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hey friends, sorry, been very busy. U.F.O sightings and more to come!

June 28th, there was a a fleet of I.A.C.s (identified alien crafts) over the U.S.. According to the Former White Hat, these are Benevolent ET’s, Andromedans, Arcturians, plejarans, and 2 other races that want the people of the World to know that we are not alone, and they are here to help us.

Even though they practice a “no interference” policy, i’m sure if we all ask for their help on a large scale they will help us more than they have already.

On Monday, July 9th 2012, 2,000 ships are to dispatch in teams of 3 to 5 and fly over the Western Hemisphere, from canada the Western U.S., and down to Mexico, keep your eyes to the skies from 9 pm- 1 am Monday night. This information was givin by the White Hat, and the first time this happend it came trhough.

Me and my brothers, on Monday the 28th saw 10 IAC’s, 3 of them being very very bright! It was a Spectacular night, for 2 hours, every 10 min we saw something new, the White Hat came through and am very grateful for the info.

We opened up our heart chakras, thought loving thoughts, and invited them over our neighborhood telepathicaly, and they got the message alright. Beautiful experience, i cant wait for the 9th!

So keep your eyes to the Sky, and spread Love, think Love and speak Love, and they will be attracted to your being, and maybe even fly by more than usual in your area!

Have your cameras ready, go to the Mountains, and have a good time, drink a few beers, laugh it up, star gaze and have fun with it.

I hope to hear experiences from all of you! i’ll post things up Tuesday morning and share my experience and i hope you all swap some of yours. so tune in. Google how to open the “Heart Chakra”.

Think Loving Thoughts


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