Firmitas-Atis Phoenix

Bio: I present to you, the reality of the situation as is, as it should be understood. Devoid of emotion but with emotions taken into consideration as part of the equation. Pandering to no one and no group. Aiming at nothing more than to present reality and the results of critical thought in all of their objective splendor.

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  1. Love the idea you have for sending gifts to foster children. As a former foster child I went tp share my experience In California there was a program called the Sugar Plum during X-mas time w/ the idea of people buying and donating to foster children from there wish list. My Foster parents were the head of the Southern California foster parent association what they and other foster parents would do is take the gits that wanted for themselves and their real children and whatever was left they would go to the flea markets and sell them its a sad fact but its true I seen this done for years and brought it to the attention of the caseworkers and Nothing was done. Can I make a suggestion is maybe creating you own charity (where you know that things are given to those that are in need) and focus on helping foster children that are thrown out when they time out meaning @18 most kids are thrown into the world and street w/out any support or help. Maybe w/ this charity you can focus on these children just a thought form a former warrant of the state

    • I agree with you completly, I actually have my cousin that was fostered, and thrown out, 3years later, hes homeless, on drugs, in jail now .. I agree with you completely, I wouldve never thought of this if you woyldnt of brought it up so thanks for the idea! Ill get on it as soon as I can

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