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Love is Human

I have been attending these personal growth seminars that are like anything I have ever been through in my Life.
I was expecting a boring 8 hour lecture, everyone quiet and sitting until their behinds were sore…
What I got was nothing that I could have ever expected. we did exercises, we were up and moving, made friends, put into groups, did many fun activities. Did many many emotional activities. These Emotional activities were the ones that impacted me, as well as everyone the most.
In this particular one we were forced to let out all the negativity, all the hate, the anger, to visualize the people that hurt us most in front of us, we had to scream out everything we want to tell them, never asking ‘why’, just saying what we could never say to them. Letting it all out, punching the ground if we had to, everyone simultaneously letting out .. EVERYTHING .. and then, after we let everything out to anyone who has ever damaged us, we were to tell them we forgive them, and hug ourselves, pretending that we were hugging them. This was followed by a moment of stillness on everyones part .. When the last person was done screaming and we were all quietly sitting or laying on the floor sobbing and our faces wet with tears .. we made eye contact with eachother, smiled, and eventually everyone in the room started laughing, we got up, we hugged, we held one another .. We Bonded as Human beings …
Came to an understanding, that people come from all walks of life, with many different problems, some people there were raped, molested, had miscarriages or forced abortions, beaten as children, neglected of love, grew up fostered or orphaned, rich or poor, young, old, man, or woman .. We let it all go together .. And you realize everyone comes from a different path, but we all walm towards the same goal …
.. To be Happy and Loved, and to serve others in order to feel accepted, important and fulfilled..
.. Love is the most Powerful energy in the Universe ..
After these exersises we were instructed to get into our groups and go out to the public, and ask people if we can give them a hug .. A surprising amount said YES .. and some looked at us weird, even asked if we were sober .. Which saddend me .. Why is giving Love such an uncomfortable feeling? IT SHOULD BE NATURAL! FOR LOVE IS OUR NATURAL STATE!
Not this ‘greed’, or ‘fear’ and Materialism and segregation or ego! That is NOT HUMAN!
.. But I moved past the unconscious and focused my Love to those who accepted the Hugs, which were mostly Women.
Men, on the other hand, almost all said No. Even when I, as a Man, asked another Man, it was weird to them.
I understand where they come from. I did atleast, no more. In the workshop they taught us that “tough men” was a belief passed down from generation to generation, and it all started with one insecure man from a thousand years ago passing on this insecurity to their children. I couldn’t agree more. Many Men and even Women, including myself, when starting the first class, wanted to act “rock hard”, and even though I am a nice guy, I did have a problem crying.
  But by the end of the second day, the same grown ass men that walked in there with their arms crossed, and sounded the coldest and meanest … Were the ones that cried the hardest, the loudest, the ones that at the end of the 3 days, were the most loving, docile men, you would ever meet.
  And I am an analyzer, I have the capacity to focus on myself as we as my surroundings simultaneously.
  at the end of the third day, we were to get into a circle and hold hands, close our eyes, and imagine the people we Love most, and of course there is always music playing so it doesnt get too awkward, especially when we are letting it all out …
When we were instructed to open our eyes, our families were there, I guess they were called, nonetheless, they were there, with flowers … I busted into tears, and so did everyone else, crying, I looked at everyone around and everyone was, in tears, completely happy ..
  after a few minutes we were settled down, and the coach asked the visitors if they saw a difference, and were asked to go up and share the difference they saw..
Many, many couldnt even speak they were crying so hard .. But everyone atleast nodded their head..
One woman managed to say, that her husband hasn’t kissed and held her that tight in years.
It was beautiful
All the hate and conflict that goes on in our lives, is all a direct result of things in our past that we refuse to let go.
The magic word is ..
Forgive constantly, daily, and from the Heart.
Our true essence is LOVE
That is what we are.
Let it go, let it all go.
Be Love
Be Love
Be Love

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Life is a Hologram

Check out this link:
It explains our unreal reality rather simply, makes it easy to understand.

  If the above is true, then everything is what we want it to be. We are where we are meant to be. Whether we like it or not.
  After reading this, all of a sudden the Dimensional realities make sense. How many Dimensions can simultaneously live side by side within and without eachother yet not interfere or distort the others’ “image of reality”.
  In spirituality it would now make sense why it is stated that “God is within”, when we have been taught to look “up” into the heavens to find “shim”.
  Looking into the theory of Holographic reality, the God head could easily live within us, but, if we dont resonate at the level necessary, or are ‘tuned in’, we will never feel shim.
  As a matter of fact string theory states, that whole universes could be anywhere, but the question is, if this is true, then where are they? How far through space do we have to travel to reach the “end” of the universe? Or, can we access them through a black hole?…  Well, if holographic reality is true, then everything is everywhere.
  This could be true for alternate Universes as well. What if, every decision we never made really was recorded, branched to infinite timelines and life went on in an entirely new Universe? In one Universe you are the opposite sex so and so fourth.. what if these Universes arent “somewhere else”, but here? Among us.
  We just dont resonate at that frequency, therefore our senses do not perceive them and so it is not real to us.
  By having this mindset, we can be on Earth, the same planet, and this planet could be having many realities, all playing side by side.
  The paranormal starts to make sense, ghosts start to make sense, maybe they are other beings, on the same planet, operating in a different frequency, and their “presence” is just them accidently “stepping into our reality”.
  This means, that in 2012, the second theory can come true. It is said that in 2012, one of 2 things will happen, first, Souls that are not ready to ascend, will leave Earth prior to Ascension, (disease, accidents, being where a natural disaster hits etc.), the second theory, is that people will have the option to choose a timeline, and the Earth will metaphysicaly “split in two”.
  There will be the negative Earth, which is the one we are currently in, we will stay and witness Humanity destroy eachother, the Draconians will reveal themselves from behind the.curtain and rule the World etc. Then theres the line of Love and Peace, where Earth will split into a paradise. Humanity will overthrow their Governments, discard the Monetary system, close.all banks, and drive the The Orion Empire out of Earth, we’ll do this ourselves without the help from the benevolent E.T.’s as it should be, as soon as we do, the “good guys” will come down to Earth, heal and teach us how to be Spiritual and Loving, thus propelling us to the higher 4th and eventually 5th density.
  And with the theory of a “Holographic Reality”, this is absolutely possible. Everything is real, everything is possible, different levels of realities, physical and etherial. It all comes down to what reality you resonate with, and it all starts with a choice.
Fear or Love? Which one will you choose?

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The discerning mind and judgemental mind

  This post will be short, because it is very simple to explain, but understanding this small difference can make a big difference in your relationships, the people you attract, and ultimately, your perspective of the World.
   The judgemental mind is what 95% of us in the United States operate with. Due to our attachment to materialism, religions (the concept of “sinners”, “worldly people”, and “infidels” etc), Social Class and Ego, we use the Judgemental mind to operate and make our surroundings make sense to us, mix this with a little stubborness and you’ve got yourself a spiral of false conclusions, not to mention an Ego enhancing tool.
  Now, what exactly is the judgemental mind? Simple, the Judgemental Mind is in use when you look at someone, anyone, and make a conclusion, or an assumption, of who that person “is”. An assumption based on, well, stereotypical beliefs. Even a positive assumption can be as bad as a negative one. You can look at someone and say to yourself something positive, based on appearance, who they know, how they talk walk and act. The problem with the Judgemental mind, the seperates it from the Discerning mind, is that a Judging mind does not let go of “the first impression”, in fear of being wrong.
Because everyone wants to be right .. Rephrase .. Egos love to be right.
  The Discerning mind is different, it takes what IS. It does not look at someone and make a judgement based on past experiences nor future expectations, but accepts all new people as a “blank sheet”.
  Please do not take this as “hang out with everyone, even bad people”. The difference between the discerning mind and judging mind is that when a choice has to be made to stay away from a negative individual, it is made with facts and good reason, not just off assumption.
  An assumption can lead you to build relationships with the wrong people, or prolong existing relationships with people who hurt you, because of future hopes.
  The Discerning mind takes what IS, and the opinion you have of anyone can change as soon as their actions do, whether good or bad, whereas a Judgemental mind has its thoughts on that individual set in stone, even if the person they assumed wrong off turned out to be a wonderful person, or the assumed “wonderful person” turns out to be Hades himself, the perspective of the person will not change due to the Fear of being “wrong” about that person, which in our society, to be Wrong is humiliating, even if its only in your head.
  So use that Discerning Mind, in other words go with the flow, as soon as people change we must accept times are also changing and so we must adjust to these changes, or get caught in a spiral of hurt and confusion. Even if it means letting go of people we love dearly that have turned very negative. How can you possibly enjoy the wonderful new things Creation is trying to bring in your life if you constantly surround yourself with the old and leave no room?
It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most adaptable to change”- Charles Darwin.

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The Law of attraction vs The Dominance of 3D linear Time

The law of Attraction: Visualize what you desire most and it will eventually manifest in your life.
Time (3D tool of measurement “clock time”): time is a tool used for measuring past, future and present. It is the same concept as street signs, states, nations etc. A tool to pin point when things happen, where we are, and to keep a sense of order and accuracy in our busy lives. Seconds, hours, days, weeks, months, years. Measurement.
A measurement that has been adopted into our “reality”. Distorted as is many things in our society. Thought and accepted as a “truth” in our society.
   The reason why this is important to look at in detail is to bring me to explain why it seems like the “Law of Attraction” doesn’t “work” as “fast” as we would like. Or, for some, why it seems to never work at all.
  Because of the fact that we have made time a reality, we have also adopted the reality that everything “takes time” to come to us.
Whether or not you accept this at a conscious level, know it is embedded in your programming, or should I say, deeply embedded in your Belief system.
  What you believe is what becomes your reality. Everything you believe has already manifested itself in your Life, whether it’s where you want to be or not. Your mind doesn’t decipher what beliefs are “right or wrong”, and does not seperate “desirable outcomes to undesireable ones”. It takes what it is given and it manifests it, because consciousness manifests what it’s Being wants, and what you want is what you keep telling yourself and what you believe is true. Whether good or bad. To Source there is no “good or bad” what is IS. Good or bad is a perspective, and “perspective” is Human.
  Now that you understand this, lets talk about how events and people, manifest in your Life.
  Reality is a hologram, binary codes that your brain, through the senses, perceives, or, “decodes” these frequencies into the physical world you live in.
It is “real” per se, but it’s not actually “here”, understand?
Meditation is very important to the manifestations of your desires, and Love is as important if not, even more. Constant meditation and Love are the keys to creation.
Meditation helps you live in the very moment, to quiet your thoughts, feel both worlds (inner and outer world), since everything that has ever happend and will happen happens in “the moment”, needless to say “PRESENCE” is the source to our creative power. So be present, to tap into the God within.
  Love is important due it’s high frequency. As some of you know, Fear has a low frequency, while Love has a high frequency in our “holographic life scale”. Using common sense, we can see, of course, that if we would like to attract anything, we would have to use a higher frequency to manifest it. And so, Love, is essential for the manifestation of our desired life. Fear, too, manifests itself, because “like attracts like”, and even though good and bad are perceptions we have associated “bad events”, with fear, which is a low frequency, so you will attract more of that.
   Now you have a choice, you can manifest what you desire faster than usual now with this knowledge, of course there will be some delay due to us living in a “Time dominated density”, but it wont compare to before you had this knowledge.
“take out the cause and the effect will cease”
So, will you meditate, and un learn everything you have learned? Fill them in with new beliefs, empowering ones, get rid of limiting habits, you are the Master of your Life, or your not. Creation Vs. the excuse of Time.
   Lets see which one you’ll choose.