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Unconditional Love: I couldnt have explained it better

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2 thoughts on “Unconditional Love: I couldnt have explained it better

  1. With your connection with the arcturian heart council, will you share any more information on what the FWH said about next week with the Arcturians? Like what is going to happen.
    dianehelen church

    • Anyone can connect to the Arcturian heart council, my next post will be the instruction on how to do so…
      Nonetheless, about what they will do, I dont know. When I tune in its usually just to “hang out”, say Hi, feel their presence all over my body. Ill ask them a question, or recite a problem I am having, or to put my energy in balance and raise my frequency. But lately, there has been alot of blockage. I cant connect, once I acheive the connection someone, something, cuts me off. Ill have to meditate more on this.

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