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How to achieve World Peace.

There is going to be alot of controversy concerning this topic however, after thinking philosophicaly, in an un-biased manner I came to a conclusion. I’ll begin to explain:
  Our World seems to run off of Evil. Politicians, World Leaders, Cartels, businessmen, right down to some of our neighbors and even Family seem to be involved in what we could consider ‘Evil acts’. Now, ‘Evil acts’ is a very vague and general term. Lets break that down a little for us to understand what exactly we are talking about:
    Evil- (in this blog, in my def.) is the actions of an individual that causes harm to another human being, or takes the happiness and/or Emotional well being of another human being to attain a personal financial, or social status.
Meaning that evil acts usually involve taking advantage of someone unwilling or someone that depends on you, and forcing those individuals to do or act in however you choose that does not promote any type of well being or reinforces anything positive.
Evil acts are almost always carried out with selfish intentions.
Now that we have that cleared up: Evil is everywhere. It seems that Evil has triumphed over Good doesn’t it? And that’s because it has. Evil is bold, daring, and willing to make sacrifices. If you’ve ever been to a motivational seminar or have seen one on youtube, what are the underlying fundamentals these speakers try to teach? How should one be in the process of obtaining their life goals? .. for the most part.. Bold, Daring, and willing to make Sacrifices, along with getting up and dusting off after ever failure (Persistence), am I correct?
Knowing this it should be no surprise that Evil has indeed taken over our planet from the Elite and Powerful out of the Publics eyes, to the corner crack dealer down the street, it is there. However, don’t believe for a second that Humanity is naturally Evil, that is far from true, what we are is ‘Adaptable’. Adaptable and Naturally Evil are 2 different things (not counting mental instabilities). The only difference between Good and Evil, the difference between why Evil has prevailed over the World and Good hasn’t, is because, when looked at in an un-biased manner, Evil carries out all actions, contains all attributes that Success needs in order to become, well, Succesful. Evil has boldness. Evil is Daring. Evil does take risks. But most importantly, Evil makes the Sacrifices necessary in order to obtain its goals. Success, like the Brain, does not decipher what is good or bad, (speaking in terms of mechanics). When the Mind wants something that bad it will obtain it. Success comes to those who take the proper actions. Whether Good or Evil. Success is merely a byproduct of unmatched effort, wits, and hardwork.
That is the difference between Good and Evil.
You see, we have been Programmed to believe that Good people do not hold Guns, Good people do not kill. Good people spread Good by picking Flowers and giving Hugs, feeding people and following the Rules as Law abiding citizens. When broken down in that manner it begins to sound like a setup doesn’t it?
That is exactly what it is.
The Laws of Physics tell us that an object in motion stays in motion. In order to stop this object from moving, another object must ‘collide’ with this object with the same amount of force. This is how we must see the Triumph over Evil.
The reason why we fail is because Evil is the object moving at 100mph, lets say, Good, travels at half that, 50mph… do the Math yourself. There are those of you that will say “but if Good repeatedly hits Evil it will eventually slow it to a stop”. That would be true except for one factor. We must not forget that Evil is Persistent.  Evil is a Success story, you knock it down, slow it down, it will dust itself off and charge like a raging Bull. THAT is the difference between Good and Evil!
Once Good is crushed, eveyone stops for a while, instead of building momentum and charging back, they continue to try and fight at the same rate of speed with all these Limitations stated above, that Good people ‘pick flowers and give hugs’. Einstein says the defenition of Insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Good has become insane, and because of it, it is losing momentum, losing Hope in itself.
Evil is a blockage, it blocks energy, it constricts the ability for Good energy to flow. We (The Good) are constantly fighting the Effect of Evil, never the cause. We don’t make the same Sacrifices. If we want a Good World Standard then we need to be willing to die and kill in the name of Good.
Good doesn’t last long because they kill off people who make an impact, that inspire people to do Good. John Lennon, MLK, John F. Kennedy, Ghandi etc etc, did not die from old age or at Peace. They were killed.
This is what Evil people fear most: That one day, People will realize that it is not wrong to take the Life of Evil Men, that it is not wrong to take a stand and fight fire with fire, that it is not wrong to take out the pillars that hold up the monument of Evil. For once the cause of Evil is eliminated from the face of the Earth, the only option would be to spread Good, and only then will we be able to “pick Flowers and give hugs” in Peace. They Fear that people will realize that it is not the Actions that define a Man but his intentions. That in history, Wars have always been fought the same exact way but the intention of that battle is what created the outcome. They Fear that the People will realize that Everyone, at the Individual level, can be a Force for Good.



3 thoughts on “How to achieve World Peace.

  1. AWorld's Soul says:

    I agree with the background content of your article, however, I do think the deepest changes must begin within ourselves. Einstein was right: the definition of madness is doing the same things over and over yet expecting a different result. That’s what humanity has been doing for 3000 years: blood-thirsty leaders and oppressive governments follow one another, countries rise and fall, wage wars against each others expecting an utopia out of a battlefield’s slaughter, expecting people to change whereas they don’t even bother changing themselves. Each regime is worse than its predecessor, the people is still ignored, revolutions are hijacked to set up the filthiest tyrannies.

    Indeed these men are evil. The Western world isn’t free. When you see that the most powerful men of the world make decisions behind closed doors, in Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Trilateral Commission… not to mention the puppets we are to elect in the name of the so-called “political choice”, you can’t say it is. I don’t know if the occult symbols we see everyday in the media really depicts “the Illuminati” or whatsoever, but there are so much deceit & disinfo we’re forced to recognize conspiracy theories are more than “insane ranting”. Unless we manage an international union to overthrow those freaks so they can realize how wrong they are, we’re lost.

    Funny that you say we’re led to believe “taking the lives of evil men is wrong”, I saw a propaganda TV show promoting that, as usual in countries where death penalty is prohibited, like mine. Telling you you won’t be worthier than a murderer, rapist, torturer… if you get rid of them. The next step (it has already begun) is promoting the “humans-are-evil” agenda. For depopulation? A path to a dark future, really..

    • I completely agree with you, the changes must begin within ourselves. However when have you heard of an ‘Evil Person’ re-evaluate his life when things are going according to plan? .. only good people do such things… “Evil People” (EP) only begin to “re-evaluate” their Life when everything hits the fan, when their plans fail, when they are shackled up and ready to be executed, when the people are armed and ready to overthrow.. they become cowards. That is when you see people like Dommer asking to be baptized, leaders suddenly making the standard of living better for their people to weave their minds from Revolting…. when they are backed up into a corner the manipulation they apply is unreal. Emmy worthy acting. Once peoples minds are steered away, distracted, they continue, only this time more subtle, they adapt… they get smarter sneakier and they smile much more… I do believe that Life is Sacred.. but I also believe that for a River to flow and continue to spread Life, you must take out the Dam.

      • AWorld's Soul says:

        This metaphor sums it all up! However, I still believe that these souls will finally be brought into change not only when they realize their karma is everything but sorrow (due to people taming them for instance), but when they truly realize what life is really worth. Until that time, it’s up to us to contain them so they don’t corrupt the world… Yes it will surely be a hard task… Have you already surfed on satanist sites? All these people sunk into the deepest darkness, persuaded to do the right thing, and to be ultimately saved! The dam is thick… But we shouldn’t lose all hope, should we? šŸ˜‰

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