods of time, nor are we to be falling into these levels at such a consistent rate, if we do, we begin to deteriorate. We begin to break down at the molecular level. With our Harmonic points so low; We are unable to communicate with the realms of Time and Consciousness- therefore lose our ability to Create, to Control our lives- we become a beacon for Negative waves- and we begin the process of ceasing to exist. To the Human Mind, this sounds like a horrible position to be in, and it is, to our perception. At the Universal level however, it is just the Laws of Nature doing what it always does, as it should be doing. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel (literally), and that is, that with proper meditation techniques, proper deprogramming and rebuilding of personal beliefs, in time, you can change your resonance from a negative to positive state, and work your way to building what matters most: your connection with your higher self, the portion of your Aura that is connected directly to Light.

Many people have the imagery that the 4th dimension is ‘up there’, somewhere above the sky. However, the dimension is within and around us, flowing through us, all 11 dimensions are. The trick is, how to ‘tap’ into them, and become One with them.

Imagine your 7 Harmonic points as arms of Light extending out of you, with hands at the ends, and these hands are moving frantically as if trying to catch grip of something. When you live in a state of fear and negativity, imagine these hands hanging limp, no energy, little movement, unable to “grasp” the 4th Dimension. Now, imagine you live in a state of Love. Imagine these same arms glowing with the Light in their respective colors, fully vibrant, healthy, and full of strength. They can then ‘tap’ into a ‘Worm Hole’ that will reveal ‘handles’ that these hands can latch on to, and therefore transmit the energy of the 4th dimension and ‘absorb it into your body. Making you and the 4th Dimension One. Sounds farfetched doesnt it? Almost like a sci-fi film. The hands were just to help with the imagery. What really occurs is, like Oil and Water, 2 frequencies that are too far away in intensity from eachother cannot interact, the higher frequency can influence the lower frequency, even consume it if the conditions are right, but not vice versa. Which, yes, this means Love will always defeat Fear despite media propaganda.

When the harmonic points are trained to a level high enough (google : Centering your Chakras), you begin to see the World with a much different perspective. Almost involuntarily, you begin to see abundance and kindness all around you. You begin to see people in a much different light, a positive one. Once this occurs, and you have stabilized your Chakras, you can begin your journey to the 4th Dimension.

 Reaching the 4th Dimension.  

By now I assume you stopped reading and focused on centering yourself first. If not, lets continue anyway, but daily meditation techniques, physical exercise (yes, the body must be strong enough to handle the high amounts of Energy) and a diet that consists of mostly fruits and vegetables, should be followed with strict discipline for a minimum of 2 weeks before these techniques are attempted, as well as a complete Positive mindset training, (basically force yourself to see the Positiveof every situation even if you think you sound absurd to yourself, this is very important to recalibrating your mindset as well as your overall level of resonance) Otherwise, you will see and feel nothing, and discourage yourself before you’ve even started.

Here it is: The first step, is to find some time alone, somewhere without distractions, have an empty stomach. Drink Lots of pure Water (Fiji is a favorite), and use the restroom prior to beginning. By now you should know every color of every individual Harmonic point in your body, as well as the location of every one.

All Chakras (locations mean it is hovering within the body)

Root Chakra- Red – Tailbone/base of Spine

Sacral Chakra- Orange– Near Sexual organs

Solar Plexus- Yellow – 2 fingers above belly button

Heart Chakra- Green– Center of Sternum

Throat Chakra- Solid Blue– Within Vocal chords

Third Eye- Indigo/ Light blue– center of forehead

Crown – White with bluish tint– center of the Top of the head.

Imagine every single point giving off waves similar to radio signals, but each in their respective colors. This is what is happening every second of every day. What dictates your connection with all that ‘Is’, is how strong these waves are, what frequency they are emitting (Fear or Love) , and therefore, ultimately what you are attracting and manifesting.

The way I like to open my energy ports for connection is by imagining an Eye at every harmonic point. You always start from Bottom to Top.

I will start with my Root Chakra, and since this is the foundation for everything else, you must connect yourself with Earth, for a full charge. You do this by simply “breathing” into your Root, imagine a closed eye, and with every breathe, the eye opens bit by bit. Don’t go to the next one until you imagine the eye fully opened, as if, surprised. Once the Root is fully opened, imagine the Red Light spilling down to your legs, your knees, feet, and connecting into the ground. The Earth is all Red Chakra.

Now that you are connected, you have an unlimited supply of energy to charge the other 6 Chakras without temporarily draining yourself out at the end. Do the “Slow Opening Eye” meditation for the next 4 chakras. Stop once you finish the Throat.

Note:  (For your daily meditations, simply imagine an orb of light, of the color of the chakra youre working on, getting bigger and brighter, wherever it is located in the body. Don’t use the “SOE” technique shown here for daily’s. DO NOT OPEN THE CROWN FOR DAILY MEDITATIONS)

If you’ve followed my instructions correctly, by now you should feel a slight inner body buzz, this is your frequency reaching the higher levels. I must warn you. Once you open your Third eye, you are going to feel a surge of energy and visuals. What kind of Visuals? Well, your eyes are going to be closed at all times so do this little test right now. Close your eyes and push your fingers into your eye lids, see those bursts of light? Okay, that weird area behind your eye lids, is going to be where you will “see” all the kaleidoscope of colors and swirls.

Tilt your eyes upward as if you’re looking towards the center of your eyebrows (don’t strain yourself/ Eyes closed). Here we go, imagine a soft blue light in the middle of your forehead. A closed Eye, sleeping, waiting to be opened. Breathe in, Exhale. With every exhale, instead of imagining the eye opening little by little, Imagine this Eye getting brighter and brighter with each breathe. Keep breathing until it is a bright indigo light. Once you believe it has reached its peak, give one deeper inhale, and as you exhale, open the eye all at once, in synchronicity with your exhale.

Just lay back and enjoy that for a second.

Try not to get too excited as you will lose focus and the feeling will fade away and you’ll have to find yourself again. Stay perfectly still. Maintain a proper breathing technique throughout, and focus on nothing but those swirls behind your eyelids, and your Green heart, and Indigo Third eye chakras, simultaneously.

Now, its time to Travel. All while holding your position mentioned above. Open your Crown Chakra. Imagine a White eye, and “breathe it open” as you did your previous Chakras, slowly, little by little.

The Third eye is the only Chakra that is to be opened in the method instructed above.

Once the Crown is open: Direct your attention to the Third eye and Heart. Now, visualize your third Eye beaming a soft blue light above your forehead and into the Universe. Imagine the same for your Heart chakra. A strong Green light beam protruding from your Chest, to the Universe. Now, begin to “tilt” the third eye light so that it meets the green light and they fuse together into what looks like a Solid Green pillar with a light Blue Aura. The Heart Chakra is your Vessel, and the Third eye protects it from any negative beings that feed off energy. Visualize it to be indestructible, because it is. Imagine that you are at the end of your Green Pillar, Visualize Saturn, the Sun, The Moon, Visualize Earth from outer space, visualize the people you Love. Visualize anything. Connect with higher beings of Energy that vibrate at Love. Let their presence soothe you. Just say “ I invite all beings of Love and Light” and just “feel” them.

Be there for as long as you want.

When you are finished. Simply imagine your Light pillar fading away. Imagine the Crown Chakra Eye closing and dimming.

Then imagine your Third eye closing and dimming.

Imagine your Root chakra energy disconnecting with the Earth and fading back into its center.

Open your eyes.

Repeat as many times as you like!

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The greatest weapon we have against Evil and Fear is Love and Compassion. How? Well, Fear, like Love, is an energy, and anything that emits waves of energy have effect in our physical world, especially energy as powerful and as volatile as our emotions, which are controlled by our thoughts, which are controlled by our beliefs. I do not believe Humans are born Evil, nor Neutral for that matter. You see, Fear requires an external source, intentional manipulation, an agenda, alot of work and resources go into creating Fear.. Love naturally occurs within.. even the evilest Man in the World has looked up at the Night sky and thought the Moon looked pretty. The answer is Love, simply because whenever an act of Love occurs, it happens naturally. Whenever an act of Fear is carried out, it was most likely planned and executed, therefore, it is Artificial

Love is a Weapon

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How to achieve World Peace.

There is going to be alot of controversy concerning this topic however, after thinking philosophicaly, in an un-biased manner I came to a conclusion. I’ll begin to explain:
  Our World seems to run off of Evil. Politicians, World Leaders, Cartels, businessmen, right down to some of our neighbors and even Family seem to be involved in what we could consider ‘Evil acts’. Now, ‘Evil acts’ is a very vague and general term. Lets break that down a little for us to understand what exactly we are talking about:
    Evil- (in this blog, in my def.) is the actions of an individual that causes harm to another human being, or takes the happiness and/or Emotional well being of another human being to attain a personal financial, or social status.
Meaning that evil acts usually involve taking advantage of someone unwilling or someone that depends on you, and forcing those individuals to do or act in however you choose that does not promote any type of well being or reinforces anything positive.
Evil acts are almost always carried out with selfish intentions.
Now that we have that cleared up: Evil is everywhere. It seems that Evil has triumphed over Good doesn’t it? And that’s because it has. Evil is bold, daring, and willing to make sacrifices. If you’ve ever been to a motivational seminar or have seen one on youtube, what are the underlying fundamentals these speakers try to teach? How should one be in the process of obtaining their life goals? .. for the most part.. Bold, Daring, and willing to make Sacrifices, along with getting up and dusting off after ever failure (Persistence), am I correct?
Knowing this it should be no surprise that Evil has indeed taken over our planet from the Elite and Powerful out of the Publics eyes, to the corner crack dealer down the street, it is there. However, don’t believe for a second that Humanity is naturally Evil, that is far from true, what we are is ‘Adaptable’. Adaptable and Naturally Evil are 2 different things (not counting mental instabilities). The only difference between Good and Evil, the difference between why Evil has prevailed over the World and Good hasn’t, is because, when looked at in an un-biased manner, Evil carries out all actions, contains all attributes that Success needs in order to become, well, Succesful. Evil has boldness. Evil is Daring. Evil does take risks. But most importantly, Evil makes the Sacrifices necessary in order to obtain its goals. Success, like the Brain, does not decipher what is good or bad, (speaking in terms of mechanics). When the Mind wants something that bad it will obtain it. Success comes to those who take the proper actions. Whether Good or Evil. Success is merely a byproduct of unmatched effort, wits, and hardwork.
That is the difference between Good and Evil.
You see, we have been Programmed to believe that Good people do not hold Guns, Good people do not kill. Good people spread Good by picking Flowers and giving Hugs, feeding people and following the Rules as Law abiding citizens. When broken down in that manner it begins to sound like a setup doesn’t it?
That is exactly what it is.
The Laws of Physics tell us that an object in motion stays in motion. In order to stop this object from moving, another object must ‘collide’ with this object with the same amount of force. This is how we must see the Triumph over Evil.
The reason why we fail is because Evil is the object moving at 100mph, lets say, Good, travels at half that, 50mph… do the Math yourself. There are those of you that will say “but if Good repeatedly hits Evil it will eventually slow it to a stop”. That would be true except for one factor. We must not forget that Evil is Persistent.  Evil is a Success story, you knock it down, slow it down, it will dust itself off and charge like a raging Bull. THAT is the difference between Good and Evil!
Once Good is crushed, eveyone stops for a while, instead of building momentum and charging back, they continue to try and fight at the same rate of speed with all these Limitations stated above, that Good people ‘pick flowers and give hugs’. Einstein says the defenition of Insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Good has become insane, and because of it, it is losing momentum, losing Hope in itself.
Evil is a blockage, it blocks energy, it constricts the ability for Good energy to flow. We (The Good) are constantly fighting the Effect of Evil, never the cause. We don’t make the same Sacrifices. If we want a Good World Standard then we need to be willing to die and kill in the name of Good.
Good doesn’t last long because they kill off people who make an impact, that inspire people to do Good. John Lennon, MLK, John F. Kennedy, Ghandi etc etc, did not die from old age or at Peace. They were killed.
This is what Evil people fear most: That one day, People will realize that it is not wrong to take the Life of Evil Men, that it is not wrong to take a stand and fight fire with fire, that it is not wrong to take out the pillars that hold up the monument of Evil. For once the cause of Evil is eliminated from the face of the Earth, the only option would be to spread Good, and only then will we be able to “pick Flowers and give hugs” in Peace. They Fear that people will realize that it is not the Actions that define a Man but his intentions. That in history, Wars have always been fought the same exact way but the intention of that battle is what created the outcome. They Fear that the People will realize that Everyone, at the Individual level, can be a Force for Good.


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“Socrates once told of why he isn’t afraid of death. He says that death is merely the seperation of the soul from the body. It is ones own judgement of any particular situation that creates Love or Fear for a situation. I agree with this completely. Perspective: plays such a huge role in our Lives. Look around you, to your left, to the sky, everything we see has a lable, and that lable a definition, a defenition is the ‘act of defining something’, of making that thing, more Human. Yet, if you were to, say, ask someone what Love means, I’m certain you will receive a different answer everytime. Perspective literally creates your entire reality. This is one of Humanities greatest Powers aside from Love and Evil. Its the ability to Perceive and mold the World into your liking without having to mold and shape the physical World around you. It is an internal process. It can’t be seen with the naked eye, we can’t tell what eachother sees yet our actions and decisions are based around that perspective, therefore the entire course of our Lives are directly affected by our Perspective. For what else dictates the path of our lives other than our decisions and Actions? Which are controlled by Perspective. World perspective is what created Hitler and Mother Teresa, General Lee and Abraham Lincoln. The entire story of our History is nothing more but the recollections of the perspectives of one Man at a time. Change your Perception to where, death is nothing more but the seperation of Soul and Body. The death of a Loved one was something out of your control, give thanks for the priviledge of creating the few memories but respect Nature and the Nature of things. You are above no one, so get rid of the Ego and of Vanity and see everyone as an equal despite their Social or Financial status, we breathe the same Air, we walk the same Earth, we come from a Womb and die in a Tomb. We bleed and hurt the same. The sky is the Sky, the air is the Air. Let it be, let yourself Be. Want things to happen as they do happen not as you wish for them to happen and you will finally know what it is like to be in a constant state of inner Peace.”

-Firmitas A.F.

On Perspective

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“Your Life doesn’t consist of them and there.. we are all connected yes, connected to one another through everything. We push for individualism but to be individual is to be unique, to be unique is to be different, to be different is to be segregated from the whole. Every organism that has triumphed the tests of Evolution has done so with the entire Organism operating as One. Yet Humanity, strives to be Unique, to be different from one another, even though we understand that to be different is to be Alone. What do we call a species that has only one of its kind left? Endangered to be Extinct. Why does Humanity, through Personality, strive to single himself out as somehow better or different from the rest? Why does Man strive to become Extinct? There is nothing wrong with Self-Expression, as a matter of fact it is encouraged. However, when that Self-Expression evolves into Ego and shuns those that are different from us, that express themselves differently from us, that is when the Self-Extinction begins.. yes ‘Self Extinction’, because we are all One.Whether you like it or believe it or not makes no difference to what is an Absolute Truth. Absolute Truth does not change with majority or lack of belief. . Together we Stand, Divided we Fall.. or Divided we Stand… Together we Fall… its really up to you.. however, this takes me back to finish what I’ve started… Your Reality. Is what is directly in front of You. In your Face. Dont worry about what is going on in the Media or around the World. Your Reality consists of what’s directly in front of you, your neighborhood, Friends, Family.. that is a reflection of Your Psyche.. let the World be.. focus on making YOUR surroundings a better, happier place… if we all did this individually, focus on making our immediate surroundings a better place, we’d all be working as a Single Oganism. This is the Key to World Peace. Focus on YOU, for the betterment of ALL.”
-Firmitas A.F.

Your Life doesn’t..

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Return of The Phoenix

Much has happened, and not much has happened since the 25th of November 2012 to today March 25th 2013. Nonetheless…

I’m glad to be back and in your service.

I’ve learned alot the past 5 months, a whole lot. i’ve strayed away from myself. i got caught in the web of “everything”, the everything that feels like nothing at the end of the day.

Everyday is starting to feel the same and i dont know if that is a good thing. Thoughts are becoming Negative for me, i’m not so in-tuned with my surrounding.

I no longer AM.

It’s funny how one sets out to do some kind of good for Humanity in his/ her small way, then all of a sudden it seems like you automatically become attractive to negativity.

The funny thing is, nothing Negative has actually happened to me, but my Mind, my Thoughts, my Perception, i find myself being much more Negative than i have been in a long time. This World will suck you in if you let it.

Don’t deviate from your Spiritual Path, whatever Faith or Belief you choose to follow, it is important to Love, and important to be compassionate.

The moment your Mind, Feelings and thoughts, go from ‘how to make My Environment and the strangers in it a better happier place’, to ‘i know the World has issues but i have my own to solve first’… is when it all comes crashing down on you…

 and you become what you constantly push yourself NOT to be, you become the very thing that has motivated you and inspired you to be a Person of Love and of Higher Resonance, you become… Everyone else … and therefore, Just somebody else.

 You fall into the Trap again, the Trap of “Service to Self”. Next thing you know your Days are wizzing by, you feel there is not enough time in the day to get things done, nothing ever gets done, you curse more than usual, you see everyone as an obstacle to your next destination instead of Human beings, you stress easily, you toss and turn at night unable to get a good nights rest, enough is never enough, you give less, and you happen to need more, your body aches, you slouch more, you breathe heavier, and you’re always fatigued, and it seems as if all this restlessness came from the Blue, as if it came from one day to the next…

 I’m nervous about what my near future is to bring, when the “lag time” of the manifestation of my thoughts are created in a physical form, its going to happen, i have about a good 3 Months of being in a very lowered state of Frequency, very negative thought patterns. yes, you pay the price for your thoughts, well, the Consistent ones, the “Automatic” ones, keep an eye out for them and force yourself to respond with 2 positive thoughts about the situation you just internally negatively reacted to, its a good start.

I’m going to change this here and now. So that when these Loving, Compassionate, Understanding thoughts manifest themselves my Life will be restored to the beautiful thing it once was just a few Months ago.

Despite what you hear, Despite what you read about, look around, your life isn’t that bad, Smile. Be Grateful. The World is actually a Beautiful place. People are generally willing to help, even though we may not speak to eachother on the street, when we are in trouble, strangers are the first to help, remember this. Change your thought patterns and watch your Life slowly evolve to reflect these patterns.

If you need advice, i’m here to help.

(Excuse the Type-o’s)

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Fool on the Hill

“Unpleasant is the sound of joy to the ears of the wicked
I remember when my day’s were full of joy and love..
.. until I joined this world of the wicked.
Obliged to a society that runs off a fuel no man can absorb
  I feel the tension rise but even my emotions have to conform
to the law of the land,
which states that every Man has the right to speak but silenced when the Man utters the wrong word
A right to vote no power to choose
A  right to bare arms yet our Holsters are empty
    and empty they will remain
the day we bare them,
                 the day they lose
Lost in the Wilderness of the Moment hoping for the Trail of Tomorrow
I sit and watch the wicked Bask in the light of Perpetual sorrow and see the Good Hearted in the Darkness of the Just
Many years awaits the Man that gives in to Greed and Lust
and a simple life of stress awaits the Man that can do no wrong
As I smile and watch the world go round and round
I see the pupils of the masses but the world has its eyes wide shut
if the world’s a stage I’m waiting for God to call out a ‘cut’
if the World is my oyster I’m searching for a Pearl
but since the People are Lost I simply search for the World”
   – Firmitas Atis Phoenix