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Connecting with the Arcturians.

In this post, I will teach you how to connect yourself with the Arcturian Heart Council. Its a semi- advanced meditation, but anyone can do it if you follow these instructions well, afterwards you can change up the meditation and make it “your way”, but here are the guidelines:
   Things you will need:
Drink lots of water and fruits/veggies the day you intend to do the meditation
-You will need an area of comfort, darkness, with no distractions for a good hour (i usually do this meditation when everyone is asleep and the day has come to an end)
Last but certainly not least, your imagination. visuals will create the reality.
The Meditation:
Lay down.
Start off by relaxing your entire body by flexing and releasing every seperate muscle from bottom to top (flex the feet, hold your breathe while you flex, let it go, exhale, flex your calves, your thighs, then abs etc.)
When your whole body is relaxed enjoy it for a second while focusing on your breathe.
Imagine ( with eyes closed the entire time) that you are surrounded by white light, the walls are made of this white light, the bed, the furniture, glowing a foggy vibrant white, and with every breathe, you breathe in more of this good energy, and your body, synchronized with every breathe, gets filled with this light until your body is entirely made up of white energy.
   Enjoy this.
Next. Open your root chakra by thinking “I am grateful for the opening of my First chakra” and imagine a golf ball sized RED orb gettinv bigger and brighter with every breathe.
Think : “Mother Earth, please ground me for this Spiritual experience”
Visualize and “feel” that your legs become roots, and they grow and dig deep into the Earths crust.
“Thank you for connecting with me, I Love you”
  Enjoy this for a sec.
Next, imagine an Orange orb above the Root chakra, a yellow one above that one near the Navel. A GREEN one in the chest area, this is your HEART Chakra.
For this Green one. Instead of just imagining an orb, that “glows on”…
  Imagine that there IS a closed green rose in the center of your chest.
With every inhale, this Rose opens little by little (but does not close with exhales)
And when this beatiful green rose reaches full blossom and is as wide as your entire chest, it starts to glow green, brighter, brighter, until the image of the Rose goes away and all that is left us a powerful green orb of light.
Enjoy this
Tilt your eyeballs towards your eyebrows, as if “looking up”, leave them there, you will feel your third eye opening.
Enjoy this.
The reason why this meditation is advanced is because you cant forget that your legs are roots, that everything around and within is still bright white light, you must visualize this as if it is actually happening because it is happening, just on an ethereal plane the more powerful your visuals, the more you “tap” into this World of impossibilty. Dont just visualize it. Feel it, all over your body and surroundings.
Focus on your Heart chakra, eyes still rolled back comfortably, still rooted, surrounded by white light, a percentage of your awareness ALWAYS on your breathe, be conscious of your inhales and exhales.
Here we go.
This next part requires great visualization and concentration.
Are you ready for the ride?
Focusing on the Heart chakra, eyes rolled back.
Think: ” I know connect myself with Beings of Love and Light”
In that very instant a powerful green beam shoots out of your Heart chakra, past your roof, past the atmosphere, past the planet, past the Solar system, with such velocity and force you feel your body vibrating internaly as if you just took off on a rollercoaster. With such Velocity it cannot be detained by any Negative being or force, anything negative disintegrates in this beams radius of existence.
And as you are traveling with your entire being (because this beam is you) at the speed of light ..
Think: ” I now connect myself with the Arcturian Heart council, in the 5th and 7th dimensions, I come to you in a state of pure Love ..  “
Imagine your Beam going on “auto pilot”, and when you find a Blue planet in the Bootes system (google image ‘Arcturius’ for a better visual) .. Imagine yourself entering, then you “flash” into this blue room, you are laying down in the center, bring your attention back to your room, but this time, with about 5 Arcturians sitting around your body, waiting for you to speak…
Enjoy their presence, feel their Love radiating and vibrating your entire being
You are at 2 places at once, your room, and Arcturius.
Have fun.
Play with them, ask for a hug, and imagine a little 5 foot being stand and hug you laying down
Feel it.
Ask whatever it is you need, they dont answet then and there, but through dreams, images, events, abd even a thought AFTER the meditation.
By now your body should be tensed, your back slightly arching, your eyes still rolled back, dont force these, they will happen, DO NOT focus on your physical self or you will lose concentration!
When you are finished, thank them and express your gratitude telepathicaly. Then, imagine that you “see” the green beam from your chest fade back inside, your roots shrivel up and become legs again, your eyes can go back to normal position.
Now focus on your breathe … In … Out … In … Out … Remanis on the experience, focus on your inhales and exhales.
Open your eyes slowly when you are ready….


4 thoughts on “Connecting with the Arcturians.

  1. BellaLove says:

    good to see you on the IdylWildGroup site. How odd without Mr. FWH, but the team he left behind is outstanding. Not as personal as Mr. FWH, but very practical.
    I loved your post on the Arcturians and ever since i read the article that they arrived, I am obsessed with them. I feel them, imagine them, I want to meet them and indeed get a hug from them.
    I also am wondering on the 20000 corridors that they will activate.
    Glad you are around and I am looking forward to any venues to keep us all together somehow.
    Regards, Love, Light

    • Hi Bella, you’re right it isnt as personal but atleast the information is there. Im glad that you are also still following, im actually wondering about Fiona and Mary, I havent heard from them. Nonetheless its good news that the Arcturians are here, I hope you try out this meditation and share your experience! They connect via the heart Chakra so get that, as well as all Chakras into balance! The first portal is a Month and a half away. Spread Love.

      • BellaLove says:

        I noticed that Fiona changed her username on Mr. FWH’s blog. But she is not active on the IdylWildGroup’s site. Her latest comment was that she wants to stay behind to help the people, which is admirable. I want to help too, but maybe we are more useful from 5D? Just wondering.
        I follow it indeed, as it resonates true to me and when I can’t get the answers anywhere else, I know that I could find them on these two sites.
        I am spreading the love and I do all I can to have harmony and peace around me.
        What do you think about the time loop? I kind of feel it…is like same situations occur, different people, and I am wondering if these are the situations where I have to chose better, or otherwise?
        Thank you for your response and all that you are…because you are lovely:)
        Love and Light,

        • I see, well I hope she is okay, from what I know she was starting to get attacked by the bad guys, but im sure she’ll pull through. I have also chosen to stay behind and fight side by side with the People. My last name literally translates to “Warrior” in my language, coinsidence?
          I have also thought about the loop. I’ll write my next post about my thoughts on it. I too have been experiencing that my life is the same, different people, different places, same situation, I dont know what it is one must do to break free but i’ll figure it out and post. All in all the Loop isnt as bad as I imagined, I think fwh described it in its “worst case scenario” .. Nonetheless we must break free.
          Thank you Bella, you are also a beautiful being. Keep up the Love.

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