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I have previously posted about how the World is an illusion, how everything is Holographic in Nature.

 I’ve been gone for a while trying to figure out how and why this is.

The research i have been conducting for the past few months has led me to the following conclusion:

 We live in a Virtual Simulation of Reality.

The way i went about figuring out what i was trying to find was by, of course, asking the right questions.

In my journey for the answer i ran into a few things that i thought could not be related but that i simply wanted to learn for my own amusement. When you really want to learn something the sub-conscious mind tends to steer you in the right direction without your conscious knowledge.

I don’t know how to transition into these findings so im just going to go ahead and start from the beginning.

  I have learned, i believe ive posted about it before but im not too sure, we never truly touch anything. Whenever you go for a cup, you touch your table you feel your feet touch the floor, you are actually experiencing the effect of electromagnetic “explosions” that send a signal to your brain that dictates what certain color, surface, taste smell, sound you hear. In theory, before taking in consideration that we live in a holographic reality, you dont actually touch anything. Your 5 senses are a result of electromagnetic communications your brain perceives for itself to help you distinguish what is what.

 This is where “error correction codes” kick in. Back in 1940 scientist Claude Shannon created the error correcting codes for binary transmissions. Whenever static or any other external noise was created it took the risk of interfering with the binary codes,therefore ‘tripping’ the binary code. Error correcting codes were put in place above a binary code and perpendicular to fill any potentiol void that might occur due to interference. If a Binary code was to be disrupted during transmission the “ECC” would kick in to “replace” the disrupted symbol (0,1) and replace it with what was there, otherwise the transmitter would trip out and come back with a negative reading (not knowing what it is).

 Scientist S. James Gates Jr, when trying to come up with a universal equation for the Universe/Nature (Via String Theory), found Binary Codes embedded within the fundamental fabric of the Universe. Why in the World do we find Binary codes at the foundation of Nature? These are the same Binary codes that fuel our Computers. Not just any Binary codes, but Binary codes with the same Error Correcting codes that were founded by Claude Shannon in 1940, the same ones we use “today”.

 It is said that some day a “Super Computer”, would be so vast and advanced that it would be able to record every action, every event, every action of Matter since the Big Bang. It would be able to be so accurate, that once the program starts running it wont be able to destinguish itself from the original, in other words, it wont be able to know which consciousness is the real one and which one is just a Simulation. 

 Now ,how can we be sure that we live in a virtual reality?

Scientist speculate that because of the fact we dont “touch” anything, and that we find Binary codes at the foundation of the Universe that there could be “no doubt” that we Live in a Simulated program that cant distinguish itself from the real thing. It could be that we are actually “living” Billions of Years in the Future, in this Virtual reality, because technology would be so advanced at that time that a virtual reality would be completely possible. Billions of years from now but “programmed into this Time and Place for whatever reason. Now we are living it, and we think it is actually happening.Thats a little hard to tell. But there are indeed some pointers we cant ignore, like i mentioned above, such as the fact that our 5 senses arent stimulated by our actual interaction with things, but with our ‘Possible’, or ‘mere’ interaction with things that then set off an electromagnetic (Virtual) signal to then ‘tick off’ the ‘correct code’ which our minds interperet that we indeed touched something when we in fact, didn’t.

We are literally walking on Air at all times, so pucker up butter cup.

  We also understand that at the core of everything, at the core of “reality”, nothing can exist without a resonance output. Everything emitts a frequency.  Cymatics shows us that when an object, especially when a liquid is placed under a higher frequency, the ‘pattern’ becomes more complex than a liquid exposed to a lower frequency, which then displays a simpler design.

 That stays true for everything in the Universe. Diseases can only exists in lower frequencies. Our bodies resonate at a certain frequency, when our frequency gets too low (due to Negative thought patterns, Emotions, Actions) we eventually lower our own frequency enough to invite diseases into our bodies. and you may think we’d have to hit a very low point for this to happen but in fact, you only have to resonate lower than what Carbon resonates at. We are Carbon based Life forms, our frequency must be maintained at carbon based or Higher (preferably higher since it is the nature of things to want to evolve into more complex organisms) for us to function properly. When we hit a few frequencies lower, our Carbon selves start to “break down”, we cannot maintain our Carbon forms because we are forcing them to become something Simpler. This Breakdown, which we have dubbed “Disease”, takes place, and well, breaks us down. Make sense?

 Then we have the Frequency of Love. When we are in a constant state of Love our resonance picks up. Why? well, because as ive stated in my previous blogs, Humans only experience 2 Emotions, Fear and Love, Fear being the Lower frequency and Love being the higher. Every other Emotion is simply where in the Spectrum of Fear and Love we are operating at at the moment. Now im not saying we must ALWAYS be happy, that creates imbalance. I hope you understand the difference between Negative and Positive expression. Im not saying that the end goal is to be Happy. You must experience every emotion that comes to you, the difference whether an Emotion EMITS a Negative or Positive frequency is depeding on 2 things…

 For Positive: Are you feeling Joy for screwing someone over? That Positive Emotion is Emitting a Negative frequency

For Negative: Are you Ignoring the fact that you have an abusive spouse and FORCING yourself to stay optimistic and ‘Happy’ instead of confronting the situation and removing the negativity from your Life? That “Happiness” is emitting a Negative frequency.

 Get it? It’s cool to be pissed the fuck off when someone seriously does you wrong, that is you experiencing something Positive for the sake of your own Evolution. Deal with it, fix it somehow, and move on. Energy blockage removed. Positive. Keep lying to yourself “it’ll get better with time, Karma will handle him”. Negative. karma isnt your Dog, it doesnt go around fixing YOUR mistakes. Deal with it, move forth.

  How does this correlate with the Holographic reality? It cant distinguish itself from the real thing. Some things like Karma, and Higher resonance remain true even in this reality because its true in the original. What does that mean? You can alter your reality here like you wouldnt be able to in the Original, simply emitt the right “Codes” and the program will fixate itself to the codes you want.


 And there is only one way to do that. Live in a constant state of Love. Again, dont always be “Happy”, but deal with the Negative in a Positive way and always Emit Postive Vibes. This will send a Code to alter your reality in positive way.

 I have another Hypothesis that our reality simulator is as big as your MER_KA_BA (google it). Your Merkaba is about 55 feet in diameter when your tetrahedron is at it’s peak. I believe that your “reality” is actually  a 55ft diameter. Of course things like your terrain and weather, is a “collective consciousness Thing”, although i could be wrong, meaning it doesnt change, if there is a bump in the road its there for everyone lol. But the timeline, the people and events you attract, its all within your reality.

 Keep up: Your Aura is where Consciousness is absorbed and emitted into positive or negative Emotions, Thoughts, Actions, according to your free will. Once these are expressed, they are sent to the “Simulator” which then attract events that are occuring or to people experiencing the same kind of frequency (like attracts Like). The 55ft diameter is what builds up your “visual patterns”, the 3d depth perception, colors, lights and time of day that your eyes are decoding that you think you “see”, which is why and how many people can see the same image and perceive different things. But a view, can also be perceived from the point of a manifested ‘collected consciousness’ i described above. But its only about 55ft where your reality, or “hologram” is actually operating at.

 What is it that you need to do to Hack the Matrix? Realize that Nothing is real, and that this hologram is literally your playing field. Use the Power of Love and Visualizations to perceive the Life YOU want. You are only as real in other peoples Dream as you are in theirs. So technically none of us are actually real to eachother, we just attracted eachother due to the “like attracts Like” law of Energy. Don’t get too stuck or emotioanlly attached to people, things, events or places, they are only your illusion. Although, in a sense they are still Alive, so have Love for all things that are “Alive” in your Life becasue they are Alive to YOU. And rememebr, we are not here to change the World only ourselves. 

 Try this. Force yourself to be Positive, no, to be Real with yourself when you get mad off petty things, just tell yourself “i created this for me, why did i do this to myself? what is it that im trying to teach myself?” And Chill out..  Nothing is worth getting mad over because nothing is actually happening. When something Negative persists, ask yourself, “why does this keep happening? Why does this problem not go away? What have i not learned that i need to learn in order to move fourth with the next phase of my Simulation?”

 Technology like Time Travel and Anti Grav is there for us to have fun and play with this simulation. But thats for another day.

I wrote this as fun, as simple and as short as possible.

 Anyways, In the meantime the only force that can CREATE is the frequency of “love”, or Higher Frequency, so that, along with your Visualization, true belief that its going to happen down to your core and patience (respect the 3d lag time), you can hack the Matrix, dont get out, just become a Progammer. Get me?

Our Universe is a Simulation of Binary and Error Correction Codes that our Mind deciphers into everything else we perceive, we might just live Billions of years from our time in a Super Advanced stage. The biggest evidence i’d say? ha, come on, even our freakin DNA, is what? Receiver and Transmitter of Frequency/code.




We Live in The Matrix


4 thoughts on “We Live in The Matrix

  1. hi phoenix.

    I have given much thought to this. hacking the matrix is simpler than I thought.

    when you want to move as fast as neo, you can’t be thinking. you are interacting. you know the matrix is something that is below you. imagine this perspective: you are watching cartoons on a piece of paper. the cartoons will never realize you see them with the thickness of paper. even talking to them they still won’t see what you see. moving shades of ink with predecided situations and dialogs. not to mention, you see depth, instead of just perceive it as a construct.

    don’t try to see the world like a code. even the best programmers think their code is perfect – yet it’s usually not. it’s better to watch the energy/program flow to understand clearer… this is like debugging – rather than just visually scanning a circuit/function looking for the exploit. you should immediately see what’s going on intuitively. after enough debugging, you usually get a “sense” for the weakness and can visualize it immediately after seeing only the interaction. sometimes you’ll see two bugs at once.

    the universe is a collection of experience and you are the universe looking inward 🙂 how is its designer gonna make v2.0 better?

    lemme tell you a secret. in the future we will be making white/black holes/universes. you will learn to program them and interact with their energy. obviously you will also be able to enter them or use them for “genetically programming” your DNA sequences. sorta like minute game worlds or physics simulations. you enter for an instant and it feels like a lifetime. like a sim, you can get the results nearly “instantly” or you could experience it for yourself. this universe is very much more complex than what we’ll create soon, but they are in likeness. so, if you are a designer of this universe, you are likely playing the game already. if you are not, you are the universe evolving to higher complexity and you are the universe’s the latest and greatest excursion into now.

    imagine a genetic programming simulation which becomes self-aware.

    imagine playing WoW with your quake3 opponent in quake3 🙂 but more fractally maybe in WoW you could load up in quake3 again.

    • I Agree. There can be many theorys about what this reality actually is, we will most likely never understand it due to the limitation of our 3D human capacity. I’m sure whatever this is, is crazier than a super computer, maybe the binary codes are simply the tip in the iceberg for a more complex, much wilder truth than we could ever imagine.

      • they are the tip of the iceberg 🙂 but there’s no supercomputer involved though. it is infinity through the fractal, which you become conscious of all that is.

        let me explain what I mean by black/white holes: a white hole is radiant to you because you are external to it. inside, is a black hole or universe. from the inside looking out, you can see other spheres determined by the volume and medium of it’s atmosphere (stars in sky, reality etc). here on planet earth, we share an atmosphere, so we all see the same thing. inside of the atom there are infinite subdivisions arriving to smaller and smaller spheres. contained inside is the black hole in which it was created to provide enough pressure for balancing the outside and inside. just like an atom which has a black hole on its inside, the force necessary for this sphere to remain a sphere will be inversely related to the external force pushing in, and in this balance, more creation happens in a self-organized manner. just like the atmosphere of our planet allows a balanced state for us to exist, the atmosphere of the galaxy creates an atmosphere in which our solar system can exist. –just like you create an atmosphere for your cells to exist — which creates an atmosphere for your atoms etc. — to infinity.

        these atmospheres are not all spherical though. they can be any shape based on any geometry (cube, tetrahedron, etc) of any set of dimensions or measurements of an axis divided into positive and negative. this fractal exists on all layers, and each layer contains clues for adding more dimensions. dimensions are usually added in pairs (like the jump from 3d to 5d because the 4d is mostly a translation layer). this fractal exists infinitely in both directions (dividing to 0 and multiplying to infinity). just like 2d can represent 3d-like shapes, 3d can show existence of 4d shapes (like a movie, 3d space, linear time) or a complex concept (linear space and 3d time). we see this evidence in human creations: language, art, etc. time and space balance again in 5d. to help understand this idea, you do not think about all of the complex motions you need to perform to walk. you only create the intention to do so and your body follows. you are capable of reducing all the complex motions of 3d space and linear time into a single intention. you learned how to process this complex interaction when you were small and learned to walk or talk. just like your first language you think conceptually and not about the words.

        imagine what it is like for an alien race to come here and using the intent of evolution through experience, and they can process all of future history and genetically modify something for that intention. like a programmer writing a program they know it’ll come out like that. a programmer gets better at this process debugging and creatively adding new things. the alien race with sufficient experience would just know how it’ll turn out, just like you know your leg will move forward and you will not fall. we will create these universes with the materials we have here and learn to program them the same way dna is programmed, electricity is made and how chemistry is understood — through geometry and frequency. a simple white hole on the outside, black hole/universe on the inside being simply a plasma merkaba (two opposite tetrahedrons) created magnetically to balance a sphere.

        when you see a black hole, on the other side is a white hole. everything “breathes” and when you breathe in your lungs expand. you take in the air of your environment, the codes, and intention of everything in that permeates the water and molecules vibrating in that air and it converts to plasma in your blood and you consume it. your universe absorbs these information, light and vibration code and processes it. if the air you breathed or water you drank has an intention or vibration of anger and your body does not “know” these codes or has not experienced these sets of circumstances before, you will experience anger if not, your codes will not process these because they are not beneficial. just like you will not get as sick as much later if you ate dirt as a child. if you have learned that walking on a boat is a bit different than on land, your body will adjust better too. these are experience codes or vibrations. when you are born here, you came with the codes you gained in your universe, you adjust to the sightly different codes of your dna and continue that experience. infinitely

        see how it works? that’s why fwh talks of contracts and the like. that is karma or whatever. it is balancing yourself with your universe and the one outside. these are the 4 axises of interaction here. I will explain this better once I have done more experiments and such. heat, magnetism, charge & gravity all interact here and I haven’t fully sorted them out yet.

        key points to fractal understanding. infinity (black hole) exists at the core of everything and is the connection to the universe which is below. atmosphere is the interface to the external (whether it be air, soil, or whatever). charge pushes and holds you here. frequency is the vibration you interact with this charge in the medium (like a capacitor). so everything is singular but contains the bigger within. you contain a copy of this planet, this galaxy, and this universe inside of each of your cells which is formed from this planet and vibrated at the dna level, creating the geometric patterns for your shape and initial instruction set. below this there is another dna of subatomic particles in each of your atoms containing the universe, connecting to it all within. as above so below. as below above. it is fractal and you interact with it in the boundary or atmosphere (capacitor). you are a vibration probe for the earth, galaxy, universe (whatever is bigger than universe and corresponds to the subatomic, etc) this goes forever. they are all self-organizing systems which are within but you are also apart of.

        meditate with this in mind and you will show yourself the answer. you’re built with things that you cannot even comprehend (yet) but you will. that is the goal.

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