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The Law of attraction vs The Dominance of 3D linear Time

The law of Attraction: Visualize what you desire most and it will eventually manifest in your life.
Time (3D tool of measurement “clock time”): time is a tool used for measuring past, future and present. It is the same concept as street signs, states, nations etc. A tool to pin point when things happen, where we are, and to keep a sense of order and accuracy in our busy lives. Seconds, hours, days, weeks, months, years. Measurement.
A measurement that has been adopted into our “reality”. Distorted as is many things in our society. Thought and accepted as a “truth” in our society.
   The reason why this is important to look at in detail is to bring me to explain why it seems like the “Law of Attraction” doesn’t “work” as “fast” as we would like. Or, for some, why it seems to never work at all.
  Because of the fact that we have made time a reality, we have also adopted the reality that everything “takes time” to come to us.
Whether or not you accept this at a conscious level, know it is embedded in your programming, or should I say, deeply embedded in your Belief system.
  What you believe is what becomes your reality. Everything you believe has already manifested itself in your Life, whether it’s where you want to be or not. Your mind doesn’t decipher what beliefs are “right or wrong”, and does not seperate “desirable outcomes to undesireable ones”. It takes what it is given and it manifests it, because consciousness manifests what it’s Being wants, and what you want is what you keep telling yourself and what you believe is true. Whether good or bad. To Source there is no “good or bad” what is IS. Good or bad is a perspective, and “perspective” is Human.
  Now that you understand this, lets talk about how events and people, manifest in your Life.
  Reality is a hologram, binary codes that your brain, through the senses, perceives, or, “decodes” these frequencies into the physical world you live in.
It is “real” per se, but it’s not actually “here”, understand?
Meditation is very important to the manifestations of your desires, and Love is as important if not, even more. Constant meditation and Love are the keys to creation.
Meditation helps you live in the very moment, to quiet your thoughts, feel both worlds (inner and outer world), since everything that has ever happend and will happen happens in “the moment”, needless to say “PRESENCE” is the source to our creative power. So be present, to tap into the God within.
  Love is important due it’s high frequency. As some of you know, Fear has a low frequency, while Love has a high frequency in our “holographic life scale”. Using common sense, we can see, of course, that if we would like to attract anything, we would have to use a higher frequency to manifest it. And so, Love, is essential for the manifestation of our desired life. Fear, too, manifests itself, because “like attracts like”, and even though good and bad are perceptions we have associated “bad events”, with fear, which is a low frequency, so you will attract more of that.
   Now you have a choice, you can manifest what you desire faster than usual now with this knowledge, of course there will be some delay due to us living in a “Time dominated density”, but it wont compare to before you had this knowledge.
“take out the cause and the effect will cease”
So, will you meditate, and un learn everything you have learned? Fill them in with new beliefs, empowering ones, get rid of limiting habits, you are the Master of your Life, or your not. Creation Vs. the excuse of Time.
   Lets see which one you’ll choose.


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