Money Vs Humanity

Technology and Society.

 Observing the Nature and attitudes of 1st World countries I asked myself an important question that to this day goes unanswered: Why in the World are there still Countries existing as “3RD World”?

 We have huge advances in Medicine and Technology that we take for granted at this day and age. Advances that would have been considered godly in Ancient times, yet, despite our efforts, despite the breakthroughs, the majority of Humanity lives in the shadow of ignorance and poverty.

 This of course brings light to an important observation. Our Advances in Technology and Medicine do not reflect the Structure of Society. We are literally trying to make 2 repelling opposites work.

The Future-and-The Past

The Monetary system, this system where a Universal form of Trade is supreme and rules above all is an ancient structure. A structure I believe has run its course in the current developed consciousness of Man. This may be where the insanity of Mankind is coming from, we want to thrust forward into our Golden age but we cant seem to let go of such primitive form of civilization. Money, the concept of Money, holds no real value in Nature, it is not a Natural system that grows, whithers and dies, it is nothing more than a Mental perception that gives it value, and when you throw in Human characteristics such as Greed and a lust for power you give birth to Corruption, and corruption has the tendency to spread like wildfire and consume everything and everyone in its path.

 Which is exactly what is happening.

The only reason Humanity has held on and still believes in a Monetary system isn’t because it still functions, or because it is of some kind of actual benefit in this day and age, but because the Greed lives in every single one of us. So long as the Rich keep giving the Poor the false hope that if they work hard, or roll a 7, they too, will be rich one day. It is this little mind trick that gives us Hope, not for Humanity, but just for the SELF, and it is this selfish false hope that we hold on to. We don’t want to give up that “one little chance” to be Rich one day so we put up with living below our means at the moment, we put up with living in unsatisfactory conditions, with a below average living style, living without luxury and the abundance of food and shelter, for the hope, that “one day” we’ll be able to enjoy from the best this World has to offer, unknowing that we will only achieve this for everyone, on a global scale, once we rid ourselves of the Monetary System.

It is not the Monetary system that will eventually lead Mankind to Glory, if so it would have done so already. It is the abolishment of such system that will bring Humanity to true Prosperity. 

I will admit that the concept of Currency had its use when it was first created. Think of it as children, Humanity was a Child, we were still trying to figure out what systems of Government worked, how to regulate agriculture and of course, how to trade efficiently. Now that we are “becoming adults”, this system no longer works. Its like having a young adult still trying to wear his pre-teen clothes.

 However, I believe the Monetary system became obsolete the moment it became more than a “Form of Trade” and a “Necessity to Live”. At that Moment, the purpose of Money became more than trade, and it became a Power Source. The more Money you had, the More you could “trade” for other things, therefore the “More you had”. Makes sense, and it sounds fair, but check out how seriously people took this. Those with the most  “Universal form of Trade” became leaders and were looked upon as superior to those that didn’t have more of that Form of Trade. Sounds primitive doesn’t it? It’s like watching a Group of Monkeys carrying out the commands of the one Monkey that has the most yellow flowers because they put a mental value on Yellow flowers, and now this Monkey owns most of them and without the yellow flowers you cant eat bananas (because bananas would cost 2 flowers, live in a tree, or provide for a family. All because you don’t have enough Yellow Flowers. This is exactly what we’re doing with ourselves, we’re slaves to the pretty yellow flowers. We don’t need them, we can simply do without that entire concept altogether. It is holding our Scientific and Medical research back, it is starving billions of our own, it is the main cause of Crime, the #1 cause of Corruption, it has turned brother against brother time and again, it is the only reason War still exists.

Yet we refuse to let go. All because we have that little false hope that one day, it’ll be our turn to enjoy from the best. Our turn to be on top and look down and laugh at the “have nots” of society like most of us get laughed at right now.

If we want to expand as a Species, on to the next level of our Evolution, We need to get rid of a system that was designed to work 2,000 years ago. It is no longer in accordance with the Collective Human consciousness of this Day and Age.

We leave Money behind. Or History will leave us behind.


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