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… Is extremely vital these last 90 Days.
  Push yourself, Force Yourself to be optimistic. Negative frequencies and chemtrails have been amplified.
Dont let the stress of this society alter your mood, dont let the lack of resources, bad drivers, or work/ family disputes make you start thinking negatively, limit your use curse words. If someone pisses you off just take a deep breathe and FORCE yourself to say “you piece of! … (inhale, exhale, relax) .. It already happend, getting all worked is my choice, I can stay happy, and the situation will be the same, no changing it now, might as well stay positive so that my mind stays open of surrounding opportunities” …
Of course I dont expect you to commit this speech to memory and recite it to yourself, but its an example of the altered mindset to have from now on, for the rest of your life.
You dont think your thoughts manifest physicaly?
  Expect aches and pains the first 3 days you think optimistic, loving thoughts .. Physical aches and pains.
Think loving and positive even when you come across situations where it is “Socially acceptable” to be very pissed off. Yes, if you stub your toe in the morning, lash out in pain of course, but when you feel the anger build up, and the angry thoughts surging, laugh at yourself, make a joke out of it..
” jeez that hurt! Hahaha, thats ONE way to wake up in the morning, one less cup if coffee to drink now (lol)”
It is vital that you do this.
I invite you to the challenge.
Do this for 2 main reasons:
1) To adjust your mindset into a more positive one, therefore slowly manifesting more convenient events, rather than inconvenient events, although sometimes, an inconvenient event comes about to bring in a convenient one ,such as your car breaking down so that someone you need in your life pulls over and helps you. With a negative mindset though, these “beautiful inconveniences” are fogged as just a completely stressful experience through anger, and that anger, could result at you snapping at that person who pulled over to help you, them driving away, and your entire timeline altered (think back on how many moments couldve went great if you were to just switch your mindset and attitude).
  2) Self-awareness .
With this challenge, you will realize how Negative or Positive you truly are. If you find yourself saying “No! Ahh! Dont think like that! C’mon something positive, c’mon brain!” .. You are, more Negative than positive, but it is a beautiful thing because now you are aware of it. After a week or so it will be alot easier, after 2 weeks it will feel normal, after about a Month it will just be you.
After about 2 months you will see good things “popping up” all over the place, “bad” things that happen will now only happen to teach you something helpful for future reference, or to bring in a better thing, not just to manifest the negativity from your mind “for the hell of it”, to serve no purpose, but for your over all well being.
Expect turmoil and tests these first 2 weeks. Once the Soul catches on to what you’re doing it will put tests in front of you to make sure the transition is genuine and long lasting.
So stay positive.
Help the Earth and Humanity vibrate at a higher level.
A Smile to a stranger can do alot of good.
Positivity is contagious.
Compassion is Powerful.
Ascension is around the corner.


2 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. avid reader says:

    Dear FAP – please DON´T force yourself or anybody else to be optimistic! That is not going to work unless you want be a hypocrite! If we stop feeding the negative by not allowing it to draw us in ,half of the work is done. Times are tough – so let us not make things tougher for ourselves! Good luck!

    • Dealing with what is “Negative” in front of you, and having a Negative mindset are 2 very different things.
      This is simply a challenge to alter your mindset into a more positive one, not about deceiving yourself.
      Yes, at first you have to “force” yourself for the first month, just to CONDITION yourself, after that, proceed as “normal”, but now, with an improved mindset.
      Watch the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey to understand this philosophy.
      The Mind must be worked like the Body.
      Once you decide to start workin out, do you not have to “force” yourself to go on the jogs and gyms? “Force” yourself to eat well? In order for this to happen, you must refraine from old habits and apply new ones, am I correct? and in order for this change to come about it must be “enforced”, in the Mind and applied right? Yet, old habits will try and put you to where you were, which is where you do not want to be, so for the first month or so, you must “force” yourself into working out until the desired rhythm is acheived as a habit to the point to where it is “just you”, correct?
      Would you consider your early jogs as “self-deceit”? Or, if you LOVE your hamburgers, but put them down to eat a salad instead, would you consider yourself a Hypocrit?
      Same concept here.
      Thank you for your question. I hope it also answers the questions of others.

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