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Love is Human

I have been attending these personal growth seminars that are like anything I have ever been through in my Life.
I was expecting a boring 8 hour lecture, everyone quiet and sitting until their behinds were sore…
What I got was nothing that I could have ever expected. we did exercises, we were up and moving, made friends, put into groups, did many fun activities. Did many many emotional activities. These Emotional activities were the ones that impacted me, as well as everyone the most.
In this particular one we were forced to let out all the negativity, all the hate, the anger, to visualize the people that hurt us most in front of us, we had to scream out everything we want to tell them, never asking ‘why’, just saying what we could never say to them. Letting it all out, punching the ground if we had to, everyone simultaneously letting out .. EVERYTHING .. and then, after we let everything out to anyone who has ever damaged us, we were to tell them we forgive them, and hug ourselves, pretending that we were hugging them. This was followed by a moment of stillness on everyones part .. When the last person was done screaming and we were all quietly sitting or laying on the floor sobbing and our faces wet with tears .. we made eye contact with eachother, smiled, and eventually everyone in the room started laughing, we got up, we hugged, we held one another .. We Bonded as Human beings …
Came to an understanding, that people come from all walks of life, with many different problems, some people there were raped, molested, had miscarriages or forced abortions, beaten as children, neglected of love, grew up fostered or orphaned, rich or poor, young, old, man, or woman .. We let it all go together .. And you realize everyone comes from a different path, but we all walm towards the same goal …
.. To be Happy and Loved, and to serve others in order to feel accepted, important and fulfilled..
.. Love is the most Powerful energy in the Universe ..
After these exersises we were instructed to get into our groups and go out to the public, and ask people if we can give them a hug .. A surprising amount said YES .. and some looked at us weird, even asked if we were sober .. Which saddend me .. Why is giving Love such an uncomfortable feeling? IT SHOULD BE NATURAL! FOR LOVE IS OUR NATURAL STATE!
Not this ‘greed’, or ‘fear’ and Materialism and segregation or ego! That is NOT HUMAN!
.. But I moved past the unconscious and focused my Love to those who accepted the Hugs, which were mostly Women.
Men, on the other hand, almost all said No. Even when I, as a Man, asked another Man, it was weird to them.
I understand where they come from. I did atleast, no more. In the workshop they taught us that “tough men” was a belief passed down from generation to generation, and it all started with one insecure man from a thousand years ago passing on this insecurity to their children. I couldn’t agree more. Many Men and even Women, including myself, when starting the first class, wanted to act “rock hard”, and even though I am a nice guy, I did have a problem crying.
  But by the end of the second day, the same grown ass men that walked in there with their arms crossed, and sounded the coldest and meanest … Were the ones that cried the hardest, the loudest, the ones that at the end of the 3 days, were the most loving, docile men, you would ever meet.
  And I am an analyzer, I have the capacity to focus on myself as we as my surroundings simultaneously.
  at the end of the third day, we were to get into a circle and hold hands, close our eyes, and imagine the people we Love most, and of course there is always music playing so it doesnt get too awkward, especially when we are letting it all out …
When we were instructed to open our eyes, our families were there, I guess they were called, nonetheless, they were there, with flowers … I busted into tears, and so did everyone else, crying, I looked at everyone around and everyone was, in tears, completely happy ..
  after a few minutes we were settled down, and the coach asked the visitors if they saw a difference, and were asked to go up and share the difference they saw..
Many, many couldnt even speak they were crying so hard .. But everyone atleast nodded their head..
One woman managed to say, that her husband hasn’t kissed and held her that tight in years.
It was beautiful
All the hate and conflict that goes on in our lives, is all a direct result of things in our past that we refuse to let go.
The magic word is ..
Forgive constantly, daily, and from the Heart.
Our true essence is LOVE
That is what we are.
Let it go, let it all go.
Be Love
Be Love
Be Love


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