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For you.

Hi everyone. I apologize for not being consistent here ive been busy observing a new environment. Human Nature is a funny thing. This World is a funny place. Things you expect to happen dont. Things that you hope for let you down. people you dream of remain dreams, and nightmares come true. I understand, I hear your distress by the way you express your pain, through eyes that hide tears and smiles smiled in vain. The way you cheer for tomorrow and put up with Today, but you live in the past so your future fades away. Caught up in whats new you forget about you, and you lose yourself in the crowd, but you have to break free of this fake reality and  accept this Worlds’ upside down. The day you turn away from the corporate game is the day that you turn towards yourself. And the day you serve others is the day you are free dont stay stuck in this ‘service to self’. When you realize that Love is the Truth, Love will set you free, and to show Love to yourself is to give Love to everyone else. You dont have to be right, you dont have to Win …
     … But you do have to Live, Smile, and Love.

(i hope this sums up a few questions Ive been receiving, I speak in depth, interpret this yourself and theres your answer. I wish the best for all of you. Stay intelligent, healthy, and open .. To everything and anything possible impossible and unreal)

     With Love –
              .The Phoenix


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