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Fool on the Hill

“Unpleasant is the sound of joy to the ears of the wicked
I remember when my day’s were full of joy and love..
.. until I joined this world of the wicked.
Obliged to a society that runs off a fuel no man can absorb
  I feel the tension rise but even my emotions have to conform
to the law of the land,
which states that every Man has the right to speak but silenced when the Man utters the wrong word
A right to vote no power to choose
A  right to bare arms yet our Holsters are empty
    and empty they will remain
the day we bare them,
                 the day they lose
Lost in the Wilderness of the Moment hoping for the Trail of Tomorrow
I sit and watch the wicked Bask in the light of Perpetual sorrow and see the Good Hearted in the Darkness of the Just
Many years awaits the Man that gives in to Greed and Lust
and a simple life of stress awaits the Man that can do no wrong
As I smile and watch the world go round and round
I see the pupils of the masses but the world has its eyes wide shut
if the world’s a stage I’m waiting for God to call out a ‘cut’
if the World is my oyster I’m searching for a Pearl
but since the People are Lost I simply search for the World”
   – Firmitas Atis Phoenix


4 thoughts on “Fool on the Hill

  1. BellaLove says:

    Hello again. Beautiful words of wisdom and truth you are writing and I would like to acknowledge them and praise you for it.
    I have a question, maybe off the above topic but relevant to ascension and even though we don’t know each other, I trust you and your opinions.
    On the 21st, 22nd, 23rd of December I have scheduled a trip to NYC to see the Rockettes, to skate under the NYC Xmas tree, Holiday shopping and Broadway show. This is my fairytale Holiday scenario and I can’t believe it is coming true at that time. As great as it sounds, I just realized that this is the time where I should be home with my family in case of Ascension, or do I?
    I am confused as of why do I have to be in NYC at that time? I am considering canceling the plans but something is telling me to just go on with life as it is and not to try to alter the little getaway. I always lived going with the flow and staying positive but I am far from ignorant or superficial.
    Please let me know your point of view if you don’t mind and what would you do in the above scenario?
    Oh dear..always something:)
    Love and Light,

    • First off, Thank you for your kind words, they truly mean alot. And I want you to know I am always here if you have a question, and I will always answer honestly even if the answer is ‘I dont know’
      … About your Trip.
      . GO.
      As I have said before, Ascension is a Natural process. Also, everyone has a different soul path, for example, as a mother, if you ascend, it doesnt necessarily mean that your children are ready, or your spouse is ready, and vice versa. We have to learn to detach ourselves from labels like “my brother, my son or daughter, my lover”, as they usually come with the misbelief that “because they are my (insert category or status here) they must too follow my soul path right? If they chose to be my brother or sister its because we are going down the same road” .. This is invalid in the eyes of spirituality, because we are ALL brothers and sisters, sons and daughters to eachother, and we all walk a different path. Even the children, regardless whos womb they came from, their purpose is different than yours
      So go out there,.live your dream it manifested itself in your Life because you created it, go get what you made, and enjoy every second of it, increase your frequency through the smile and joy of living this dream, enjoy it with this person you love, this will actually do more for your ascension than sitting at home.
      By the way, you have it mixed up:
      Dooms Day is “Family Time”
      Ascension is no Dooms Day 😉
      Have a Blast.

  2. BellaLove says:

    oh, thank you so much 🙂 This answer means so much to me and it made me understand more and why inner self actually want to go in this trip. I’ve been to NYC in many occasions but never during winter Holidays and indeed that is something that I envisioned as a perfect heart treat for myself. I want joy and to feel like I am a child. Innocent, happy, laughing and letting myself enjoy. Any live performance makes me beyond happy as I vibrate with the music or dance…
    We are so programmed to label everything and with my upbringing, if I don’t attend a family dinner or event, I feel guilty and instead of hearing the feedback I rather don’t do something else and go to the family dinner.
    I have a nice family consisting of 3 sisters, 3 nephews, my amazing son (18), mom, niece in law and soon a new baby is coming from one of my nephews. I love them and they are beautiful souls, but stuck on traditions and what “we have” to do.
    I never liked to follow or do just because we have to do and as a result my life was a lot different. I love all beautiful souls and I believe that we are all ONE.
    Thank you for your very appreciated advice and I wish you super happy Holidays and I hold you in high regards.
    Love and Light,

    what’s happening with IdlyWildGroup? The article about Khristine was also brought to our attention by Mr.FWH and I don’t see its relevance at this time..maybe I am missing something.
    Also, what is the significance of 33, 32, 31 that Dominique mentioned in her latest article, in your opinion?

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