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Love is not all we need

The Human nervous system benefits well from experiencing the entire emotional spectrum. Through happiness and joy we enjoy life, through sadness and suffering we grow spiritually/ intellectually . Though we cannot control life and all of its seemingly random, and at times, seemingly synchronized events. We can choose how to perceive every situation and take from it whatever lesson we feel will help us in terms of survival, not just physical survival, but emotional as well.

“Everything in moderation” as the wise say, and I believe this to be true, as excess in anything leads to imbalance and thus renders us open to life’s random inconveniences, or, may I say, subconsciously calculated outcomes?

Allow me to explain my observed function and importance of balance, mental, emotional, physical and how, despite our egocentric belief that humans are out of this ‘natural balance’ equation, we most certainly still fall victim to the side effects of imbalance, and benefit from a balanced life. I believe the laws of physics that apply to the physical world also apply to the emotional world. I truly believe emotions are our link to the spiritual (hyper emotional) aspect of our reality, and though that may sound esoteric, out in the unreachable ether, it’s truly an energy we can all feel with a little meditation. Though emotions have been found to simply be chemical reactions in our brain, there is no doubt they have a physical effect on our bodies as well as an effect on our physical world.

Through the realization that the physical laws of nature apply to our emotional bodies we can begin to mold and shape our emotional world to our liking as much as we have used the knowledge of these laws to alter and shape our physical world. However, this change requires the heart and mind, not the hands to construct.

Lets get to it shall we?

We will be going through the most basic laws of physics (Newton’s laws) and analyzing the correlation between Laws of physics and our emotional being.

(mass in these examples will be replaced with Emotional Intensity)

Law 1- An object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force of equal or greater force-

law 2- The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object

Law 3- All forces in the universe occur in equal but oppositely directed pairs. There are no isolated forces; for every external force that acts on an object there is a force of equal magnitude but opposite direction which acts back on the object which exerted that external force.

Our emotional state is like a pond. No external influence means no movement. We call this state: Calm. Should there be an external force to stir the waters, say, a pebble thrown in, there is a reaction and the energy of this interaction is released via ripples in the water. All emotions are but energy being released.

Real example: Should someone make you angry, sad, any emotion you don’t want to feel at that moment (it could be happiness at times) you can reverse the event in the mind rather than release the energy, the ripples (expressing the emotion). That’s the cool thing about emotions, with practice, we can be in total control . Of course the pebble and pond are but visuals to help you understand the concept.

Reversal: To reverse the ‘Pebble effect’, you simply have to reverse the entire process. Literally hit an internal rewind button. How do we do that? identify the cause of the emotion. Though few may say the cause of the emotion is the uncontrollable event, the truth is it is not the event but, our what? that’s right, PERCEPTION of the event. Break perception down to THOUGHTS, and break those thoughts down to EXPECTATIONS break those down to BELIEFS. This may sound like a major analytical process but it really boils down to asking one question; Why am I (undesirable emotion) about this? Couple that with the realization and humility that as a participant in this crazy thing we call life you are therefore subject to it’s randomness and outcomes as is everyone else and you are not immune to downs as you are not entitled to ups. That simple realization and acceptance of this universal truth, can single handedly eliminate quite a bit of negative thought that lead to negative emotions which lead to negative actions and therefore, negative outcomes and consequences in our physical world. The problem lies with an egocentric belief that everything should go our way simply because we are us and we are awesome. Though we are all awesome in our own awesome way, Nature doesn’t care for that. It cares about balance. However, if you give the pond no pebble the pond will go undisturbed, therefore no law of equivalent exchange (reaction) needs to go into effect.

On the opposite end, if you want to calm someone, say, someone at a “level 8” in the anger scale you need to approach with the opposite emotion in that same level of intensity, which is understanding and patience (law 1). Anything less and you can find yourself eventually getting worn down quickly and falling into their spectrum of anger. Match the intensity in the opposite manner and you will both eventually reach a neutral state of calm as you wear each other down. Get the picture?

This is why Hate cannot destroy Hate. Only Love can destroy Hate. Only Hate can destroy Love.  Are we matching the intensity of Hate with Love to counteract it’s effect in the world? (Newton’s third Law)

You have the ability to let no pebble land in your pond, no matter how many pebbles people throw at you. The principal of this law is action and reaction. If an action is taken towards you and calls for a reaction be careful, you are literally stirring a pool of chemicals, as that is what emotions are. In chemistry class, when you mix chemicals in a beaker, you get a reaction. That outcome can be as sweet smelling as perfume or as catastrophic as a bomb. The question is, what are you contributing to the beaker?

If someone is throwing ammonia at you, don’t throw in your own chlorine, another corrosive chemical, because you create a violent reaction that can hurt you both as well as those around you (mustard gas analogy).

On the flip side, if you find that people you interact with seem shut out, defensive, angry or defeated when interacting with you; you need to be honest with yourself and ask yourself what it is you are doing causing them to react in such a manner (completely honest).

When you take these laws and apply them to your emotional life not only will you be able to manage your own emotions but quite possibly be able to influence the emotions of others as your reactions won’t fuel the negative action they took (react to your reaction)and vise versa, you will learn to approach in a manner that will ease tensions and defenses.

Trust me it’s easier said than done, and please don’t take this as me saying you shouldn’t feel negative emotions. Emotions such as anger and sadness are indeed the best approaches to situations at times and even negative emotions have their place, don’t dismiss them, but also do not dwell in them.

Balance can be a little boring as it means ‘Nothing’ Neutral’ ‘Still’ ‘Centered’, and humans, well, we like being entertained. Though I gave examples on how to manage your emotions using the laws of physics the reality of it is humans are complex emotional creatures. Balance may sound like a really cool Zen word but its actuall practice is pretty dull in terms of ‘fun’ but it is absolutely vital in order for us to maintain good emotional health.

Imbalance on the other hand is easier to fall into (obviously) as the natural state of nature is chaos, and through chaos , order (balance) is found, I know it’s crazy. When you see the big picture, everything is balanced, start breaking the picture down, and you find the balance is simply caused by a bunch of little imbalances (chaos) balancing each other out. It’s pretty nuts and confusing at first but also pretty cool. We need imbalance to be balanced, to be centered. It’s okay to go way out of spectrum, just know, the other end is coming.

Have a few bad days? know a few good days are coming. Had a streak of awesome days? you probably have some neutral (boring) or inconveniences coming your way so be ready for it. Get mad or cry when they happen too so your internal emotional self knows it ruined your day so it can begin to attract good days again, ha-ha I’m kidding, I don’t think that’s how it works.

I believe this is a subconscious attraction we all have. At a conscious level obviously we want “awesomeness” 24/7, but at a subconscious level, much like the way monarch butterflies know their migrating routes, our emotional inner self want balance, as we are here to experience the full spectrum, not just the portion we want to feel.

If you work out too much you’ll plateau, if you don’t work out at all you’ll develop health issues. If you only eat meat you’ll have digestive problems, if you only eat veggies you’ll have a range of deficiencies. If you drink too much alcohol you can scar the liver, if you drink no alcohol you become prone to vascular issues, if you drink too much water you can flush your system of nutrients if you drink no water you’ll die, if you’re always out with friends, errands don’t get done, if you’re always focused on errands you don’t have time or money to spend with friends, if you use all your energy to focus on your children your marriage will suffer, if you focus too much on your marriage your children can suffer, if you’re always working you’ll burn out but have lots of money but no one to spend it with, if you never work you’ll have everyone to spend time with, no money to do anything. Get the picture? GET BALANCED.

Moderation. Everything.

Anyways, it’s good to be back after a year. I myself have had a crazy year. A few months of real, “Level 8” lows, and now am experiencing “level 8” highs as I knew I would.

Don’t worry too much about this process ladies and Gents, you can’t rig it, it just happens. Just let it happen, and when it does, and you call it, you’ll start to feel like a little psychic. You’ll get to a point where you have an amazing weekend with friends or family and you’ll tell yourself, yup, something crappy is going to happen in the next week or so, and when your tire goes flat in the rain at night a few days later you’ll pull over to the side, secretly proud of yourself. Out loud you’ll say “Called it”, and you’ll change your tire with a grin because what just happened was pretty cool I mean, you predicted the future… you little psychic you.




The Human Parasite

What is on the other side?

If this world is depicted though our senses, and senses are merely deciphered electro/magnetic explosions between our nervous system and our surroundings; What realities are we missing? if we were to invert all of our senses to their exact opposite, what kind of reality would we enter? if we were to shut all of our senses off, what would we experience?

This World… this world is plagued with rules and laws, beliefs, standards, policies. If we were to erase this clutter of limitation inducing rules what world would we live in? They say chaos, however, it seems the very Rules and laws we have in place to prevent chaos are what instigate chaos. I believe Humans are a species that like to be free both physically and mentally. Any effort to restrain that freedom has always been met with Blood, either with rebellion of the people, or merciless attacks from the Governments towards the People to contain/ prevent rebellion . .. now.. If Humanity, were to restore its physical, mental, emotional self to neutral, what kind of animal would we be? What direction will we steer to without distractions and socio economical/ political noise?

I believe the problem with this World is that everyone wants for themselves without the will to give up a luxury or convenience that will allow the desire of another group to exist in Harmony with the rest.

.. And with that comes resistance.

The fight is not between the Rich and Poor, Governments and Rebels, Christians and Muslims, Blacks or Whites etc.. it boils down to the selfish individual, who bands with other selfish individuals for the same cause. The mission between every group differs, both want to take, none want to give. The group with the most resources has the most Power and power wins.

The powerful feel entitled to control and exploit the weak, rather than use theyre unlimited resources to help the organization as a whole become a singular, perfect organism, they keep the weak down, hurt them, take advantage of them. “That is where they belong” they say. We must understand that this “Weakness” I speak of is not physical weakness, it isn’t emotional. The weakness I speak of is purely ideological. It holds no validity in the natural world. We dub people, without financial affluence as ‘weak’ and ‘lower’. We feel ‘above’ those who have not the amount of resources we have. The “weak” are getting tired of this system, this system that favors the Rich and scolds the poor, especially those who are poor of no fault of their own. Born into poverty, into a system designed to hold you there through inflation rates, interest rates overdraft fees (you’ll owe them money for not having money!) In essence, this system doesn’t make sense. As a species, that we created this system, accept this system as true and continue to utilize this system is insane and against our natural instinct to protect our own and flourish as an Organism. However, what the Powerful fail to realize is that power eventually favors the weak, as the weak eventually abhor their weakness and strive to be strong. Add in the pressure given from the Powerful, to either adapt or die, the weaker organism has no choice but to find the soft spot of the powerful and exploit it or cease to exist. Eventually you have a power struggle between those who are fighting for their existence, and those fighting for fear of losing their Power.. Life always wins.. There is a moment of Peace, and the cycle begins once again.

In reality, in true, cosmic perspective, this Power struggle is laughable. It’s pointless, makes no sense in the grand scheme of things. Humanity is an Organism that fights its Environment, and even fights itself. Rare are the viruses that attack their own.

This world, and it’s system is corroded, dirty, clogged. It seems Humans can’t keep anything clean and stable even if we tried, because at the end, what eventually matters most, is ourselves, at an individual, personal level. Our own survival. Could this be because we are the only species aware of its own individual existence? We customize ourselves via thoughts and personalities and beliefs and values, dress codes, friendships, music ideologies. This ‘Self-customization” as I call it creates an ego, and the Ego, this custom emotional defense wall is created to protect our mental creations to the death. We eventually favor our mental inclinations more than our physical life. This is how people are able to ‘die for what they believe in’.

Ego’s are dangerous. Ego’s are self-serving. Ego’s will kill you. they are a mental parasite created through emotional attachments with things, intangible things. Things that hold no worth in the physical world, but that eventually effects and molds our physical world. They eventually separate from the person in an abstract way. When someone gets so wrapped up in their ego, in their beliefs, in their perspective in their personality, anyone with a different viewpoint, or physical attribute, hell, anyone or anything DIFFERENT than us.. sets off a defense mechanism and eventual hostility. Violence. Hatred.

it makes us ‘Anti-species’. It  makes us go against our very own kind, to fight each other, and at times, to the Death. For what? an intangible ideology, most likely created through Social expectations (intangible), or even outright imagination (also intangible).

Many animals do the very same thing, however, these Animals also don’t have the capacity of Reason and Introspective thought we have. we do, and we continue to hold each other back, kill each other, and what convinces or plagues us to do this? Ego.

The Ego eventually becomes it’s own entity within your mind in a way, a spiritual parasite. It can actually begin to hurt you physically if you go against it yourself.

Don’t believe me? Try this.

If you are an egotistical person, you probably are: A) mostly Negative B) easily Defensive/ Irritable C) In love with yourself, not in a good way (Narcissistic) D) Your beliefs are the only ones that are “true” or “valid” E) You’re denying that you are any of these things.

For the benefit of the doubt, for those reading that aren’t run by their Ego, good for you. Stay Neutral my friends, you are VERY rare.

Everyone else.. try this..

Its very simple. Just go against your own thoughts, turn them into positive ones .. ALL DAY LONG.. That’s it.  cross a homeless man? Dont think of him as disgusting, think of him as a person paying for bad choices, or down on his luck that can and WILL get himself out of it and become a productive human being in the future. .you get the picture. Not only say these things in your head ALL DAY, for EVERY thought, but truly BELIEVE what you are saying… Think of every Human being as a distant cousin, that you care for, as this is not far from the Truth.

By 3pm none of you are going to have any energy left, and you are all going to have headaches and feel ill to the stomach. You are killing the ‘parasite’.

Read Ekhart Tolles “The Power of NOW” for a more detailed view into the Ego, how to identify and eventually defeat it. I read it when I was 18, and set me off into the spiritual path I am now.

The Ego is real. It is the plague that swarms the Human inside of us and allows us to commit the terrible atrocities we have been capable of.

Children show us that Humanity is Love, they are Love, because they are pure Human, because they haven’t yet created and have been taken over by their Ego. If you know a kid, have a kid, watch and observe the creation of the Ego as you watch them grow up, and guide them from that dark path. Lets begin to break the chains of Evil through changing ourselves and our Children by showing Understanding, Compassion, and Love.  I’m keeping a spiritual eye out for my 7 year old Sister, I want to help her build emotional and mental defenses based on Love not on Fear.

In order to change the world we need to go from ‘Service to Self’ to ‘Service to Others’.

Or continue to watch our Planet, and our Species, dwindle away into eventually becoming merely another chapter in the Endless book of Time.

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How to Reach the 4Th Dimension

Reaching The Lower 4Th Dimension:

This World you see, the one you touch, hear, smell, taste, is only a fraction of what is there. All around you there are atoms, as well as waves, consistently passing through you every microsecond of every day, keeping your molecular structure intact, all while transmitting your thoughts and feelings into the world around you, subtly affecting and altering your reality in ways you couldn’t begin to imagine.

There are supposedly 11 dimensions to ‘reality’, when I say Reality, I am referring to all that exists (In form of Energy as well as Material). Each Dimension more complex than the last. We live in the 3rd dimension. Our reality consists of 3 axis points, X,Y, and Z, it is the most physical of all Dimensions, the most dense if you will, the heaviest. Many New Agers actually argue that the 3rd Dimension is ‘technically’ the 1st, as it is where Matter and energy begin to interact and follow basic Universal laws that spawn the Universe you see today.

The 4th Dimension is the Dimension between the Physical, and the Dimension of Light, the 5th Dimension; Where Light is said to be housed. Lets not get ahead of ourselves however. Let me explain the 4th Dimension as best I can, with the limited knowledge I have. The 4th Dimension is possibly the closest we can get to the Dimension of Light, before Death; The Dimension of Time, Where Matter and Energy are One. It is like nothing you will ever experience once you’ve been there, and something you will want to experience as much as you can. This is why im here, to teach you to see, and feel, the Light that acts as a portal to connect us to Consciousness.

The first step to getting there, is to acknowledge the existence of 2 major factors: Our 7 Harmonic Points, and the existence of Love and Fear as a frequency more than simply Emotions. You also need to understand basic Quantum Mechanics. I hope by now you know that an atom is 99% empty space, on that note, a physical world should be impossible, but it isn’t, how come? Electrical signals (Energy) interact with our 3rd Dimensional vessels (body) and these electrical pulses get deciphered by our neurological system and distinguish what is what. Therefore, Solids are Solids, and Liquids are liquids, as they should be, since that is how they are existing. Needless to say, our neurological system is decoding everything properly.

To make this matter simpler (no pun intended), imagine the scene in the Matrix when the main character sees the World as it is, simple binary codes. That is exactly what our Reality is, except not actual binary numbers, but something along those lines. We never come in contact with anything, there is always a minimum of 2-3 atoms of space to everything we come in ‘contact’ with. With this said, it is safe to assume, that regardless of the fact that we live in a seemingly Physical World, it is Energy that truly influences everything around us.

What does this have to do with the 2 important factors mentioned above? Everything. Our Harmonic points are what help us ‘communicate’ with the 4th Dimension, day in and day out, right now, it is in tune, and it always will be, because as im sure you’ve heard, We are not Human beings that will have a spiritual experience at Death, we are Spiritual (Energy) beings having a Human experience. The only thing that differs from individual to individual is how stable and ‘in-tune’ these harmonic points are, or aren’t. The difference is simple: The 3rd Dimension, as all Dimensions, vibrate at a certain Resonance, if the object within the Dimension begins to resonate at a lower frequency than the world around it, it begins to decay, and eventually ceases to exist.

Through living in Fear, we lower our resonance, therefore making us more prone to eliminators such as ill health, depression etc. not to mention, attracting more negative events. The Mind has an insatiable need to be right, and does so through manifesting your consistent negative or positive thought processes. The mind does not decipher what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for you, it is your genie in a lamp, if you consistently think it, it will come true, not always exactly as we imagined it, but along the lines. If you look back in your life and have an honest retrospection, you will see that the synchronicity of your circumstances and occurrences are usually in tune with how you thought and felt, at the moment. Thoughts create potential outcomes, Emotion manifests them. How so? In a Universe of equivalent exchange, there is always a balance, whether the balance is in or against your favor is up to you. In this world, Like attracts like. Energy waves are attracted to energy in its own frequency, such as you are attracted to people that have similar beliefs and lifestyle as you do. Its no different when it comes to Energy.

The Human being only has 2 Emotions; Fear and Love. Any other emotion felt after that is only a different embodiment of either of these 2 Prime emotions. Fear in Humans, as shown through studies in Cymatics, has a long and slow frequency output. Whereas, Love has a very short and rapid signal.

Fear:  I            I            I            I            I            I


Love: I     I     I     I     I     I     I     I     I     I     I     I

What does this mean for us? Well, Love, has been linked with Positivity (of course), therefore, any Positive thoughts you have, are derived and powered by the frequency of Love. They are powerful, and cannot be stopped by the frequency of Fear, as a matter of fact, Fear is repelled by love, even though in this World we are programmed that the opposite is true. Physics shows us that it isn’t.

Now, in a World where Like attracts Like, it seems there is no conspiracy on why and how the Richer get Richer and Poor get Poorer. However I speak in terms of spirituality, not financially, although I admit, it does play a role. Lets not get into that. When an individual is consumed by Fear (recurring thought processes), their Harmonic points adapt to the Emotions and thoughts of the individual. Before you know it, they are influencing and molding the World around them, all the while being unconscious of this fact.

Tell me, when you are in a state of Fear, whether it is Depression, Anger, Sadness, Jealousy etc, How do you feel after the emotion seems to have passed? Drained, tired, and perhaps with relapses of the emotion. It seems that it becomes easier and easier to fall into that emotional state doesn’t it? Well, because it is. You have molded your harmonic points to accept such low frequencies with ease. The only reason our harmonic points are able to reach such low level of frequency is to allow ourselves to learn and rise above negativity, fix the issue, and bounce back to an even higher frequency than before.

We are not meant to stay at low level for extended periods of time, nor are we to be falling into these levels at such a consistent rate, if we do, we begin to deteriorate. We begin to break down at the molecular level. With our Harmonic points so low; We are unable to communicate with the realms of Time and Consciousness- therefore lose our ability to Create, to Control our lives- we become a beacon for Negative waves- and we begin the process of ceasing to exist. To the Human Mind, this sounds like a horrible position to be in, and it is, to our perception. At the Universal level however, it is just the Laws of Nature doing what it always does, as it should be doing. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel (literally), and that is, that with proper meditation techniques, proper deprogramming and rebuilding of personal beliefs, in time, you can change your resonance from a negative to positive state, and work your way to building what matters most: your connection with your higher self, the portion of your Aura that is connected directly to Light.

Many people have the imagery that the 4th dimension is ‘up there’, somewhere above the sky. However, the dimension is within and around us, flowing through us, all 11 dimensions are. The trick is, how to ‘tap’ into them, and become One with them.

Imagine your 7 Harmonic points as arms of Light extending out of you, with hands at the ends, and these hands are moving frantically as if trying to catch grip of something. When you live in a state of fear and negativity, imagine these hands hanging limp, no energy, little movement, unable to “grasp” the 4th Dimension. Now, imagine you live in a state of Love. Imagine these same arms glowing with the Light in their respective colors, fully vibrant, healthy, and full of strength. They can then ‘tap’ into a ‘Worm Hole’ that will reveal ‘handles’ that these hands can latch on to, and therefore transmit the energy of the 4th dimension and ‘absorb it into your body. Making you and the 4th Dimension One. Sounds farfetched doesnt it? Almost like a sci-fi film. The hands were just to help with the imagery. What really occurs is, like Oil and Water, 2 frequencies that are too far away in intensity from eachother cannot interact, the higher frequency can influence the lower frequency, even consume it if the conditions are right, but not vice versa. Which, yes, this means Love will always defeat Fear despite media propaganda.

When the harmonic points are trained to a level high enough (google : Centering your Chakras), you begin to see the World with a much different perspective. Almost involuntarily, you begin to see abundance and kindness all around you. You begin to see people in a much different light, a positive one. Once this occurs, and you have stabilized your Chakras, you can begin your journey to the 4th Dimension.

 Reaching the 4th Dimension.  

By now I assume you stopped reading and focused on centering yourself first. If not, lets continue anyway, but daily meditation techniques, physical exercise (yes, the body must be strong enough to handle the high amounts of Energy) and a diet that consists of mostly fruits and vegetables, should be followed with strict discipline for a minimum of 2 weeks before these techniques are attempted, as well as a complete Positive mindset training, (basically force yourself to see the Positiveof every situation even if you think you sound absurd to yourself, this is very important to recalibrating your mindset as well as your overall level of resonance) Otherwise, you will see and feel nothing, and discourage yourself before you’ve even started.

Here it is: The first step, is to find some time alone, somewhere without distractions, have an empty stomach. Drink Lots of pure Water (Fiji is a favorite), and use the restroom prior to beginning. By now you should know every color of every individual Harmonic point in your body, as well as the location of every one.

All Chakras (locations mean it is hovering within the body)

Root Chakra- Red – Tailbone/base of Spine

Sacral Chakra- Orange– Near Sexual organs

Solar Plexus- Yellow – 2 fingers above belly button

Heart Chakra- Green– Center of Sternum

Throat Chakra- Solid Blue– Within Vocal chords

Third Eye- Indigo/ Light blue– center of forehead

Crown – White with bluish tint– center of the Top of the head.

Imagine every single point giving off waves similar to radio signals, but each in their respective colors. This is what is happening every second of every day. What dictates your connection with all that ‘Is’, is how strong these waves are, what frequency they are emitting (Fear or Love) , and therefore, ultimately what you are attracting and manifesting.

The way I like to open my energy ports for connection is by imagining an Eye at every harmonic point. You always start from Bottom to Top.

I will start with my Root Chakra, and since this is the foundation for everything else, you must connect yourself with Earth, for a full charge. You do this by simply “breathing” into your Root, imagine a closed eye, and with every breathe, the eye opens bit by bit. Don’t go to the next one until you imagine the eye fully opened, as if, surprised. Once the Root is fully opened, imagine the Red Light spilling down to your legs, your knees, feet, and connecting into the ground. The Earth is all Red Chakra.

Now that you are connected, you have an unlimited supply of energy to charge the other 6 Chakras without temporarily draining yourself out at the end. Do the “Slow Opening Eye” meditation for the next 4 chakras. Stop once you finish the Throat.

Note:  (For your daily meditations, simply imagine an orb of light, of the color of the chakra youre working on, getting bigger and brighter, wherever it is located in the body. Don’t use the “SOE” technique shown here for daily’s. DO NOT OPEN THE CROWN FOR DAILY MEDITATIONS)

If you’ve followed my instructions correctly, by now you should feel a slight inner body buzz, this is your frequency reaching the higher levels. I must warn you. Once you open your Third eye, you are going to feel a surge of energy and visuals. What kind of Visuals? Well, your eyes are going to be closed at all times so do this little test right now. Close your eyes and push your fingers into your eye lids, see those bursts of light? Okay, that weird area behind your eye lids, is going to be where you will “see” all the kaleidoscope of colors and swirls.

Tilt your eyes upward as if you’re looking towards the center of your eyebrows (don’t strain yourself/ Eyes closed). Here we go, imagine a soft blue light in the middle of your forehead. A closed Eye, sleeping, waiting to be opened. Breathe in, Exhale. With every exhale, instead of imagining the eye opening little by little, Imagine this Eye getting brighter and brighter with each breathe. Keep breathing until it is a bright indigo light. Once you believe it has reached its peak, give one deeper inhale, and as you exhale, open the eye all at once, in synchronicity with your exhale.

Just lay back and enjoy that for a second.

Try not to get too excited as you will lose focus and the feeling will fade away and you’ll have to find yourself again. Stay perfectly still. Maintain a proper breathing technique throughout, and focus on nothing but those swirls behind your eyelids, and your Green heart, and Indigo Third eye chakras, simultaneously.

Now, its time to Travel. All while holding your position mentioned above. Open your Crown Chakra. Imagine a White eye, and “breathe it open” as you did your previous Chakras, slowly, little by little.

The Third eye is the only Chakra that is to be opened in the method instructed above.

Once the Crown is open: Direct your attention to the Third eye and Heart. Now, visualize your third Eye beaming a soft blue light above your forehead and into the Universe. Imagine the same for your Heart chakra. A strong Green light beam protruding from your Chest, to the Universe. Now, begin to “tilt” the third eye light so that it meets the green light and they fuse together into what looks like a Solid Green pillar with a light Blue Aura. The Heart Chakra is your Vessel, and the Third eye protects it from any negative beings that feed off energy. Visualize it to be indestructible, because it is. Imagine that you are at the end of your Green Pillar, Visualize Saturn, the Sun, The Moon, Visualize Earth from outer space, visualize the people you Love. Visualize anything. Connect with higher beings of Energy that vibrate at Love. Let their presence soothe you. Just say “ I invite all beings of Love and Light” and just “feel” them.

Be there for as long as you want.

When you are finished. Simply imagine your Light pillar fading away. Imagine the Crown Chakra Eye closing and dimming.

Then imagine your Third eye closing and dimming.

Imagine your Root chakra energy disconnecting with the Earth and fading back into its center.

Open your eyes.

Repeat as many times as you like!

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The greatest weapon we have against Evil and Fear is Love and Compassion. How? Well, Fear, like Love, is an energy, and anything that emits waves of energy have effect in our physical world, especially energy as powerful and as volatile as our emotions, which are controlled by our thoughts, which are controlled by our beliefs. I do not believe Humans are born Evil, nor Neutral for that matter. You see, Fear requires an external source, intentional manipulation, an agenda, alot of work and resources go into creating Fear.. Love naturally occurs within.. even the evilest Man in the World has looked up at the Night sky and thought the Moon looked pretty. The answer is Love, simply because whenever an act of Love occurs, it happens naturally. Whenever an act of Fear is carried out, it was most likely planned and executed, therefore, it is Artificial

Love is a Weapon

Agenda 21, Government, Health, Illuminati, Love, Peace, Personal Growth, Philosophy, Reality, Revolution

Modern Slave

The greatest hindrance of modern man is complacency, cowardice and selfishness. This cocktail of weakness will be the downfall of the common man, if it isnt already.
When will we say enough is enough?
When will we refuse this system?
We wander around in our day, without any intent to rise against because we have been programmed to think that the system is out of our control, as if “the system” is its own entity that is away from public view, treating it as if it were some esoteric being with its own Will that does as it pleases.
We are the system.
Every single one of us, at an individual level.
Every drop of blood that is spilled on our earth is our fault one way or another, every person that ceases to exist because their resources were locked behind an idea is our own fault simply because we did nothing, have done nothing, to make this world a fair playing field for everyone.
Yes.. Keep playing within their rules.
Keep picketing and shouting at nothing, keep leaving when the police show up, if you’re going to protest make sure you get a permit…
Because this obviously works.
You want to change the system?
Then ROCK the system. Disturb it, disregard its rules, go against anyone that stands with the tyrants that have put those rules in place.
If you dont like their system then tear it down.
Its time we created a system in which we all agree on.
A system where no one is without.
A system where no one has to die over anyone elses ideals.
A system where education and good health is the highest priority.
A constitution with these 3 principles will drive the Human Race into its second Golden age.
However, as long as this system goes unchallenged we will only continue to see our downfall.
It is time for a Revolution.
Time to find out who the real targets in our species are, and i will tell you this, it isnt anyone on the front lines, whether brainwashed Policeman or manipulated soldiers, they are not the enemy..
The enemy has never seen combat, the enemy has never known hunger, the enemy has never known sadness. Only hatred and manipulation.
Do something.
Or, in my brothers words:
“Quit being a pussy”

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The Codes of Life

It is a known fact that we are beings if Energy in physical form. Everything we do, every action we take, every thought we have, every emotion felt, either absorbs or emits energy.
Our nervous system operates similar to a computers operating system. Binary codes are inputted into the system via an external command and the desired outcome is conveniently shown on a monitor screen.
We dont see the binary codes, why, we dont even see the html code that programs what we see on the screen, however, without it, the screen would display nothing, or atleast nothing discernable, in which case, the purpose for its existence would be obsolete.
This goes the same for our lives as human beings. Our nervous system computes and deciphers frequencies for the same purpose that a processing unit deciphers binary code, to display something on the screen, our screen, in this case, are our 5 senses.
Everything is energy and energy fields. You dont come in contact with anything, nothing is what it seems. In a way, we are walking on nothing, breathing nothing, touching and seeing nothing. All we are doing is deciphering codes on one of the most advanced biological processing systems: our nervous system.
Life is literally like a videogame. You have your character, and your character seems to follow the law of physics as you do, it seems to run up hills and fall to the ground and get hurt etc. But all the character is doing is following the coded programs of the game, its not running up that hill, it feels like it is, but whats happening is that the character is still on a “flat neutral” plane, it always will be, but the codes tell it ” this is a hill, hills are vertical and sloped, they are hard to run on, you must output these codes to respond to the Hills code to get to your destination”, so the code you must input, the coding required to proceed up the hill would be: ” put your feet up, take long steps, slant your body, go against gravity, and keep firm contact on the ground” .. this blend will create the illusion of climbing a hill and getting to the top, and once at the top, a new set of codes are brought up, and with it, a new “code requirement”
I know this is alot of information but i hope you understand where im going!
This is life. Life as all about frequencies and codes. This is why its vital to be fully aware, because looking at your immediate presence, and your surroundings gives you a glimpse of the energy and level of resonance you vibrate at. If you dont like where you are, change the decisions you make and the habits you give in to. If you love your life, then continue doing what you are doing.
Your surroundings are a manifestation of what you created for yourself. Most of the time its an unconscious phenomenon, nonetheless, its your subconscious telling you what you need to work on, or what must be changed.
For example, if you are constantly landing yourself in abusive relationships, an unaware person might see it as plain bad luck and blame their circumstance, the individual that is aware, will look into him/herself and ask what it is about themselves, that keeps attracting these people. Am i too passive and my subconscious is teaching me that i need to learn to be more assertive? Am i filling a void that i avoid by unconsciously giving myself to these people? Am i in denial that i have been in a negative state for so long that i like being in misery, even though i wont admit it?.
Its always about you.
I know people will come out the woodworks and ask ” well what about rape victims, molested children, good hearted people that become paralyzed or terminally ill?” . I understand this is a sensitive subject, but the world isnt black and white. There are millions of factors that come into play, such as, we dont know what the future has in store, maybe this persons story is what it will take to raise awareness and save the lives of others, there just isnt any way of knowing why things happen to people until the end result presents itself.
A good example would be when African Americans fought for their rights in the USA. The majority of the population thought ” why even try”, all that was shown on television was hatred, wars and intolerance, but here we are a few decades later, and look at what these movements have accomplished for the african american community in America. Many events arent what they seem at the moment, but their purpose is seen at the end result.
Okay, Im losing myself here.
The point is that everything is energy, everything is a code, sometimes you have to fight for what you Love, and sometimes you have to Love what you fight.
The point is never stop programming your reality until you live in a reality that you Love.
Emit the right emotions, the right thought patterns and the right habits and what you want you will create. This is all just one big simulation.
… And you are the programmer.