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The United States of Regression

As of give or take 1939, not much has changed. it seems like things have changed, but in a larger worldview everything is still the same.
we have the illusion of change because our cars look nicer, our houses look bigger, all music has changed. but this is not a real change. we still have war,  poverty, greed, and crime.
We still have the need to fit in, trends, phases, materialism, religions.
We still have forms of Government, social classes, developing countries, and national borders.
And we say, that we are more advanced than we were 40, 50 70 years ago.
  If we take 2 steps back and look at the big picture, we are not “more advanced” than we were.
We have simply improved what we have.
This is not change, nor advancement. The phones get cooler, the cars get sleeker, the clothes get fancier, and in our consumer minds this is change, this is progression.
It would make sense that with the evolution of consciousness, with the evolutionary advancement of our thought capacity, capabilities, and processes compared to, say, 50 years ago, our society, not to mention our entire lifestyle and global living conditions would reflect this evolution in consciousness.
  Our creativity is soaring, again, our cars are sleeker and clothes are fancier (in our perception atleast). Nonetheless, our society, our world, operates the same way it operated a thousand years ago.
Nations have risen and fallen in a thousand years but the structure concept stays the same.
1) We still have a form of Government.
Say what you will, but a “Government” is just that, an institution to Govern the law of the land. These forms of Government are started by the people, for the people, but as the land grows in number, and that particular land grows in value, the same people who swore to rule for the people, somehow twist their authority and simply just rule the people. Which takes me to the second one:

2) The people learn to believe that “The Government” and all those in Authority with it, are the “Rulers”, and submit.
This is, of course, an illusion. The people are the ultimate authority, yet they see the fancy, clothes and crowns, the wealth of these “power corrupt rulers”, and they submit. Through this submission the few can govern the millions through this illusion, that those with Government, are Government. The people, that make up the nation, are the Government, those we elect to do our bidding are just filling a job position and nothing more, yet the illusion is what we see and what we submit to, what we yield to, and what we are controlled by. In Empires Thousands of years ago  as well as modern nations, this stays true. People think Government is separate from them, and have all the Power. Vise-versa, Governments are institutions, like Schools.

3) We still have a monetary system.
   Thousands of years ago a form of universal trade was created, to handle transactions with neighbor and Nation with ease and accuracy.
  What operated hundreds of years ago, in the older stages of Human Consciousness, may no longer work, or resonate, with our altered state of consciousness of today.
As I mentioned, 90% of all crimes are money related.
  Money is something that stopped working hundreds of years ago, and we can see this by applying a little common sense.
If you have a form of trade that gets so out of hand that it is marked on every resource, including food and water, and then you establish economies and societies based on this universal form of trade, and with this Monetary based foundation you cannot do anything in this society without this universal form of trade, not even eat, it begins to govern your whole life. To make matters worse, this universal form of trade is not a even natural resource. You cannot plant it into the soil and grow fruit when you are hungry, it does not quench your thirst. Yet your life, and your society runs off of it. To make matters worse, it gets to the point that the MAJORITY of the people on the planet dont have or make enough of this U.F.O.T. to eat, to clothe themselves, to shelter themselves.
An advanced society, an advanced species would have seen this, and knew that this U.F.O.T. has run its course, it helped us to get to where we needed to go, it was a stepping stone, but our growing society needs a new method (Resourceful Economy?), to feed eachother, to clothe eachother, to shelter eachother. Not to mention all the limitations in our Medical and Scientific fields thanks to this U.F.O.T.. An advanced species, would have seen these limitation and discarded this system long ago. Who knows, maybe we would have had Flying cars by now.
A civilization is one that constantly progresses.
We have not progressed in hundreds of years.
Dont let the fancy gadgets fool you. We have indeed evolved mentally, we just haven’t expressed our advanced natures, why?
Fear of change, Fear of Authority.
And if a civilization is no longer progressing, discarding old beliefs and applying new ones, then we are in a state of immobilization, and a species that is immobile, is regressing.
We have been Regressing, because we haven’t been moving forward.
And regression is destruction when it comes to the laws of evolution, which is exactly where it seems we’re heading.
Progression is Advancement and these bring with it Creation… Life.
  And even though this applies to the World… We are all “living in America”, so…

Welcome to the United States of Regression.


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