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Creed of the Mental Energy Phoenix

” My Phoenix wings aflame.

I stay strong for the weak.

I Train everyday to protect the good hearted .

I walk with Power

I Fight to deplete Evil

I will give my Life to protecting the innocent

I will strike as cold as Evil…

… As powerful as Guilt…

… As silent as Envy.

Failure is not an option

Fear is not a card in my deck

The Silent Protector

My Intentions as pure as my Goal

I serve the soil the Blood of the Wicked

It has had enough of innocent blood.

With a flick of my White Flames the Selfish turn to ash

In my presence Light engulfs the Darkness…

… And pain washes away with the Rain”


2 thoughts on “Creed of the Mental Energy Phoenix

  1. Atomeyes says:

    Thanks so much for all your words. Really is what I need right now, finding life so very tough theese days. Please keep it going.
    Thankyou again.
    Much love x

    • Its what im here for. and I appreciate your words just as much. . . Just remember, that where ever you are, is a reflection of what needs A) to be expressed, confronted, closed or B) To learn from. Once the individual learns the lesson being taught, that chapter ends and another unfolds. Purposes can be as conplicated as learning how to be a whole new person, or as basic as switching the vocabulary of your events, such as your “Tough” times, into “learning periods” or “growth periods”. Theres no telling, but you know you learned what you needed when its over. Try switching up your inner dialouge and watch how the perspective changes your entire reality while in the same exact situation, good or bad.

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