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The Mind of a Phoenix

We operate with Points of Views.
Now, why do Points of Views exist?
Because there are many of them.
If there was only one point of view, then it would no longer be a point of view , or, an “angled perspective”, there would only exist a Fundemental Truth.
Which is what we all seek.
One Truth. One Love. One God.
Has anybody ever stopped to consider that maybe the very thing that deteriorates a Fundemental Truth, is a fundemental truth in itself?
If a Point of View, is a point or stand in perspective, and a perspective, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, then no point of view is in its own sake valid, so then what is real?
And if perspectives are not real outside of a biased, self- affirming adopted belief and thought. Then what is valid?
What is real?
We go through life associating ourselves with those who think and act like ourselves, to reassure ourselves that we are not insane, because deep down inside you know that your identity is also based on points of perspective that are not valid and as real as your points of views.
Find another like yourself and the insanity goes away.
Or could it be that we fully believe that what we know of ourselves is completely real, very true and grounded?
I once stumbled upon a description of what is Real, and it made much sense to me.
There are 2 things that govern ‘reality’, the Universal, and the Capital. Lets take a book case for example: the book case is the Universal, the books are Capital, the Universal is true because it cannot be changed, the Capital however, can be changed, so is it real? Is it true? You walk to the book case, and take out a book, you see that there are many topics horror, love, fiction, non-fiction, adventure etc. the Capital, is what changes, but no matter how many books you take out or replace, whether you switch up the genres etc. the book case remains a book case, it does not change because of its contents or lack of, it sole purpose is a book case, This Universal reality, versus Capital reality”
Is that just it? Can reality really be distinguished and categorized as real by mere consistency?
Is Consistency what makes or breaks reality?
So if a Point of View is Consistent throught your Life, is it Real in the Universal scheme of things?
In our arguement here, “Points of Views” would be the Universal, and what those views are about would be the Capital.
But if Points of Views are considered “Points of views” because of their “Capital”, then can they be considered a Universal Truth if they are Universal because of their Capital?
Can a Book shelf be a Book shelf if Books never existed?
It would no longer serve a purpose.
So can reality be the Purpose? If an object or thought, serves a Universal Purpose, is it True? Real?
No, because a Purpose can vary.
Intention can really distort a purpose. So is it Real?
Then why fuss about Religion? Why fuss about Politics? Why take in world beliefs and systems that have proven to us have failed time and time again, all because the majority, or the few in Power, decided to believe in something that can never be Real, as a Universal Truth that must be made into the supreme Law of the Land.
This unreality, adopted by others as tolerable, was accepted, or forced as Real, and the conditioning of Man began.
Ever notice that any form of Evil can thrive so long as it does not interfere with your “Reality”?
So whats real must be whats in front of you?
Yes. That is real, because it is happening.
What I consider to be real is what lets Life florish.
Life happens when there is no blockage of energy. Energy flows where need be, whereas destruction, is the blockage or transitioning of Energy. (Capital), nonetheless it remains energy. (Universal)
Are your points of view real then?
I would say yes, because they come from a Universal starting point.
No matter what you think, what you feel, or how you operate, you are still Human.
So is this the Truth? I would say so.
With this mind set it wouldnt make sense to wage War, to Hate, or to exterminate on account of something that is not real, because in the end we are all Human.
Humanity is Real.
Points of Views, not so much.
as we mentioned, some Universals are only in existence because the Capital exists.
Are you Human without your Points if Views?
Yes you are.
Being Human is Universal.
Points of Views are Capital, as I explained with Capital Energy, it blocks or Transforms.
This blockage is the biggest evidence that we operate with Capitals, via Hatred, murders, and well, our current World system, it is because we are taking something unreal as “real”, and this is the result. Blockage.
What is the opposite of Hatred?
Love in the Universal fact that no matter what goes on in our Minds we are still Human.
The Truth us Humanity.
The Truth is Life.
The Truth is Love.

Need I say more?


2 thoughts on “The Mind of a Phoenix

  1. BellaLove says:

    we live in very difficult times, but is this the reality we chose to perceive , is it karmic? None of us want war and deceit and most of us have the best intent to create with the Creator and bring harmony amongst humans. I know I want to wake up in the morning and see my son heading for a wonderful journey of discovery and people smiling, and food is plenty, sunshine and love surrounds us and we all help each other in peace. If I could create this reality which I am envisioning everyday, I would be content.
    I can’t help to wonder sometimes..when I see a new child joining this Earth, what it will be his/hers journey? Reality? When a child smiles, all adults around him/her smile! We need LOVE.
    I need also a personal opinion on something: when someone betrays you greatly and you forgive them, should we allow them back into our lives without fear that it will happen again, or we forgive and move on?
    A business partner/friend did some very damaging things to my Creation and I have a hard time with it. The extent of hurt is deep and emotional and I can seem to find a way that will bring me contentment.
    I don’t know hate in my life as I am not capable of that feeling and some will argue saying well if you don’t feel hate you can’t feel love and I disagree..
    I feel constant Love even for the enemy. But like you said in one post : I wish could shutter the selfish to ashes:)
    Sorry, my post is all over the place..
    I love your writings and I want you to know that I read it all.
    Love and Light

    • Well I am glad to hear that you have forgiven the person, forgiveness is the first step in aleviating yourself of the burden.
      Once you forgive that person, it is up to you whether or not you want them around you.
      Just because you forgave the person doesnt mean you have to be friends. If a Raped woman forgives the man is she to become friends with him all because it is forgiven?
      Forgive negativity, learn from it, but keep it out of your life as much as possible, forgiveness does not make Negativity positive.
      Keep up the Love, dont fool yourself into thinking that a loving person is one whos always happy and calm, sometimes you have to be assertive, rough, and sometimes aggressive.
      Just make sure your intentions are coming from a pure place. There is nothing wrong in defending yourself, no matter what the costs.

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