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The discerning mind and judgemental mind

  This post will be short, because it is very simple to explain, but understanding this small difference can make a big difference in your relationships, the people you attract, and ultimately, your perspective of the World.
   The judgemental mind is what 95% of us in the United States operate with. Due to our attachment to materialism, religions (the concept of “sinners”, “worldly people”, and “infidels” etc), Social Class and Ego, we use the Judgemental mind to operate and make our surroundings make sense to us, mix this with a little stubborness and you’ve got yourself a spiral of false conclusions, not to mention an Ego enhancing tool.
  Now, what exactly is the judgemental mind? Simple, the Judgemental Mind is in use when you look at someone, anyone, and make a conclusion, or an assumption, of who that person “is”. An assumption based on, well, stereotypical beliefs. Even a positive assumption can be as bad as a negative one. You can look at someone and say to yourself something positive, based on appearance, who they know, how they talk walk and act. The problem with the Judgemental mind, the seperates it from the Discerning mind, is that a Judging mind does not let go of “the first impression”, in fear of being wrong.
Because everyone wants to be right .. Rephrase .. Egos love to be right.
  The Discerning mind is different, it takes what IS. It does not look at someone and make a judgement based on past experiences nor future expectations, but accepts all new people as a “blank sheet”.
  Please do not take this as “hang out with everyone, even bad people”. The difference between the discerning mind and judging mind is that when a choice has to be made to stay away from a negative individual, it is made with facts and good reason, not just off assumption.
  An assumption can lead you to build relationships with the wrong people, or prolong existing relationships with people who hurt you, because of future hopes.
  The Discerning mind takes what IS, and the opinion you have of anyone can change as soon as their actions do, whether good or bad, whereas a Judgemental mind has its thoughts on that individual set in stone, even if the person they assumed wrong off turned out to be a wonderful person, or the assumed “wonderful person” turns out to be Hades himself, the perspective of the person will not change due to the Fear of being “wrong” about that person, which in our society, to be Wrong is humiliating, even if its only in your head.
  So use that Discerning Mind, in other words go with the flow, as soon as people change we must accept times are also changing and so we must adjust to these changes, or get caught in a spiral of hurt and confusion. Even if it means letting go of people we love dearly that have turned very negative. How can you possibly enjoy the wonderful new things Creation is trying to bring in your life if you constantly surround yourself with the old and leave no room?
It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most adaptable to change”- Charles Darwin.


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