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Life is a Hologram

Check out this link:
It explains our unreal reality rather simply, makes it easy to understand.

  If the above is true, then everything is what we want it to be. We are where we are meant to be. Whether we like it or not.
  After reading this, all of a sudden the Dimensional realities make sense. How many Dimensions can simultaneously live side by side within and without eachother yet not interfere or distort the others’ “image of reality”.
  In spirituality it would now make sense why it is stated that “God is within”, when we have been taught to look “up” into the heavens to find “shim”.
  Looking into the theory of Holographic reality, the God head could easily live within us, but, if we dont resonate at the level necessary, or are ‘tuned in’, we will never feel shim.
  As a matter of fact string theory states, that whole universes could be anywhere, but the question is, if this is true, then where are they? How far through space do we have to travel to reach the “end” of the universe? Or, can we access them through a black hole?…  Well, if holographic reality is true, then everything is everywhere.
  This could be true for alternate Universes as well. What if, every decision we never made really was recorded, branched to infinite timelines and life went on in an entirely new Universe? In one Universe you are the opposite sex so and so fourth.. what if these Universes arent “somewhere else”, but here? Among us.
  We just dont resonate at that frequency, therefore our senses do not perceive them and so it is not real to us.
  By having this mindset, we can be on Earth, the same planet, and this planet could be having many realities, all playing side by side.
  The paranormal starts to make sense, ghosts start to make sense, maybe they are other beings, on the same planet, operating in a different frequency, and their “presence” is just them accidently “stepping into our reality”.
  This means, that in 2012, the second theory can come true. It is said that in 2012, one of 2 things will happen, first, Souls that are not ready to ascend, will leave Earth prior to Ascension, (disease, accidents, being where a natural disaster hits etc.), the second theory, is that people will have the option to choose a timeline, and the Earth will metaphysicaly “split in two”.
  There will be the negative Earth, which is the one we are currently in, we will stay and witness Humanity destroy eachother, the Draconians will reveal themselves from behind the.curtain and rule the World etc. Then theres the line of Love and Peace, where Earth will split into a paradise. Humanity will overthrow their Governments, discard the Monetary system, close.all banks, and drive the The Orion Empire out of Earth, we’ll do this ourselves without the help from the benevolent E.T.’s as it should be, as soon as we do, the “good guys” will come down to Earth, heal and teach us how to be Spiritual and Loving, thus propelling us to the higher 4th and eventually 5th density.
  And with the theory of a “Holographic Reality”, this is absolutely possible. Everything is real, everything is possible, different levels of realities, physical and etherial. It all comes down to what reality you resonate with, and it all starts with a choice.
Fear or Love? Which one will you choose?


7 thoughts on “Life is a Hologram

  1. AWorld'sSoul says:

    I don’t know if you’ll respond to this comment, but who cares:
    First of all, I gotta tell you I’m far from believing all this stuff you’re talking about, especially aliens or galactical geopolitics… Of course you’ll say it is so because I was “programmed”, “brainwashed”, but I’ll believe in aliens when I see some,
    I, however, am keen on spirituality, science & all, and I find your Matrix theories very interesting and indeed it was demonstrated our reality is an illusion, some philosophies even state it’s a “thought of the Creator”. 😉 I have some questions for you:
    1) A timeline is created every time a choice is made or not, right, according to the theory speculated by Einstein?.This is also what’s shown in that great sci-fi show, “Stargate SG-1”.
    2) I’ve tried meditation, several times, but not often enough I’m afraid. How long does it take to access subtle planes or better, contact higher entities? I wanted to try an astral out-of-body experience to begin with so I just thought deeply about going out of my body. but didn’t know if I did this right. I mean, I understand “imagining” is the key, but I don’t know if there’s a special way to focus on things and to picture them in my mind.
    3) I’d also like to access the akashik records, if it doesn’t require a special soul condition. Are there meditations to go until there? Do you know any “tricks”?

    I’m sorry to bother you but I just have so many questions… I do believe there are superior realities, but I don’t have any teacher, nobody to tell me what I’m doing right or wrong and you seem like an enlightened person. Not implying you should be my guru lol, but I just get the most out of the occasion to receive answers.
    Sorry for my mistakes too, English isn’t my mothertongue.
    Thank you very much in advance for your answer, keep Love & Wisdom up,
    A World’s Soul.

    • 1) Yes, according to “Many Worlds Theory” .. that does seem to be the case. It goes hand in hand with String theory both of which I recommend you research on tour own for reasons I will explain.

      2) What seems to be the problem with your Meditation from what I can tell is that you are “Trying” .. the point to meditation is to not try anything.. the deeper into the self you go, the more connected you naturaly begin to feel with the World around you. Go deep enough.. and you will visit a “plane” .. the thing is.. you don’t actually know its a “plane” per se.. but you literally feel.. different.. you feel the energy around you like a subtle magnetic field, you feel your energy surging through your body (via becomimg more sensitive to the feel of your circulation) .. when you lay down in the dark.. do 2 things.. close your eyes and point your eyes as if you are looking at the top of the bridge of your nose.. and breathe in slowly through your nose and leave a slit in your lips to exhale through your mouth.. and focus on the feeling of your inhales and exhales.. and the way your body moves with every breathe.. that’s it.. do that.. and in the “background” watch how enhanced you feel.. you may start to feel very light.. and when you really get up there.. you’ ll start to feel like your whole body (energy body) is vibrating at a fast rate… but even though.. the “spell” will break if you stop to focus on your breathe or shift your eyes back to normal.. needless to say.. this requires practice and mental training.

      3) I haven’t accessed the akashik records and don’t care too. What will be will be. Who I was I was, I onced asked.. but then realized it doesn’t matter.. ill find out at death..

      Haha and I am far from enlightened.. but I am learning.. just like you are.

      • AWorld's Soul says:

        Many thanks for the pieces of advice! I indeed felt this change while I was meditating, a stream of warm energy flowing through my body… The most intense one happened when I was a kid, suddenly, when I was walking down the streets, it was tremendous… I know this was love, but not when two persons fall in love, a higher vibration, the Christos. Talk about a weird thing! I should have remembered it was more about feeling than thinking.

        You may be “far from enlightened”, but you’re already on your way! And it’s good to share those news, we’re at a time when people desesperately need some spirituality.

        Have a nice day, to the pleasure to follow your blog! 😉

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