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Firmitas-Atis Phoenix

“Firmitas Atis” is latin for “Mental Energy”, followed by Phoenix. It stems from my belief that everyone should always use their mental energy and always think for themselves, to be who they are, at all times, to say what they want, and do as they please, so long as they do not harm anyone physically or emotionally. I do not believe that personal offense caused by the actions or lifestyle of another simply because it is not in accordance with your personal beliefs and values is grounds for adjustment from the other person, but rather, a chance to make adjustments of acceptance in yourself. It is easier for one person to become tolerant of another’s life, than to have an entire demographic conform to your beliefs. I believe this is the cause of major conflicts in an age where these conflicts shouldn’t exist. However, in terms of powerful groups and individuals, I do believe that once tyranny becomes Law, Rebellion becomes duty. Rebellion can be as complicated as War, which benefits few in the end, or simply the refusal to participate, they have no Power without you. Peace is the path, Love is the trail, Light shows the way. Firmitas Atis Phoenix at your service.